Imouto Paradise!

Imouto Paradise

It’s summer vacation and your parents are heading overseas for work, leaving you with your 5 little sisters: typical deredere imouto Aya, modern tsundere Rio, timid and shy Hiyori, lively and ero Koharu, and the bookworm Michika who’s a lovable Sadist.

With no distractions and ecchi happenings one after the other, how far will you go with them?

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  1. having a great time downloading these parts with the speed cap of 2mbps also have to wait 5 min for every part lol so so slow well will keep it upfor imouto paradise

  2. I have installed the game, but for some reason the opening movie on;y has broken sound. Almost like old TV static, but much louder, and sharp. Any ideas? the voices work everywhere else

  3. Yeah, it requires a new version of DRM to be required to play it now. And trying to open it with the DRM results in just a screen asking you for an ID number. A shame.

  4. quite a boring game… dont bother playing it… it has your typical sissyboy moronic mc…

    its like japan is always trying to brainwash its people that if you are moronic faggot… you will get girls falling all over in love with you… -_-

    super lame game… I give it a 2/10.

    1. Yeah, this one has a lot of dialog with little to say. There are a few animated h-scenes that are somewhat decent and the voice actresses are good as well.

      Now the sequel on the other hand is shaping up to be much better (still on the first route on that one, but it has been top-notch so far).

    2. bro, not fucking everything in your sight doesnt make you less masculine, it means you have standards

      in the same vein, trying to sleep with every girl you meet that makes you a fuckboy

      like what if the girls that like you are really annoying/bitchy/clingy so you dont like them? does that make the person gay? no, because being able to say no to someones advances makes you actually have choices rather than being desperate, greedy or overall whorish

    3. Why the fuck are you caring about the MC? This is a sister harem game. Care about the sisters, not the cardboard cutout. You are supposed to self-insert in him.

  5. having a hard time getting the game to work. I down loaded all the parts of the game: installer, crack & 1.01 patch. Installed everything as directed but when I launch the game using the crack I get a message in japanese then the game crashes on me. THe install instructions mention 2 .dll files to swap but those are no where to be found in the folders I down loaded. Did I miss something for this game?

  6. Wow incest harem,love it ^_^
    first game i’ve download here,thanks

    What eroge of the same genre in this site can you advice me ?

  7. i can get fullscreen there is a black border at left, right, top and bottom, or maybe the are like that..

  8. Does anybody knows if it’s possible to keep this Visual Novel in it’s original untranslated Japanese version, and not the English patched one?

  9. In extra’s i have all the unlocked scenes i think. But there are a few slots that say no data. Am i missing something?

    1. I’ve just finished all the routes and was puzzled by this but thinking about how Japanese games companies work I think it’s just short hand for “blank”. Meaning the green “No Data” spaces are just placeholders for the grid. Annoying but logical.

  10. guys will it work on windows 10. It can be very disappointing if it doesn’t work when you look forward in playing it. I only discovered this kind of game

  11. i downloaded all parts from part 1 to 16, theres no error after etract, but e cant run the imoutoparadiseinstaller.exe.
    error says windows cannot access the specified device, path or file pls help

  12. I can’t get the came to work :/ I’ve read all the comments with the helpful instructions but i just can’t seem to understand, if anyone could explain in a simpler form to what to do that would be of most help

  13. I have both the libogg and libvorbis dll installed but now it keeps giving me a pop up that has the file location followed by a string of Japanese characters that I don’t understand, and it asks me to either retry or cancel the attempt. Afterwords it presents me with another popup from Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library that declares a Runtime Error and notes that the application was requested to be terminated in an unusual way and asks to contact the support team.
    Can someone tell me how to fix this so I can play the game?

      1. Hello, I have the same problem. You must copy (and execut) ExHIBIT in the files of the game after installation in the C disk and not in downloaded folder (for me : C:\Games\Mangagamer\Imouto Paradise). It’s seems ok.

  14. the application your using is not the cracked one. If the application is “imoutoparadise.exe” then that was the stardard one that came with the game, and that needs a cd key.

    To get around that, you need the crack or patch. I personally would ignore the crack and just use the patch, as the patch replaces the cracked exe anyway.

    To patch, download imopara1.01.rar, then find where you installed the main game. The default is in your c drive in a folder called games, and if you do a search for “ImoutoParadise.exe” the file location should come up. If you can’t find where you installed it, re-install the game, and when it prompts you with a download path (its a long dropdown with a default of C\games\mangagamer\imoutoparadise) created a folder in your documents and select that as the location instead.

