Chichi Miko!!

Chichi Miko!!

Matsushita Ukyou is typical mama’s boy. One day, he receives a call from his grandmother, Chichiizumi Touka, asking him and his mother to visit the Chichiizumi Shrine, where she holds the title of Milk Shrine Priestess. However, it turns out to be more than a simple call when the priestess announces that she will be retiring! Ukyou must perform the chichi miko training with three beautiful women, his mother, aunt, and cousin, and determine which is fit to succeed as Milk Shrine Priestess!

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  1. So, Blue Screen, Bad Stuff, Syntax Error, halp.
    It’s my first time trying to make a game in so many parts work, I had sucess with Brave Souls but it is 2 parts only. I simply extrat and let WinRAR substitute same files. If I’m doing it wrong, would be glad for any sort of help. <3

  2. I’m getting an error and blue screen when trying to open this in Windows 10. I take it this game isn’t win 10 ready?

  3. One more thing I forgot to add to my post. If you haven’t played this and are easily disgusted. This game has probably the most disgusting ejaculation sound that I have ever heard in an eroge. I’ve played quite an extensive amount and I don’t recall any sounding this bad. So play at your own risk If you still haven’t tried this title.

  4. I liked this game and it’s sequel Chichi Miko!! Plus 1 but I really have one question. How old exactly is this protagonist? I know it’s a shota title but it’s not really clear in this game how old he is like it was in Kawakaburi no Cherry. I thought that all characters engaged in sexual acts had to be over 18 I guess that only applies to women unless there’s 18 year olds in ele___tary school according to that game. Anyways back to Chichi Miko I liked the game but I think it really would have been a better game if they had just done something with the 4 daughters from the harem route. I know they weren’t in the game that long but I liked them much better and they didn’t have gigantic breasts like the other 4 women. I liked seeing Kyouka return in the sequel but I would have liked to see the other 3 as well. I mean if they had just taken the daughter characters and the protagonist and then made a game, I’m sure they could have come up with something. At least the ages would have looked closer to each other.

  5. I’m having the same erro has mentioned above. When I try to launch chichimiko.exe I get a blue screen and a message that says “(??????????) syntax error.”

    1. Alright, I looked into it a bit more and I don’t know how to solve it. ._. Please help someone.

      Looking at the logs, apparently it’s looking for files that aren’t there. The first thing it looks for is a file called, and then another one in the savedate folder called chichimiko.cfu (it says “failed (ignoring) : file not found after each check)

      Then it tries to load up a “startup script” called startup.tjs Then it checks all the other files that *are* in the folder and they return fine. Then it shows this error message:

      trace: initialize.tjs(208)[(function) KAGLoadScript] <– initialize.tjs(327)[(top level script) global] <– startup.tjs(8)[(top level script) global] <– startup

      I haven't seen an error like this before. Can anyone help?

  6. Thank you so much for this, but i am stuck. I need a walkthrough. Does someone know where to get it or can someone make on. Thanks again 😉

    1. well, it’s pretty linear

      advance until you reach the first set of choices

      (mother, Aunt, Cousin, no one/ grandma)

      then advance until the second set of choices

      (mother, Aunt, Cousin, no one/ grandma)

      make the same choice as before


      choice 1: Mom

      Choice 2: mom,

      or choice 1: aunt

      choice 2: aunt


      after playing all 4 routes, replay the grandmother route (Touka), then pick option 1 for the hot springs harem scene

      be careful to save after unlocking everything

      also, if you chose wrong on option 2, there is a funny Game Over scene, where the angry women punish the poor boy XD, but since the gameplay is so simple, it’s hard calling this a “Game”, the sequel is even less of a game, since it’s pure linear w/ NO side brancehes

      btw, when I chose the CG Scenes option, the computer malfunctions if I try to use the Arrow keys rather than click on the images & I have to shut the power off, it happened regardless if I used Japan Locale/Japan Language AND Japan Locale/English Language

      ps, in the Settings screen, what are the sliding scales named after the women fore

  7. Have attempted to play but continue to get error message as stated above and cannot download the the site any longer. Would appreciate any help.

  8. I can’t get it to work. I’ve already changed the system locale, I even try some other vns and they work properly. It’s not a syntax error, at least doesn’t seems to be. Am I the only one having this problem?

  9. To get the harem end, you have to go through all 4 first(Rin, Momoka, Renka, Touka) then redo Touka’s route. An option will pop up if you want to got to the hot springs. Choose to go-harem end.

  10. I’m having trouble starting the game, yes I have the East-Asian languages installed including Japanese, but when I start chichimiko.exe I only receive a blue little screen with an error (Syntax error).

  11. I have to say, while I love straight shota on MILF action, this game is retarded. Not only do all the women have ridiculously huge tits, but they all look the same age when they’re three generations apart. The daughter, mother and grandmother all look 20 something.

  12. Oh, believe me, I am grateful for what admin is doing, I wouldn’t have see any VN if not this site.
    You’re right mate, I was very unlucky on the captcha indeed, had to repeat over 20 times (on each link in average, for first it was above 50, got bored to count after that point) to get code that was readable and trust me, time is something very precious as it is limited and not to be bought by any wealth.
    Good thing I was doing something on PC anyway.
    Kudos to admin for providing reliable source of translated VN.

    Personally I do not recommend this one, boobs are waaaay too big, as for story part, well, its nukige, didn’t expect any.^^

  13. Ok just maxed this game out and it was a pretty good game.
    But there is such a thing as to big lol.

    With boobs so big the boy reaches into the Areola to grab the Nipples lol now that is a big boob.

  14. New downloadani captcha is hard to get through, inability to buy premium account make it near impossible to download.

    1. It’s not that hard or rather most of the captcha is pretty easy and besides the only thing ur wasting is ur time and not money just be glad that you can play for free =D

  15. Does anyone have a walkthrough or complete save file for this game? I’m not sure how to unlock the cg in the others section.

    Thanks 🙂

  16. can’t seem to get it to play. keep getting an error message and suspect it to be the same one Corackz was getting.

    I had it in Japanese Locale before even trying to open it.

    Here is screenshot of the error and proof it is in Japanese Locale (at bottom right corner with J in a square)

    1. Im not so sure about you saying it’s in japanese locale. As i can see in the error message, there are text that can not be read or are in gibberish format. The taskbar icon for the running app also has gibberish on it. If you had jap locale activated, instead of gibberish, there should be japanese text on it. Is that J button an app called AppLocale? I suggest manually changing the settings instead of using AppLocale. It doesnt always work, but I guarantee that manually changing the settings to jap locale ALWAYS work, and if you play a lot of VNs like me, then leaving your computer to jap locale is more convenient than using an app that doesnt always work. Changing your pc to jap locale manually doesnt really affect a lot of things except for the yen sign that replaces the slash symbol in address bars.

  17. I agree, tits are wayy too big, this is just stupid

    I’ll play it nevertheless, thanks admin for submitting a non-faggy VN for a change

    1. The grandmother is the woman in the upper left, if that changes anyone’s mind. 🙂

      I can’t thank you enough for this Admin. I had had no idea this game was even being translated.

  18. I cant seem to open the game. I get a pop up error message about something. Cant read except the part about Version 1.00?

    Please Help =]

  19. Man this is my lucky day. I’ve been finding nice updates on a lot of my preferred sites. Thanks admin.

  20. Thank you admin . you the best and always keep on date . somehow i not interest this time , i rather play Gyakuten Kenji 2 .

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