Analistica Academy

Analistica Academy

As one of the few men still alive after a worldwide epidemic, Hora is hailed as an alpha male and sought after by women of all kinds; even the President!

But failing to find interest in any of them, he targets three special girls who are loosely called the ‘Holey Trinity’ and resolves to plunge into the deepest parts of their anal cavities.

Unfortunately for Hora, these girls aren’t going to be easy pickings!

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10 Responses to “Analistica Academy”

  1. Eriksyah maulana says:


  2. Neowarden says:

    `Unfortunately for Hora, these girls aren’t going to be easy pickings!~

    Cpnsidering the size of the VN and the subtle title I feel this is false advertsing.

  3. Udoroth says:


    its been a while since we got a vn with anal in it

  4. Anonymous Izuki says:

    Fumu fumu . . the blue haired chicken turned me on somehow . .

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