    Once you know where the game is installed, either the default or a new folder you created, open the patch until you see “exHIBiT.exe”
    From there copy all the files in the patch and paste them into the folder you installed into. if it asks you to replace some files, do it (it might, I did this after doing the same thing with the crack, so I had to replace ExHIBIT cause the crack had a copy, so if it doesn’t don’t worry)

    Then just use ExHIBIT.exe to run the game. you can ignore ImoutoParadise.exe, but I wouldn’t delete it just in case.

    1. awkward, i was typing all that as a reply to someone but then when I finished the comment I was replying to was gone. ah well, hope this winds up helping someone.

  15. Okay, i just wanna say, the file keeping corupted when i re download it again and again. First error at part 1,10,11
    then i try to redownload it again part 1. when i try extract here.. the part 2 is corrupt, its happen continued until part 8. after redownload all the file. the part 11 is keeping corupt. i dont understand with this problem. i keep redownloading again and again like 5 times and its keep corupting. im tired with this shit. my download speed just 100kbps. need 30mins to download it. man pls help.

  16. Why I can’t start it? Always says ExHibit stopped working, before it works just fine. If I play it offline, it will played normally, but I can’t play it when I have my internet on. Anyway to fix this problem?

  17. Ahhhhh, another eroge with an anime counterpart. And another eroge full of kawaii lolis! I usually don’t bother with large numbers of files when I can swing by Akihabara and buy the game retail (I’m fluent in Japanese), but this one I can never find (at least not uncensored). Looks like another long night of downloading is ahead (admin, you should host these files on mediafire as well, for those of us who don’t pay file-hosting sites, mediafire is free, no slow speeds, no waiting, no simulatanious download restrictions)…

    1. It’s been said by admin before and many people also have issue with Mediafire because they take down the links almost immediately.

      1. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm, I upload tons of stuff, and they never take my links down. I have a lot of the games that are downloadable here on mediafire for my friends who don’t fork over money for file-hosting memberships and it’s always worked perfectly…

        1. I actually did use mediafire for a brief period here. First time they banned my account after 3 days due to excessive bandwidth usage, when I re-uploaded everything, I got my server IP banned (403 error when trying to connect). Sharing files with few friends might work out there, but you guys are downloading 5-6TB of files on average DAILY.

          1. Ahhhhhh, yeah, I didn’t think of that. I may end up forking over the money to use your file-hosting site if I can’t find the stuff I want in Akiba anymore, they’re talking about closing down the store I frequent…

  18. i did everything right but when i run exhibit.exe it says it stops working. i even tried disabling internet and it still doesnt work.

        1. Basically, after you download the whole game, and CRACK, download the patch, and put everything in the same folder, that’ll probably ask you, when you transfer the patch to the folder, if you want to replace the ExHibit, click yes and you should be set.

          1. I don’t get it :/ when i try the patch it says i need lilbogg.dll

            i don’t know what to do 🙁

  19. not again the website error wont let me download part 9 anyone know how to solve this or reason for the problem?

    1. Free users can download two files at once max. If you’re trying to get third one, you’d be getting errors like “file not found” etc. Just wait until previous two parts finish downloading before starting third.

  20. also im struggling on trying to put all the items together in order to extract it-do you have any tips?

    1. Just put them all in one folder (do not rename the files, make sure they all downloaded properly – all parts but last one should have the same size), right-click on first one and pick “extract here”.

      1. Do you know if there is a way to get rid of the censoring on some of the words? Probably not, but just checking.

  21. How to play this game
    i downloaded all of the game and the patch, extract the game and the patch, installed the game, placed the exibit into the game, replace some files with the patch files (res, rld and another exibit) then run the exibit
    the only thing that happened was a black window popped up and then became unresponsive after 10 second, anyone know how to fix this?

  22. anybody knows this got patched again (patch 1.04)? is it work if I apply the latest patch into the game? thanks admin for your hard work

    1. The description does refer to her as “the bookworm Michika who’s a lovable Sadist”, so idk what you expected.

    1. @dingus

      For those who encountered “ExHIBIT has stopped working”, try disabling your internet connection entirely. The error message stops popping up if you try to play the game offline. (At least it worked for me)

  23. Hi, I downloaded the game and it’s working so far but when I try to start it, it’s asking about an \charge indentification number\…
    Where do I get it?

