Starry Sky – After Spring

Starry Sky - After Spring

After Spring takes place in Autumn, when the students of Seigatsu Gakuen are busy with preparations for the upcoming culture festival. They’re holding an exhibition, and some advisors from USA came to help the students. Yahisa Tsukiko, along with her childhood friends Nanami Kanata and Tohzuki Suzuya, was surprised to see their friend Tomoe Yoh there. Yoh came to see her in March, but left for America by the end of Spring. It turns out that Yoh is one of the advisors, and he’s staying in Japan until the culture festival is over.

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  1. @RikaKatsu

    actually, there’s LOADS of +18 otome games (titles such as Akazukin to mayoi no mori, Ijiwaru My Master or Kuro to Kin no Hirakanai Kagi are a few examples)

    THAT said, they don’t get translated (or at least as far as I know they don’t, I’m really surprised Starry Sky in Spring/after spring got translated (even more if we take into account the spring games are not nearly as popular as autumn with the teachers and/or winter))

  2. As a female, who is taken and has a wonderful man and sex life…
    I kinda wish they had more otome with sex in them. My boyfriend and I love Eroge games, and play them with each other for fun. But I can never find any Otome with sex that is good. I dont know… It could be fun. I love VNs without sex, but I really would love to see one with sex!

    PS The reason I mentioned my Boyfriend and my sex life is because someone up there said someone had no life, or was forever alone because they wanted sex in their otome.

    Sorry for the one comment, It bugged out on me….

  3. As+a+female,+who+is+taken+and+has+wonderful+man+and+sex+life…+


  4. I installed the game a year ago and works fine. But now whenever I want to play the game it gives me NOT ???? error because my pc is already in japanese local thing. But it gives me an error in Japanese marks. Can’t even copy it to translate that :c

    I uninstalled everything, downloaded the game and now I’m installing it. Again I have a DIFFERENT error in japanese something about:
    blahblahblah asgard>after spring> STSAFSP blahblahblahjapanesemarks.

    I could chose: try again (doesn’t work), cancel or ignore. I chose ignore and it installs further.

    Wow….it works. But I wonder about those japanese errors…
    Maybe because I downloaded the japanese administrator/local program for the game “white Day”…..I deleted it…

      1. Double nvm, it works with your patch (I downloaded from another site)

        Just copy+paste in the installing map ( program files>asgard>after spring)

        don’t delete the original arc file (like I did) !

        I’m so sorry for spamming! And so grateful that you upload this!

  5. The punctuation marks… They look weird in-game. Instead of “???” it displays “HHH”. All weird and wrong characters (and letters) how could I fix this? It’s really bugging me

  6. for some reason I can’t download part 2. When I click download it says the webpage is unavailable..

  7. for the people who still can’t use the English Patch and have changed their locale to Japanese, you need to copy Rio+.arc and paste it to the ORIGINAL folder it was installed in. I hope this helps since I tried to copy the original folder and pasted the thing in there but it didn’t work. You have to paste it to it’s original location (:C) –> program files (86) –> asgard –> Starry☆Sky~AfterSpring~

  8. I don’t know who translate the starry sky series, but they really should fix their english patch, both In Spring and After Spring have error, even though you successfully patch the game, the game still run in jappanese =”=

  9. Can someone give instructions on how to install? Something keeps going wrong with mine and I don’t know what. I’ve downloaded everything and applied the patches,changed the locale,still nothing.

  10. My Opinion: There is NO better resource on the web these days. Eroge Download is FAIR in all respects! If it \Ain’t your Thang\, down download it, stupid. Simple. I ain’t much into tenticle rape, but i’ve checked it out here, without spending $100 on something I don’t like.
    The cracks and walkthroughs, as well as the user input about making things work right, are invaluable.
    So, those of you who want only \Certain\ content to be posted, should open your Own Free Site.
    Admin, you are my HERO. I’ve bought several games, after sampling them here. Thank you very much, for your effort.

  11. Thanks for uploading this 😀 it makes me sad that none of the other Starry Sky games got translations after Spring, I wasn’t expecting this to come up at all.

    Spring has my favorite guys in it so I’m good!

  12. Installed it, but when I tried to play the game my screen only went black and then an error window appeared but I don’t know what caused this error because it’s all in question marks.. Help me, I really want to play this game D:

    1. You have to change your language settings to Japanese first (for non-unicode programs). You can switch back to your native language after you install english patch.

  13. Hey, admin.
    I’m download the game. It’s working but the patch it’s not work. I try and tyr but still in japanese. Can you help me ?

