Zero Chastity: A Sultry Summer Holiday

Zero Chastity: A Sultry Summer Holiday

Mamoru Suzusato, the protagonist, attends an all-boys school in a rural area. He’ll be graduating soon and begins scoping out prospective colleges to continue his higher education. One such college is Yaseda University. It’s summer break, and he uses this opportunity to visit and stay at a dormitory run by the Souma family who happen to live very close to Yaseda University. Mitsuko Souma, the dorm mother and mother of the Souma household, is a cousin of Mamoru’s own mother, which is why he’s particularly drawn to staying with them. Mitsuko and her three daughters all live together there, and little does Mamoru know just how sex-hungry those ladies truly are…

6 comments on “Zero Chastity: A Sultry Summer Holiday

  1. The girls all have dick on the dick on the brain 24/7 so it get kinda of boring after awhile. To me it just doesn’t have that hentai charm its more like A Porno, good art though.

  2. Hey, at least it’s not that non-consensual NTR shit aka maledom-type rape/sex, that ALWAYS bores me to freakin’ tears and it’s honestly a TREMENDOUS RELIEF that the girls themselves will be the ones to be up for the act full-heartedly, makes it fine imho, far better than the aforementioned non-consensual where those poor souls don’t actually want it and yet it’s still forced upon them, that right there always pisses me right the fuck off on those maledom-starting asshats, always.

  3. For those of you who are not familiar with the famous doujin series, the artist in particular is notorious for girls lost in wild sexual depravity.

    Expect lots of sex, lots of ahegao, lots of random kinks, and lots of sexual promiscuity. The girls will sleep with the main character very easily, with little or no hesitation, and will also similarly sleep with other men. A lot. Like a loooooot.

    Easy come, easy go. If you enjoy swinging/netorase/rampant indiscriminate sex, you’ll enjoy this VN a lot. If you don’t, you’ll probably fap to like the first few scenes and then get softer and softer as you watch the rest (this is my typical experience with mizuryu kei work).

  4. Just a heads up, there’s consensual NTR in this one that’s forced on you near the end, particularly with the youngest girl.

  5. For Nukige i choose this rather than that newly translated VN by Waffle. Horny Elves and a Moral Orc originally just comedy manga even in the manga they don’t show the sex scene so by porting it to Eroge feels wrong. That Eden’s Ritter more focused than that

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