    1. You simply don´t need the identification number. Here is what you can do.
      1. extract the RARs, including crack and patch
      2. install the game
      3. take out the dll file from the crack´s folder and put(copy) it IN the INSTALLED GAME FOLDER (for me it is located in C:\Games\Mangagamer\Imouto Paradise)
      2. then click on the “ImoPara1.01 folder” (which is the patch), and take all files and folders out and put it also in the INSTALLED GAME FOLDER, and then when they ask you if you want to replace all files, just say yes to all the files.
      3. finally, open the “Exhibit” application and enjoy.
      Hope it helps

      1. Where do I find the dll file in step 3? When ever i download the crack, all i get is the Exhibit application. Where is the crack folder you are talking about?

        Thanks in advance if you reply. Im quite new to torrenting games and dont know a lot.

      2. DUDE… i followed all your steps.. and it fucking works holy shit thanks man.. and for those who dont know what he ment by step 3 the crack IS THE Exhibit application the one with the picture of the girl all u need to do is drag it INTO the installed game folder

  24. I downloaded the hole thing, the crack, the patch and every part of the download and whenever i try running the crack it keeps saying “System error” cannot run because llogg.dll or something like that is missing from your computer…. It took me about 3 hours to download this game and it’d be pretty disappointing to not be able to play it, an suggestions on how to fix it?

    1. Extract the parts, install the game, put the crack in INSTALLED game folder, not next to installer files (if you don’t get “do you want to replace this files?” prompt, you’re doing it wrong).

      1. Downloaded the crack, but it gives me that error…and I can clearly see the .dll it says it is missing – ideas?

        1. If there is someone who has problems on the missing file “.dll” Just download the latest directx.. Them re-install the game. Finished!

  25. I downloaded everything needed and when i try to extract the files it says that a part 3 file is corrupted and the game does not start because of it. (It still lets me extract the files untill the end except for that one)

    1. Just like your error message says, part3 haven’t downloaded properly – re-download it, and try again.
      (Also, a hint for the future – every part (except last one) should have the same size – if one of them differs, then you need to re-download it )

        1. doesn’t seem to work. I re downloaded it but its still says tht file is corrupted. ( they are all the same size except the last one)

  26. it seems to work if you do what you think you should. try starting the game, instal the requierd thing instal the patch again and than start it with the patched ExHIBIT file. atleast i did it that way and it worked on windows 8.1

  27. Hey guys, Installed this game twice, tried the patch and the crack, but I got no sound, except for the the opening movie, and after that a popup appears FCWaveDevice – open A device ID has been used that is out of range for your system, My sound drivers are up to date, can anyone help? :/

  28. Seem to be getting crashes on the load screen when accessed from the main menu. Suspecting it has something to do with the screenshots, possibly when done via quick save (maybe it doesn’t like it when I quick save during a pick-who-to-visiting screen?)

    Workaround: Start new game, fast forward to the first line of text, and do a quick load from there.

    This is on Linux / Wine ; your mileage may vary.

    1. How did you get the game running in Wine on the first place. I’m trying to get it to run on my MacBook but when I try to run the crack, it seems some problem with FCFile Open is there.

      1. This was Wine on Linux (… and a year ago, oops). Like everything else, it was in its own wine prefix, with LC_CTYPE=ja_JP.UTF8 exported to the environment before running (which is the equivalent of running the application with Japanese system locale on Windows). I don’t know if that works on OSX, or if it needs the OS-level locale to change.

        Finally got around to finishing this. The editing errors in the later parts of Aya’s route and the harem route were disappointing, especially as I only found the 1.04 patch afterwards. That’s on MangaGamer’s blog, but the downloads are all gone. Surprisingly, they seem to be available via the Wayback Machine. I suspect that it wouldn’t resolve the crash issues, though, since the cracked exe would still be required. (It might work on a copy bought from MangaGamer, of course.)

  29. Can someone please help me.I’m a newbie.
    I downloaded all the parts, but when I try to extract it on winrar, it says the file is corrupt, also, I can’t figure out the deal with the installation folder. Is it a random folder I can just make or did it come with one of the downloads?
    These might be stupid questions since I don’t see anyone else having problems with this, but this is the first time I have installed something in this manner.

  30. I require the assistance of someone who actually knows how to solve the issue, I’ve tried reinstalling the game and went back and forth attempting to actually figure out what I’m doing wrong. I extracted the game, I extracted the patch inside of the game folder and afterwards placed the crack inside as well, but the game always ends up crashing at the very beginning as the curtains are being spread and the lighting effect is being shown.

    Please assist me if you’re able to, I’d be very grateful if one of you were to even give me a hint towards the solution of this issue!

    Thank you in advance.

