Cosplay Fetish Academy

Cosplay Fetish Academy

My name is Ryouji, and I’m just an average student at Seiai Academy. I live my days happily with my twin cousins Shana and Yuuki who are staying at my house to go to the Academy as well, but one day at the end of summer vacation our lives are changed for ever.

Stopping by the shrine where Yuuki worked part time as a miko priestess after my own part time job, we were about to go home together when suddenly thunder roared through the cloudless sky. Looking up I gathered Yuuki and Shana under me and ducked – promptly passing out!

When I came to I felt fine, but my cousins were looking around with worried expressions. The shrine was near several girls’ schools, and as usual many of the students were walking down the street nearby – but they were wearing the most outlandish costumes!

Some were in bondage gear, some in aprons with nothing underneath, others in bunny suits and still others in swimsuits you wouldn’t see even on the most radical Brazilian beach. Even stranger, the girls seemed as if what they were wearing was perfectly normal! They were looking at Shana and Yuuki in their regular uniforms as if they were the ones out of place.

At first I thought it was a prank, but no – there were too many people involved. I realized that this was in fact a gift from the gods, a boon to the luckless fellow that I had previously been, a world surrounded by the beautiful mystery of women!

Cosplay Fetish Academy is the latest G-Collections title from Japanese adult PC game maker Sekilala, known for their knockout fetish titles that cater to the whims of fans worldwide. The sexy art of Kazuma Muramasa (illustrator of Lightning Warrior Raidy) provides a beautiful backdrop for this story of unbelievely skimpy costumes, an erotic romantic comedy romp through school life in which Ryouji learns the true meaning of cosplay!

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  1. Saw this game while buying something else and just started laughing my ass off, lets see how ridiculous it is x)

  2. someone is having problems with saving the game ? when i turn off the game it starts all over again loosed my saves and extras

  3. Hey! So I’ve been downloading the parts of this, and every time I go to extract everything I get an error saying \CRC failed in ‘CosFetVOICE.’ File is broken.\ I’m usually good with solving these types of problems, but i don’t get this one at all.

  4. I dont know how to install this game I’ve tried searching online on how to install it but come up with nothing. I watched videos on how to download eroge but installing it is another story. I’ve installed Neko Paradise and it was pretty easy.If someone knows how can you please help me. Arigato ありがとう

  5. awesome game but everytime I try to go from windows mode to fullscreen it only stays in a wondow and goes to the top left screen the rest of the screen u just see the desktop background any idea how to fix this issue???

  6. Sorry for being dumb. But once, all I had to do was replace the main program with the cracked one and no one said that.

  7. The saved file for this game is gone?!! When i start the EXE it says i need another part but i’ve downloaded all the parts here, pls help me

  8. and now I get a black screen after I get through the opening and get error messages including “loading tits_0 failed” same for tits_1,2,3,h and p then I get “failed to load selection layout picture” did I not get all the files?

  9. I’ve extracted all the file and have attempted to open the exe but I get an error message of “can’t use the connected file ISF” what am I doing wrong?

    1. i’m still very new at this only started about two days ago don’t know much about computers in general and have a relatively new laptop that I am working with new enough to have windows 8 if anyone can help me that would be wonderful I suck at this kind of thing but from the two successful downloads I have achieved I know that I enjoy the games and this one looks like it would be up my alley so to speak thanks in advance for any help I can get

  10. esta bueno yo llege hasta el final donde esta maika toda esa parte me termine las otra no llege a hacerlas

  11. Honestly, between downloading, installing, and the prolly hour’s worth of playing, the only problem I really have is this piece of ham stuck in my teeth.
    Cmon, people.

  12. i dont mean to say anything but ive been using this website for a long time from my dell to mac to lenovo and i myself have never had a problem but there are still those people yet to see or play viusal novels yet so we gotta be kind but u also have to self teach while downloading i cant say much because i knew alot about computers going into this so i didnit hit any major problems also it your looking for a good visual novel check our wish apon a shooting star and monster girl quest pars 1-2 final part is being translated but those to parts are still very long

  13. the download gets almost done then i get an error message saying the download source cannot be detected. What is happening?

  14. Full screen is just a windowed version with black filling out the rest of the screen…. is this default or a bug that can be fixed? If yes can someone tell me how to fix it? I don’t really like playing in windowed

    1. I have that same issue for a while I didn’t have this issue then one day bam I wish someone could fix this issue

  15. So I unzipped the file, mounted it and installed CFA. Now it asks me for activation every time I try to play the game. What did I do wrong?

