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  1. I had a lot of fun with this game. If you hold down the “R” button when you are in character screen it lets you put in as much gold as you want. You can then go to the tools place and buy the Wisdom and magic buffs 200 at a time so you can keep that wisdom and stuff maxed out. Go back to the character screen and add more gold so when the wandering merchant appears with her buffs you can buy 200 of the water and crosses and stuff to max all that stuff out.

    Take a combat class, choose magic, she’ll give you 4 stones. Go the the magic shop, buy a flash rod for your weapon and fuse magic, use the 2 sierra stones and one blessing stone and you will now hit magic for 51. Every fight you get into will last 2 rounds because the 2nd time you cast, whatever it was is dead.
    I usually take the ethics class over and over to boost my attack.

    1. You need to finish the story until the boy will decide that he will become an Emperor
      Visit the Blog :Roses to Vials for the Main story

  2. Was the original language for this game Korean?

    I ask because it sounds alot like “Oops, my prince”, which was a doujin game released in Korea back in 2007 (I think).

    1. Prince Maker is Chinese, not Korean.

      That explains why sometimes the game doesn’t work. You need to change your Windows language to Chinese (it’s different from Japanese, of course).

      1. This reminds me of a korean doujin game that came out in 2002, which was based on princess maker, but had more rpg elements to it where you had to move your character using the arrow keys to different town buildings, and the game time was a lot more slower to accommodate socializing with multiple people on the streets… plus monsters to fight on the streets.. it was called, “daughter, into maiden” (sorry, this was the best translation i could find)

  3. I played it, I loved it, I was absorbed by it, I want to keep playing it. Thanks a lot for bring us the opportunity to play this game. Your efforts make our happiness.

  4. I downloaded it & played it, but I saved it. Exited out soon went back on. I lost all my progress. I dont know if that happened to you, but this is a warning if this happens.

    1. Game probably didn’t have write permissions if you installed it inside /program files/ directory. Eiter re-install the game to different place, like C: or “My Documents”, or run the game as administrator ( one of options when you right-click on game .exe ).

  5. I’m downloading this now. I had to use Dosbox to run princess marker, so if this is an old game you guys might just need to run it in that. I’ll let y’all know what works after I’ve tested it.

  6. Hi I want to know how this is run I have dos shell but it’s not running must have forgotten how to use it xD.. Need Help Feel liek playing this game and does it need a patch?

  7. hey doods erm i downloaded it and all but when i try to play it there is a blue screen and then plop nothing can somoene help me?

  8. how much yaoi content is there? i am a huge fan of princessmaker 2 and would love to play a doujin game based on the series but i really don’t want to see any yaoi sex scenes.

    1. Don’t worry about Bl scenes, because you are able to decide with whom is your son getting married; so if you don’t want BL, just make him marry a girl (…Yes, you can make your son marry either a girl or a boy :O )

    1. It’s the face icon with the name “msn”, in the description next to it it should be called program. If by chance you end up with a blue frame and can’t start the game then you need to change your computer’s international language to Chinese, the game is originally in Chinese. Then double click on the icon and it will start. Worked like a charm for me.

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