  31. I have installed the Soft Denchi but the game just kept asking me about it. what should i do? please help, i really want to play this game >~<

  32. Finally finished downloading and was able to extract/install/patch/launch no problem. This is sooooo awesome ^^. Thank you erogedownload!

  33. I got the game to work with the crack, but what’s the patch 1.01 for? I replaced the rs and rld folders from the downloaded 1.01 patch to the directory folder and all it did was make the game unplayable so I just took it of and placed the original folders back.

  34. i have a problem i downloadet and extracted all parts andthe crack but when i run the instuller it need a cd

    what did i wrong?

  35. Just bought premium downnloadani for this game, and a few others. I <3 little sisters, especially my own.

  36. i downloaded all of the parts, all 16 and the crack as well and when i extract them, one of them doesn’t extract right.

    can someone give me a guide?

    1. When i try to start the crack, it just says: “the program can’t start because libogg.dll is missing from your computer. try reinstalling the program to fix this problem”.

      1. Copy paste the EXhibit file into your imopara directory(the folder where u install the game) then try run it again im sure it will work

        Easier to say: the installer
        2.copy paste EXhibit file into game directory
        3.Done and had fun

  37. Michika lost the heroine race the minute she decided to shove a strap on dildo up your ass

    Spoiler Alert

  38. everytime i start the crack it won’t start up

    and show “ExHIBIT has stoppped working” and if i start the original one it will ask a key … what should i do ?

  39. Ok weird problem here, when i load the image file it does not get recoginsed as such. there is no autostart and the virtual drive can not be opened. Downoalded and extracted without any errors, other .bin files work fine, using Virtual CloneDrive. Any ideas?

    1. ah i figured it out… winrar didn’t show all of the files.. had to extract the hole folder… Thx for the great upload!!

  40. anyone know of otouto versions of this, or games with otouto routes? that would be extremely helpful ehehe. . .

  41. ok guys i’m stuck it just freeze when it go to the dream. Althrough i’m already download 16 part, download CRASK next to part 16 and copy and move it to the game file but still freeze. i tried re-downloading CRASK but it still freeze , please help me i realy realy want to play this game and patch 1.01 inside it is a crask too a res file, a rld file, my question is the crask inside 1.01 and the crash next to part 16 \same or not\ please help me again i let my hope for all of you guys please help this newbie. thank you very much!

  42. I have now installed and uninstalled the game a few times trying to fix the error. i even tried re-downloading it but still nothing. Every time i start the game it runs up until the curtain opens and then the game freezes there. how can i resolve this problem as i really want to play the game

    1. I imagine so. no nukige that i’ve downloaded off this site has ever been censored.

      im 99.99% sure it’s uncensored

      1. I’m not 100% sure because i haven’t downloaded it yet. ill try to remember to let u know once ive downloaded it.

  43. I’ve been through Hiyori’s and Koharu’s routes, and I’m almost done with Rio’s route, then comes Michika and Aya, and harem. So far, this is probably one of my top favorite visual novels ever, let alone my favorite nukige. Thanks for this, admin. This is amazing.

    1. it’s possible that there’s something out there that’ll let you import and read it on an Android, but this version is not meant to be played on the android, to answer your question. There IS however a version of this game that is made for the android, but there is not an english version for it.

  44. The Crack doesn’t seem to work it keeps saying it can’t start because libogg.dll is missing. What can I do?

    1. put the crack inside the installation folder


      and run the crack from that folder, you can a shortcut of the crack and run it from the desktop if you want to

  45. hey is there a faq, or a guide on how to download in parts? i’m new to his so just wondering, this looks awesome though!

    1. You just extract 1 part and your extracting program will do the rest. (it will automatically extract all rars) If you don’t have an extracting program I recommend you winrar.

  46. Can someone please post a 100% userdata save? Somehow my system data seems to be gone and all the scenes are empty in Extras, even though I still have my actual save files.

    1. replace the files in the english patch folder you downloaded with the files in the game directory. the files you need to replace should all have the same names.

  47. is there a psp version of this game? can someone tell me where i could get a psp version of visual novels/eroge?

    TIA~~~~MINNA.. :3

    1. there isn’t a psp version, but i heard that there is software or firmware, or an engine, or something along those lines that lets u import visual novels onto the psp and read ’em.

      I haven’t looked into it, so i wouldn’t know where to get it or how to use it.