  14. Many of these people come here for eroge games, ‘cuz that’s even the name of this site, but thank you so much that you posted few Otome games! You’re great (q A p)

    And do you guys really have to be so hateful? Nobody’s making you play this game so just ignore it, you don’t have to rant! Do you think I love all these eroge games? I don’t. But i respect that people play them and I don’t feel any need to comment that I’m not gonna play that. As if anymore cares…

    1. The worst comments are the ones on BL games 🙁 like it’s so offensive that a game uploaded that didn’t cater to them personally. It’s great that this website offers such a wide range of games! But people DEFINITELY HAVE TO LET THE WORLD KNOW when something offends their fragile masculine sexuality. You know, just in case we thought these faceless commenters might be gay because they looked at a picture of a fictional dude on a website, or something.

      1. @Chi.. listen, you need to chill. You pretty much just went off on someone JUST because they asked if it was a BL game? it was an honest question and not only that you pretty much ASSUME that they are male.. did you not know girls are also into BL games such as myself? its like you went off on a man-hating rampage in these comments!

  15. A good first otomege? Sign me up. It has to beat playing Harukoi for the fifth time because I’m too sleep-deprived to comprehend Forest 😀

  16. Thanks for posting Starry Sky After Spring! Starry Sky is one of my favorites VNs. Glad to see its sequels that its sequels are being translated. 🙂

    1. Diabolik Lovers, Amnesia.. there are a few out there. Just look for the otoge with the men with the angry growly eyes.

  17. I know mostly guys visit this website, but some comments are just….really? Can’t visual novels without anything R-18 be posted here without getting unnecessary comments. I don’t think people here care if you’re not going to play it or you think it’s no good since there’s no sex.

    As for the game, it’s shorter than the main STASKA game but it’s still nice to play through if you liked In Spring. Thanks for the upload admin.

    Just also wanted to inform you that there’s an english patch for TokiMemo 3 Premium for the psp. I’ll wait for it to be uploaded on here.

    1. I think it’s less “vns that aren’t r-18” and more “vns that don’t specifically cater to me personally as a heterosexual man” 🙁 myself, I’m really happy that otome games and BL games and everything English-translated gets uploaded here, it’s an invaluable resource! But sometimes the comments make me irritable.

  18. idk about you people, but the Starry Sky series-albeit not having sex scenes, is pretty good. The storylines, the relationship you build with each boy, it’s a nice change for people who’ve been playing eroge and also a great game to introduce to someone who’s just started playing these sort of games.
    BTW admin, do I need to have Starry sky in Spring to play this? Or do I just download this one?

    1. Well, sometimes this kinds of games is good, but playing as girl is just….

      I prefer playing a normal VN, thank you very much.

    2. BTW admin, do I need to have Starry sky in Spring to play this? Or do I just download this one?

      This is separate, standalone game.

    3. You don’t need to HAVE the game, but I think you have needed to PLAY the game as it might talk about events in the original.

    1. By “not good” I hope you mean “totally excellent”, I think you must have pressed the wrong buttons on your keyboard. I’ll forgive you this time.

    1. Yea, nothing strange. Even if there’s girl smiling happily with big belly in one of endings, they don’t have to show how that belly came to be.

  19. The “No Sexual Content” tag makes sense now since otome games rarely have it. Apparently, women do not like sex.

    1. Rather, women would like to believe that guys are after more than just their body, as is their rights. Haven’t played otomege since 2nd reproduction. I guess I’ll give this one a go

    2. We do like it (when it’s done correctly).
      But yeah, we need something more than just sex.
      A sex scene is generally not our goal when playing a dating sim.
      We don’t want it as a reward for giving the correct answers and finishing a successful route.
      Which is why marriage is often the “good end” in otome games.
      We do like it along the way though.
      But the companies still seem to think we’re not that interested in sex.
      That, when we do, we all play BL-games, where sex seems to be much more present.
      (mainly because they might be gay, but they’re still guys)
      We’d really like it if there were more sex in otome games. 🙂

    3. There are actually quite a lot of otome games with sex scenes, they just never seem to get translated ever. 🙁

    4. Otome games are maiden games, they are innocent in nature. However, many females also play Reverse Eroge which does include lots of sexual content. It really depends on what the female is looking for. Making a statement that ALL females like [blank] is just straight up ignorance, not every female likes the same things.

    1. Because the mere presence of guys means it must be BL, because women clearly aren’t also an audience to be catered to, because you need to protect yourself from seeing anything that might offend your precious male heterosexuality, right, right.

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