‘Autumn’ is told by Takiguchi, a young seventeen years old boy who has just moved to a small town with his parents. He goes to the autumn nature to find some water, sky, mushrooms, self-realization, three lovely girls and other pointless things.

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  1. King says:

    How to get aka happy end?

    • ^_^ says:

      It’s late, but I got the happy ending from choosing the following options:

      1. Hugging her

      2. Going to the house on the second day

      3. Being a “gentleman” (a bit of a spoiler)

      4. “Sleeping” with her

      5. Not getting her water

      The final options should leave you with either the normal ending or the happy ending.

  2. Trainee says:

    Pretty good VN. I wish more games would get to the point like this one, so many VN have such looooog prologues… Yes, I’m looking at you Grisaia no Kajitsu!

    In any case, thanks for the treat Admin!

  3. imafire says:

    does it have good graphics? or does it seem like it was drawn by a kid?

  4. Brandon says:

    So, does one have to change their localization to Japan for this to run?

  5. zero says:

    Majikoi brought me here… So this game really exists. For an eroge to reference an eroge.

  6. DubCollector says:

    A interesting VN, with a good length and various endings.
    It doesn’t have H scenes, but if you’re looking for a good love story I recommend it.
    Thank you Admin for the wonderful VNs.

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