  48. Hi i’m trying to play Imouto Paradise, but after the installation it ask for the authentication key. What should i do to crack it? Doumo~

    1. 1. download the crack. the link to it is on this page. its under the parts.
      2. put it in the directory file.
      3. double click on the file that serves as the crack
      4. play game

      it pretty much serves as the executable to the compiled game

      1. Ok if you are struggling to make this game work, THIS ADVICE ACTUALLY HELPS!!! I can now play the game 100% problem-free. I have Windows 8.1 and this is exactly what you need to do.

  49. Argh. Been through Aya’s route twice to get the alternate scene, but can I get it to show up on the Extras list? Hell no. And of course it would be my favourite scene…

    1. I’ve compared the 1.01 patch exe and the 1.04 patch exe, they are the same. I don’t have the game installed anymore, but if it doesn’t work, please write a comment. Only changes I could find were in scripts and images.

      Installing 1.04 patch should be the same as installing 1.01 patch: install game, install patch, copy crack, run crack.

  50. I just recently got into hentai and this one was to my likings 🙂
    The MC was a little forceful (Vanilla fan here) but the girls are beautiful~ and kinky. mmf.

  51. I have played the game (as in all the routes and tried all sorts of variations) and still can’t get 100%, I noticed that the game had these yellow/brownish and green boxes in the CG/scenes gallery and all I have left are the green. Anyone got them and mind sharing?

  52. Which scenes are animated? I just started playing on Michika’s Route, to get it out of the way, and I’m on the part when she gives the foot job.

  53. I usually don’t have problems installing games but this one kick my ass. So I have come here asking for help. After I installed both the game and the crack then go to start the game I get a message saying that in order to run this software, you must first install the latest soft-denchi runtime program. Would you like to download the runtime program now? What am I doing wrong should I download this program? Help me Obi Wan Kanobi you’re my only hope.

  54. Imouto Paradise 1.01 Patch updated crack:

    Not tested too much.
    Use the same as the first crack. 1.00 crack is compatible with 1.01 patch.
    The only changes between 1.01 and 1.00 ExHIBIT.exe are a few user interface translations. Some of the updated text doesn’t display correctly, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see a 1.02 patch.
    I would recommend using 1.00 cracked exe, but I’ve uploaded this for those that want to see what’s changed.


  55. Ahhhhh, another game with an anime to go with it! Yes, there IS an anime of the same name, with the same characters. Still, the game is better, since you’re in control. Interestingly, you can change the main characters name! I’ve NEVER seen that option in an eroge before, except in Polygon Love 2, but that’s not an eroge, it’s just a sex simulator. It seems like there’s a good number of similarities in options, choices and settings to make me remember Eroge -Sex And Games Makes Sexy Games-. Maybe some of the same people worked on it? All in all, great game, I’m gonna need some more tissues…

    1. That depends on your definition of “Story”…

      It adequately describes the act of a 17 year old boy, systematicaly fucking five 12 to 15 year old girls and very little else.

      …. “oh Japan!”

  56. Not a bad game all in, nice artwork, some small sembalce of storyline…

    However, I have never in my life, wanted to punch a woman in the face as badly as I did from playing Michika’s rout.

  57. OHHHHH G OD GO DGO DGOD!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ATLAS T, I T CAME?!?!




    *don’t mind the worst english. I can and *not* deliberately write that. what d’ya expect? I’m fapped to death just by seeing the title :p

  58. I need to say this or I’ll explode.

    *Takes deep breath*

    I feel a lot better now, sorry about that.

    1. I had the feeling her route was gonna be like that since in the beginning she mentioned the tittle of one of her books and that made me suspicious, so i decided to do her route first and get it out of the way.

  59. are the choices here (beside the “choosing the lil sister”) affects the ending or anything?, like throwing you to a bad end or something?

  60. What is displa furlgana in option?
    I dont know what is it and i cant change it…

    Oh, anybody know, mangamer cut some scenes (mabe loli-some)?

  61. Hey admin do you think it would possible to incorporate a rating system for all the eroge on the site at some point in the future? I’ve reached the point where I’ve played on the good popular VN’s but I need help finding the hidden gems from other user ratings. Just a suggestion, not sure how hard it would be for you to implement it. Thanks.

    1. Installing such functionality would be pretty easy, but I don’t know how reliable such rating would be, since there’s no registration for users here – every guest could spam 1 star, just because the game doesn’t suit his fetishes or can’t get it to work…

  62. Tried to install the v1.01 patch from the japanese version, didn’t work out and just crashes for me, which is unfortunate since it does animate some addition H-scenes.

