Icing -Love Coating-

Icing -Love Coating-

This is a story about a man who tries to become a pastry chef with his competitive wife, cheering her on and being cheered on as, they try their best with lovey-dovey!

01 A married life where we both dream the same dream!
In this story, the hero and heroine’s occupation is “pastry chef,” and the story is about enjoying “a story of flirting and eroticism while working hard with a hard-working wife.

02 Love and be loved while supporting your hardworking wife!
A wife who is trying her best to reach a higher level, but at home, she is flirting in a self-defeating way!
Your work is serious …… but sometimes you can sneak in a little flirting ……!
The story is about the daily life of two couples with such a strong sense of humor.

03 I’m serious about my dreams, my marriage, and of course, my sex life!
A wife who hates to lose hates to lose sexually, too!
Please enjoy the kind of sex where you try your best to make your husband feel good, but in the end you end up being debauched.

A more evolved married life!
When you choose an option…… → A wife of many different reactions!

04 Enjoy the reactions of your various wives!
Bring the heroine closer to you, experience what it’s like to live with her!
In this work, as a new attempt, you can see the various reactions of the wife through the choices that come up in their married life, making you feel more familiar with their married life!

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