Kiara And My Ara Ara Adventure

Kiara And My Ara Ara Adventure

Meet Kiara. She’s your new catgirl servant!

She is a catgirl with an ara ara onee-san personality and a pretty peculiar gift…
Learn about the world you have found yourself in and the pleasures that Kiara has to offer in this ara ara adventure!

After a mysterious accident, you find yourself weakened and on the brink of death on a battlefield where cat girls, elves, succubi and all kinds of exotic girls are fighting to survive.
Fortunately, you get rescued just in time by a beautiful and mysterious cat girl named Kiara. She tells you that from now on, she’s your servant in charge of taking care of you, she promises to fulfill all your wishes while you help her with an important quest during this war…

“I’m ready to serve you… Are you ready to be my master?”

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