  63. Hmm im kinda stuck on download number 13, is giving me problems with the capcha and not the normal ones it had where it had black splotches etc, but ones that are a 3/4 digit number only and when i enter them it says its the wrong capcha and then gives me the EXACT same one i just entered, even when pressing the “another capcha/refresh capcha”. I was using jdownloader 2 but it gives me the same problem when tryijng to download it directly from the site, are they having maintanance or did i do something wrong somewere?

  64. UUGGGHH… i finally played the game!

    heres the right easy steps! all parts the crack
    3.extract the part1 by clicking right mouse then \extract in imouto paradise\
    4.put the crack into \games > mangagamer > imouto paradise\
    5.install the application



    if you follow this then there will be no prob.
    if there is, then u didnt follow the steps correctly


  65. Well i download the game and the crack works but every time i start the game a window in Japanese apperars it say somesing about D3DX9_40 dll but the game is working o.o

  66. Anyone know how to unlock the Harem ending? I’ll goof around with it more tomorrow to see if I can find out.

  67. i tryed running ExHiBIT.exe and it poped up an error message saying “the program can’t start because libogg.dll is missing from your computer” what do i do?

        1. You don’t need anything to run the dll’s. They’re being run by the game launcher, and this message is shown when the said launcher cant find them. Try reinstalling the game (or reinstalling it in a different directory) and make sure your antivirus didnt delete them.

  68. Cannot get the game to start. Everytime I try to run the Crack it just says it has stopped working. Reinstalled twice, download the crack twice 2, tested compatibility mode (got Windows 8) but same issue.

  69. Cannot get the game to start. Everytime I try to run the Crack it just says “exHIBIT has stopped working”. Reinstalled twice, download the crack twice 2, tested compatibility mode (got Windows 8) but same issue.

  70. I didn’t have a problem with that particular file and I have the voiced just fine, so you may want to redownload your files.

  71. I can’t hear the voices in the game, someone have the same problem?

    When instaling the game the first file that instal tell me it’s corrupted and isn’t instaled

    1. the file is res2001.grp

      the error say:

      An error ocurred while trying to copy a file:
      the source file is corrupted

      I try to reinstall the game but it didn’t work

  72. Hi, thanks for this game.

    can someone tell me if there is a harem ending and how do i get it, or are there any secret endings?

        1. It didn’t work for me… Any ideas on a walkthrough for complete CG? I think I got all the routes, but I still don’t have all scenes.

  73. Why do I get black lines around the image on fullscreen mode? 1920×1080 monitor. Tried all settings but it’s still zoomed out.

    1. Try going into your graphics card settings (for Nvidia its called the Nvidia Control Panel, not sure about other companies though) and changing the scaling options. For me, the Full Screen or Aspect Ratio choices work for fitting most games to my screen. If that still does not work see if you can change the scaling options on your monitor itself.

    2. “All Screen” Fullscreen
      In game :
      1 -> “System Options”
      2 -> “Display Options” (set the game to windowed if not already selected)
      3 – Check this box:
      [x] Allow resizing of the game window
      4 – Set the display quality – “Best Quality”
      5 – hit ‘OK’
      7 – ALT + Enter or click fullscreen
      8 – Have fun !!

      Note : For a small graphic improvement enable the high quality scaling on “System Options”
      Note²: This is a little too much explained but hope it will be usefull.

      1. IDK if you will even get this after all this time, but THANK YOU! I had no indication that Display Settings was even a button, and I was out of ways to get this to work! You rock!!

    1. 1.Download all the parts
      2.Extract them with winrar(or something similiar)
      3.Install the game
      4.Put the crack into the game folder
      5.Launch the crack

  74. I like to play Miboujin Nikki: Akogare no Ano Hito to Hitotsu Yane no Shita but I never find english version this game in any site.Can anyone help me,I realy wanna play this game.

    1. It’s easy! Just learn japanese! Or pay a lot for some group that will translate it for you. Your choice mate!

        1. I thank you for allowing us to download that file, but now it states that I’m missing the libvorbis.ddl file. I don’t understand what’s up with the missing files.

          1. Exhibit.exe is not a English patch… its a cracked program to run game in a illegal way… you have to install game and replace another Exhibit.exe there in the directory where game is installed with this one (Exhibit.exe) you have downloaded

          2. You must have Vorbis OGM codecs installed on your PC in order to run the game.
            Download and install any codec pack (CCCP, K-Lite, etc).

    1. Believe me when I say you won’t require a walkthrough, there’s no complicated choices at all in the game.

      In this game choices just amounts to choosing where to cum and then for getting a particular girl you just select her icon when you get that choice.

