My Newborn Life In A Harem

My Newborn Life In A Harem

What happened? I……What happened? I looked down; my big belly had disappeared. Where was my 30-year-old big belly?
Why am I so slim? Could it be… I’ve crossed over to an alien world? I’ve been reborn?
Nonsense. It’s not one of those cheap, cheesy novels in which you get hit by a car and reincarnate in a different world…

So, you saved me?
Well, sort of. I’m the one who reconstructed your face and took care of you.
So why did you save me? Am I some chosen one who’s supposed to save the world?
Ah? No. You’ve got some nerves…

You said yourself that if someone saved you, you’d do anything.
Firstly, the bill. After a 10% discount, it’s 20 million. Here’s the receipt. Your fingerprints are also stamped on it.
What? You’re asking for money? And it’s way too much, isn’t it? You’re a scam! You must have stamped it on me while I was in a coma!
Then you can help me collect “love” until you’ve collected enough to cover your debts.

Oh… I’ll do anything to pay off my debts… Although I don’t understand what you mean by “collect love”…
…Well, then, I had to get back to my life and find a job again. After all, I had to eat and pay my debts…
With so many changes in my appearance, many things had to change as well, such as clothing, and so on…
Anyway, let’s keep going…

Well, actually, let’s… start my new life!!!

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  1. So I already finished the game (all endings).

    The sad part is, that it’s not fully voiced. But at least you can hear some decent female moans.

    If you want an easy to follow walkthrough:

    Little heads up: No choices you get in the middle (like work or on the streets) will affect the endings. All that can happen is you lose some money or energy. So keep that in mind and don’t go too low on energy or you’ll die.
    Also, never attack the robber. You’ll die as well.

    Now for the walkthrough:
    – Focus on work until you unlocke all jobs
    – Refill your energy with food; at the beginning you’ll only be able to afford $ 500 Fast Food. But that’s still better than wasting precious time/days on wanking; Once you earn enough money/work, always buy the $ 1500 stake;
    – Continue working the best job (male prostitute) until you can afford ALL the things in the item exchange + some to afford stuff in town.
    – By the time you managed to do that, you still should’ve around 60 days (give or take) left until the time limit, which is 150 days.
    – After that’s done and you bought all the stuff from exchange, you can focus on going out and to raise all of your stats (one of them should be almost maxed from work – you can finish that one either through work (slower but gives money) or donating $ 1000 each time to the church.
    Buying all the stuff to raise your stats will automatically lead to unlocking all the H-scenes from the 6 citygirls; Just keep on visiting all the places until you got all the scenes.
    – After you’ve done that, you can play through all 4 of Taurus’ scenes.
    – Once you got all 4 scenes from each of the girls, you should have 20-30 days left, I think. Use that remaining time to visit the church and always choose conversation. (I think you can’t tell her about the devil or you’ll die)
    – Repeat that until you only keep getting the question to “end the contract” (or something along those lines).

    — Ending 1: Just do whatever to reach the final day. Wanking should be the fastest option. You can save your game at that point and just reload to pick all the available optionsto unlock all remaining scenes.
    — Ending 2: If you followed all the steps, you should be able to exchange for the final item, which unlocks a 3rd option during the ending scene.
    — Ending 3: Ignore all the stuff above, just keep visiting the church and ask the nun to end the contract. You’ll die, but still get one of the H-scenes.

    1. I was considering to download it, but now I have full certainty it will be a great part of my fap-bank.

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