  16. Um can someone tell me how to solve my prblem? When I save the game and cloe the program the nexttime I open it my saved data is gone

  17. hi there,when I run the .exe file of the game it brings me a message that says “there will be no voice or souns effects because the system does not support ADPM files.Do you wish to continue (code=0:0)”.
    in this situation what shoul I do?
    by the way I have windows 7 with xp mode and in both it is the same

    1. thanks I already resolved the problem, I just put the imaadp32.acm file in the same folder as the .exe file of the game and it works perfectly now in both w7 and xp

  18. Just curious I have winrar and the files go there fine what exactly do i need to click on to make it run properly, I am a complete noob when it comes to this and I got confused trying to read above comments so any help would be much appreciated. Also if anyone knows a good game like this but is more like Sims 3 but an adult version let me know as I would love a game like that.

  19. Uh… Can anyone give me a list of eroge/VN(from this site only) that has harem ‘routes’ or ‘endings’? I’m sorry if there’s already someone who answered this in previous posts, but I just don’t have the time to look for it..
    If you can tell me where someone posted a list, that would work too..

    Thanks in advance:D

    1. By the way, these are the ones I know:

      -Come See Me Tonight
      -Come See Me Tonight 2
      -Cosplay Fetish Academy
      -Koihime Musou
      -Let’s Meow Meow!

      Sorry for the double post..

  20. This upload is not a proper installer, just a folder rip with the exe already cracked. I didn’t need anything, just extract and run.

  21. Just downloaded the game.

    It works well with W7. No mounting needed. It’s not a cracked file.
    Just click “.exe” at the game folder.

  22. Actuall, forget that, i just extracted it. And clicked the exe, and it worked… Was it supposed to do that? It had saved data already on it as well. I think I may be an idiot… :/

    1. You’re not, so don’t worry. The download has been updated to how it only needs to just extract and automatically play without installing the game. This also means don’t bother reading previous comments xD

  23. Well, I extracted both parts. Downloaded daemon tools lite, and i have no clue what to do from there. I havent done anything like this before. So, after I mount and install the game, I find the program file in my pc, and replace everything in the app data folder with the crack? Then make a shortcut just like a normal exe? Please help me, for I am a noob. :/

  24. I too am having trouble with BGM at least. haven’t played to know if the voices are working yet, but every time I go to a menu page and when I started the game it says something about the music file not being detected (something like that). When I used winrar to extract, it told me there was an unexpected end of archive on part 2.

    1. voices do work fine for me, but I can’t figure out the BGM problem. there’s no music files in the folder and it always tells me the files failed to load. Which makes sense since I can’t see any to begin with. Also, this game already has save files and complete CG and Scenes.

  25. You could trim this down to 800MB by deleting the Game Movies folder from the disc image. It’s just promo videos for other games. Also, this shouldn’t really need the installer; just pull everything out of the CosFeti folder on the image.

  26. easy way to extract it is download winrar for free and when u download all 5 parts move each one to the desktop then take ONLY PART 1 and drag it over the winrar icon on the desktop and move the only folder in there the one that says cosplay fetish academy and move it to the desktop. winrar will automatically detect the other 4 parts and then u can go from there 🙂

      1. Take a look at date that comment was posted…
        Back then this download was split into 5 parts. Now it’s only 4, due to better compression etc.

  27. i don’t understand why so many people are having problems installing the games from this site. i haven’t had any problems from any of the games i’ve downloaded, including this one. maybe some of you are just making simple mistakes that can be easily corrected and you just don’t realize it.

    1. Cus people are stupid and dont want to think for more then 2 seconds about how their going to download stuff :/

    2. I agree, I’ve never had ANY trouble at all, cause I THINK THINGS THROUGH! The only game I ever had a prblem with was My Girlfriend is the President, but i followed the instructions for getting app locale and everything worked perfectly. People need to use their heads rather than bothering the admin all the f***ing time…

    3. Because some people don’t have the same computer as you, most likely? Ever think of that? I have trouble downloading games from here, so please, watch your mouth.

      1. Downloading and Installing the games are two entirely different problems. If you are having problems with the download then it is most likely something that you can do little about. But if you can’t install it, then there is likely something simple that was skipped. Something along the lines of not having the crack in the right place, or not reading the “Read Me” file that explains how to install the game in detail. Though it is possible that some games are harder to install on different computers, it is not as common as the comments would lead you to believe, nor should that particular problem appear with those games.

    4. I know what you mean. The only game I’ve ever had a problem installing was Kana, which I desperately want to play now. Everything else was installed rather easily.

  28. Story: C
    Art: B
    Audio: B
    Eroness: A-

    Fun but predictable characters with a very nice art style accompanied with good voice actors(well at least maika and yuuki are). More for ero and endearing characters rather than a compelling storyline

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