      To get on a particular girls route you need to select her all the time or you get a bad end, to get the harem end instead of selecting each girl once (Bad end, you don’t get close to anybody.) you just keep selecting the sixth choice in the middle “Do Nothing” which eventually will trigger the harem route.

  75. Crack:

    1. Start game from ExHIBIT.exe.
    2. Optional: ImoutoParadise.exe won’t be used, it can be safely deleted.

    Tested lightly. If more testing reveals any problems with the crack, I’ll make an updated exe.


      1. Seems to be working fine for me. Btw does enyone know how to open the config window that’s shown during the initial start up? I can’t find the launcher for it anywhere and I want to change my fullscreen settings ;/

  76. This is a game i would definitely buy, however i’m a paypal user and credit cards do not appeal to me :/

  77. Thanks for the upload.

    That said… Am I the only one that absolutely hates the captcha for these download links? It takes me like 15 tries to get the captcha right, for every single file.

      1. Whatever its called, it drives me crazy. It would be easy if it was numbers. These ones are all random jumbled together letters with background interference. Its illegible and I just have to hope the guess I make is right.

        1. I had the same when I used Jdownloader, ewentually i just gave up and downloaded through browser, I had no problems this way.

    1. Here in the comments then later with download links and crack is probably done already must wait tell its tested with 100% play through and all cg first then anon cracker will release it.

  78. Guys seriously. There is no status. There is no ETA. It’ll happen when it happens. It might be today, tomorrow, a week from now, or a month or more. No one here has any way of knowing for sure.

    The ONLY way to get it asap is to just buy it. Otherwise be patient and stop asking for pointless updates and ETAs.

        1. Yes, it costs more than Tales of Xilia 1 in psn now 0_0 If you compare quality and quantity of content – this game is hugely overcosted.

          1. Yeah I also think that the games they release are a bit too overpriced for our game market. I understand they are tight on budget and those prices might be normal in japan. But I can’t imagine that many people here are willing to pay 50 bucks for a eroge unless it’s really really good and, so far I dont think MG realeased any game that would be worth 50$ imho.

          2. Yeah i missed that one,my bad, and honestly I’m kinda surprised it’s that cheap considering its quality. Also, I don’t want to sound ignorant but after getting a closer look on the rest of their games I get the feeling that pricing of some games wasn’t really thought through too well. For example kira kira all ages is 10 dollars cheaper than normal one. (Why?!) Or Harukoi otome which looks bad, has mediocre ratings, and yet it has the biggest price out of them all(I remember hearing something that they had to work long on translation or something,but I dont think it justifies it). They should lower the prices on some of the older games as well. Anyway sorry for ranting so much, dont mind me and have a nice day xD

  79. Just because a game has pre-teen \lookalikes\ (and that’s a really REALLY stretched out lookalike claim at that) in it doesn’t mean it’s popular by default.

    But to answer Golden Witch, no this game/series isn’t massively popular or famous (at least not famous in a good way i suppose) when compared to other VN’s.

    But it is one of the extremely few officially translated VN’s featuring blood-related sibling incest. Most other incest VN’s are either between unrelated step siblings/mother/father or blood-related cousins.

      1. Four ovas if you include the sequel, and the Imouto Paradise! manga was designated as an “unhealthy publication” by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, due to its “glorification of incestuous acts”

        1. Imoutos are banned, yet you can buy games where you are murdering other people – and nobody has a problem with it. You kill hundrets of humans in FPS, RPG etc. But when sex become involved it’s suddenly VERY BAD and must be limited and stuff.

          1. To be fair. I think it’s literal, blood related sisters they have problems with. Weirdly enough. They rarely raise a fuss over it when they stress that it ISN’T blood related stuff.

          1. Oh I do apprecieate lolis, In fact I love them. It’s just I don’t believe that lolis=good quality of the game. I saw enough bad games with lolis in it (Yes Im looking at you Dual Phase Soukakurou).And even if I like the characters in a particular title doesn’t necessarily mean i like the game itself.

  80. INCEST INCEST INCEST ADMIN!!!!!!!!!! TNX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BEEN WAITING FOR THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! INCEST!!!!!!!

  81. Wow…I didn’t even know that this was getting localized. Been waiting for years for this to get translated somehow ever since I saw the ovas for it.

  82. Hey there! Well, I’ve been looking forward this vn This is the first time I’ve had to wait for a vn crack and I’d like to know how that works, what will I have to do once the crack is out.

