33 comments on “Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke o 6: Kuchibiru to Kiss de Tsubuyaite

  1. I love this series with every fiber of my being. Games like this warm my heart. Every game in this series may only have one path, may not be on the scale of other eroge, and may be rather limited, but come, just look at the CGs, these are the most adorable eroge games I have EVER SEEN (yuri or otherwise)! I am going to go and play this entire series all over again on my PSVita (hacking is wonderful)!

  2. the game keeps saying halfway end and when I go to extra there’s uesly at lest 3 or 4 boxes left so I know that’s not the ending some help would be nice

  3. sorry for posting link & unrelated game here but couldn’t figure out how to contact @admin on the site otherwise ;p

  4. @Admin could you confirm these are the steps?

    change locale to japanese
    Run setup.exe to install
    Copy en_patch to install dir and run it to patch org game launch exe
    Change exe compatibility mode to wins xp
    Run the (now patched) game .exe


  5. I have downloaded the English patch but it keeps asking for file location and I have tried everything but it wont let me install!

  6. I can’t seem to get the game to work. When i click on it, a window comes out in jibberish words. Btw, I’m using windows 7

  7. I have downloaded the game and English patch, it is asking for file location and I have tried everything but it wont let me install!

  8. For some I can’t save my progress on this one. It doesn’t come up with a message saying it can’t do it but it also doesn’t save. I’ve tried saving it then exiting and retrying anyway but it doesn’t appear on the load screen either. Otherwise, thanks a lot for this! 🙂

  9. why in the world is it tagged as Nukige?
    characters within the series of Sono Hanabira are pretty much loyal to their partners.
    so why the hell is it tagged as nukige?

    1. Gee, I don’t know. Maybe because it is a nukige? I have no idea where you got the stupid, idiotic, retarded, and moronic notion that nukige implies sex with multiple partners, but it doesn’t. It just means that there is a heavy focus on the sex aspect of the VN, rather than the story. When the VN is basically “I love you. I love you too. Lets have lots of sex in lots of different places since we love each other so much, Onee-sama!” while having a basically none existent plot otherwise, it’s a nukige. Please do not readily spread your ignorance in comments in the future.

    2. Whoa, hold on there guys, don’t be so harsh. Not everyone knows these esoteric terms.

      Yeah man, Nukige is a game that’s pretty much just porn with no real plot, or at least one that is just there to have more porn.

      Oh, and Mr.Rage, why would he have confused it with Nakige? Those are games that are dramatic and sad, not about people being unfaithful, so he’d have to be doubly ignorant.

  10. When I saw two Sono Hanabira pop up on my screen, I though I had drifted off in a dream…

    Thanks so much for the site, your vigilance looking for all the new translations and those torrents, soooo much easier than ddl.

  11. i love this eroges, all of them, sono hanabira ni kuchizuke o it´s a great eroge for those who like yuri, at my point of view there isn’t any better yuri eroge than this, thanks admin for posting this two parts of this great game, i’ve been waiting for it

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