OPPAI Academy: Big, Bouncy, Booby Babes!

OPPAI Academy: Big, Bouncy, Booby Babes!

The protagonist, Takumi Kazuya, is a contributing author to the erotic light novel website [Let’s do erotic novels!], where he writes erotic fiction. Soon after, he was contacted by a light novel publisher and his work reached a million hits. He sat back in his bathtub thinking of his erotic novel and his road to fame.

“How long are are you gonna be in there? Dumb brother!”, His younger sister yelled out to him as he was thinking of his novel. Annoyed, his sister elevated the bath temperature to MAX and there was an accidental explosion.

He heard a voice across the white light. He soon fell out of the white light to the other side.
Kazuya had arrived in a different bath in a new location, surrounded by a bunch of surprised girls.

“Is this heaven?”
Every one of these girls had gigantic boobs. It’s like milk was just ready to come bursting out of them. As soon as Kazuya thought that, a magic square came forth and the girls’ breasts started shooting milk all over. Could he now use magic? Screams of surprise filled the room.

In the women’s hot springs of a parallel world Kazuya was now reborn. This is just like in the erotic light novel that he had written. He now realized his erotic desires work as magic on girls!? It’s time to conquer this other world with ero-magic!

18 Responses to “OPPAI Academy: Big, Bouncy, Booby Babes!”

  1. LittleGunner says:

    Holy shite, my prayer has been answered. Thank you admin for doing this

  2. Entombed says:

    there is an error in the savefiles, can someone tell me how i fix it? thank you

  3. Azumish says:

    When I try to extract this with 7zip I get a cannot open as archive error. Any advice on what to do?

  4. Quite Frankly says:

    I like how it always is “girls” reminds me of who is in charge.

    • The4thBean says:

      Get back to me when you find the male version of Oppai Academy then. Would they be man boobs? Or pecs?

  5. Revvo says:

    this is gonna sound weird but i lived in such a boob wonderland until i got his by a truck someday only to wake up here.
    i hate it here.

  6. WMGG says:

    Thanks for this. I wanted to get this, but as far as I can tell the only way to get it so far is on Steam. It isn’t even on Frontwing EN’s official page.

    I linked my Steam library to my family, so I’d rather not have this on there. Hahah.

  7. John says:

    This is the best eroge I’ve ever played in my life. Thank you as always Admin!

  8. Revvo says:

    what can one even say about a description like that…
    even though i think the isekai genre should be nailed to a cross, i guess it’s fine if it’s as silly as this.

    • Nii-Nii says:

      Blasphemy! I love me some good isekai. Altough I think I’ll pass on this one.

      • Ventola says:

        >Implying that good isekai actually exists

        At least this title embraces the fact that it uses the isekai genre to indulge in as much wish fulfillment as possible.

        • Revvo says:

          Concerning good isekai, well i guess you could argue that “erased” was an isekai (in some way). So there might be one good isekai.

        • Gugen says:

          Moorcock’s Eternal Champion is an isekai, as far as his (Eternal Champion) main incarnation goes. And it’s a great book, that had huge impact on the fantasy and sci-fi genres back then, as well as it made multiverse and dark heroics popular concepts.

  9. Samuel says:

    jesus, 500gb files on free download? this is new

    • aaaa says:

      I love it. Waiting 10 min or so to download each part for 15 parts adds up to hours, especially if you forget and the sessions expire or if you get the captcha wrong. I always wanted a bigger download, this is just perfect.

      • motorbus says:

        New downwload sizes are great, but damn I miss the old captchas. Now I got click on 8 motorbuses to download eroge, lol.

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