    Is it like the usual cracks for any other game? I mean, like replacing the .exe file or adding some files to the game’s folder?


  83. Thank you as always..But is it possible to get only the English patch. I know it was an official localization by mangagamer..I already has the original game..would be a little bit waste if I download them all over again.

    Don’t mind if there isn’t any patch, just thought I’d ask. By the way, you’re still the admin right, Ivan? It has been like years since the last time I visit this page and the forum..

    1. I would say its impossible to get only the English patch only as the company(MG) localized the entire game meaning you can play without switching to a Japanese locale.

      Even if the above is incorrect the zip file you get through the dl links are a single image disc which you have to open through daemon tools or sth similar.

      Also ilmao capcha disagrees with me having me write that i know nothing!!!!!?

  84. Like what Zabusa said, those dolphin scenes in Hoshizora no Memoria were done by Staircase Subs, a translating group based in Australia and Australia has strict laws against anything depicting child pornography so they had to add replacement scenes or they would have gotten arrested and fined for releasing it.

    1. I lost it made me laugh so much when the dolphin images came up. But your right I am an Australian and even if a game has any sexual jokes or content on a younger looking body it will get blocked these days

  85. YES!!! I’ve been waiting for this, for months. Now all I have to do is wait for the crack. *Stalks website while playing “Tales of Xillia 2*

      1. Ah, I remember Symphonia. Easily my favorite one from the franchise. I’m currently trying to finish Graces, before I start Xilia. Going to take a while.. I’m quite disappointed with it.
        Cheers fellas, hope you don’t fall for any traps.

          1. Well, the story doesn’t really pique my interest.
            What I’m most disappointed with is the new way of traveling.. the obvious paths to take, unlike the ‘field’ traveling experience from Symphonia and Vesperia.

          2. I enjoyed the story in Graces…I don’t get all the hate it receives. Xillia 2 storyline thus far though…Guess I’ll have to judge it after it’s all over.

          1. Well, I’ve yet to play Abyss. Haven’t really touched my 3DS since I played Pokemon Diamond. That said, I highly doubt I’ll enjoy it more than I did Symphonia. But who knows, I might be be surprised.

  86. I would have loved to buy that, but those asshats don’t take paypal, now I have to pirate it. Makes me so sad ;_;

    I hope the crack pops up soon, thanks for uploading.

  87. Mangagamer as translator??? They will omit again the loli scenes with dolphins? I hope the crack and remove-dolphin will come out soon…

    1. The dolphins scene in Hoshizora no Memoria, was put by the translators and it could be turn off.

      Read the translators manuals they say a lot of thing you should know.

      1. whoa, really? I’d like to hit Hoshizora no Memoria one day, isn’t there a way to remove the censorship? And are there other parts of this VN censored?

        1. There’s a subfolder inside the gamefolder which replaces Mare’s H-CGs with the censored ones. All you need to do is completely delete that subfolder and everything’s back to normal.


      2. Yup, I already finished Hoshizora no Memoria and Kamidori Alchemy Meister last last year (also removed the dolphin scene)… But I was pissed off when I got to the loli reaper route on Hoshizora no Memoria at near end. It was really anticlimactic for me and my other member (I pity my other member)… Fortunately I researched and dealt with it fast… But the excruciating depression of not ej*****ting on the loli was bummer for me…

  88. wow I came to download some of the old eroge and play it during the weekend, then when I come to the site I see a new releace =) luv you Admin, keep up the good work. I’ll proceed with downloading this in addition to zettai ryouiki sex royale and will play it when the crack comes out =) again thx a lot ^_^

    1. um was it ‘sex royale’ that had a translation or was it ‘oppai sensou”? hmm even before that there is no “Z” in the download list for Zettai Rouiki…. hm,hm,hm odd 😛 well I’m here for a game so I’ll download some random one, don’t mind my post too much, sorry bout that 😛

      1. “Oppai Sensou” or “Boob Wars” for the English version (and Boob Wars 2) both got translations. “Zettai Ryouiki ☆ Sex Royale” has not to my knowledge. I think both Oppai Sensou titles are hosted here though, just not under their original names.

        1. thx for the replay. I totaly missed that the oppai sensou is the original name for boob wars XD and Zettai Ryouiki Sex Royal is where a boy and some girls are locked up on an island for some sex project and you have to find and do ecchi battles with girls, if you win you could do what you want with the girl for the rest of the day, or so I think the story goes… can’t remember if I played it with a translation or with the help of some mechanized translator… oh well will keep searching 😛

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