It all started when I got transferred from Tokyo to a local sales branch in small-town Japan.

On my first commute to work, I find the train completely empty.
With everyone moving to bigger cities these days, I guess I can’t be surprised.
It’s just… I’m apparently running the branch office all on my own…
I guess it’s gonna get pretty lonely for me out here in the middle of nowhere…

“Hey you, the guy in the suit!”

Out of nowhere, a blonde babe with a fake-orange tan casually sidles up to me.
Despite her thick makeup and gyaru looks, she claims she’s the train conductor.

“So, mister! Where were you working before?
And where’re you working now? Oh, also…”

She bombards me with incessant questions for the entire ride.
By the time I get to my stop, I’m already worn out with exhaustion.

“Bummer. I guess this is your stop, huh.
How long does it take from your place?
I can time it just right if you like~”

As you can see, I barely have any say in the matter…
Before I know it, she’s already half-forced herself into my life!

And I haven’t even told you about the other girl yet!
Cute, bookish, short black hair… So which one do I pick?

13 comments on “Fuckomotive

  1. I hope Shiravune or someone someday translated Tenioha 2 and the fandisc game. Also the 3 new Koihime games. Maybe even Mangagamer.

    1. Tenioha almost got no story, and Tenioha 2 unlike Tenioha 1 doesnt have Yaoi so i highly doubt it Mangagamer will. Koihime got a good story, got Anime, got a game so Mangagamer picking it up? no very low chance. But true still waiting for other localization or fan translate i guess

      1. Tenioha 2 is a really good nukige and the fandisc after it was even better. Also the 3 new Koihime games were way better than the first one that Mangagamer translated so it would be worth it, they are just really long games. I mean Eiyuu Senki and Eiyuu Senki Gold got translated.

        Also Tenioha 1 got translated and it doesn’t have much of a story lol,the premise is the same in both 1 and 2 basically.

        1. Sorry looks like i got misunderstood. i agree with you about the game but i disagree about Mangagamer. Basically i was saying that Koihime is good game that it has anime and fighting game, Tenioha 2 lacks Yaoi and the ‘Bland’ of the first one so Mangagamer translating it Highly unlikely. You can see it’s Project status, only Rance, Kinetic, Yaoi

          1. Yeah the games that Mangagamer translates always seem to be either Rance, Moonstone or Waffle, and then maybe a bad Clockup game(I don’t know why they haven’t done the sequel to Eroge! yet, they are doing the recent game which was terrible, Step-Up was way better).

            The new Koihime games I always will hope they get translated because I know that when those 3 games came out over the year they were a huge deal, plus the games are lenghty.

            Tenioha will because the sex in those last two games are insane, especially the fandisc. Even though Rootnuko makes like one game a year.

          2. Moonstone actually quite good or more like Hit or Miss. Some of their works really good in my opinion such as Evangelion, Sakuramori Dreamers. They may have easier access in Licensing Waffle or Moonstone and it’s good but lately like you said their picks is questionable now.

            But it might have something to do with marketing. Most of ‘JP only’ games really good but they don’t bother with Western Market because of their sales already big and too much trouble in western (ex: Twitter). So Koihime good game? yes, Localization? Hardly possible

      2. Moonstone does have good games and so does Waffle(even though they are short outside of Funbag Fantasy which I’m sure Mangagamer will translate the 4th one that came out earlier this year). Koihime is a known quantity outside of the eroge’s with the video games and such so I could see it happening down the line. I mean Baseson doesn’t really do anything else except for those games nowadays and they are awesome.

        1. and it would be nice if they also picked Funbag Fantasy 2 If, i mean 3 and 3 If even tho the same setting and char but totally different story.

          i just don’t want to hope too much with Koihime, look at the Fate who also (better) in situation.
          Got an anime, have non-eroge games, many spin-off and sequel, but there’s no official localization for Fate.

          1. They did Funbag Fantasy 3 if already and 4 is probably going to be announced next year which wouldn’t be surprising.

            I just wish they would do one Koihime game to see how it does since they did the original but nothing after that, and most people from what I’ve seen liked that game.

            Some of the games Mangagamer does make no sense at all, the nonstop Rance games(which I never play because of no Voice acting) and those other games that either have no voice or are super short seem pointles

            Trinoline Genesis should be coming out soon though which will be nice.

          2. Trinoline is the most cringe Nakige i ever read. i only have problem with the story, it’s trying to hard to be Nakige, and doesnt feel natural. normal moege have easier time make me cry than Trinoline. Example for recent game is Love Riche

  2. Localization from Shiravune. They really translate anything. Hope they wont end up like Mangagamer and only Translate Nukige.
    Da Capo, and Sekai De Ichiban Dame na Koi is such a good game. Shame now Mangagamer only do Rance or Short Kinetic and Yaoi

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