Sobo to Boku

Sobo to Boku

Even though it’s still dark at night, my eyes opened up suddenly.
Something was touching my body, my chest.
Then, I remembered.
It was Shouta sleeping next to me today.

“Oh, what’s wrong?”

“Oh, well … with such a big boobs in front of me, like those, well … …”

“Huhuh, are you still a little baby, who needs a suckle?”

At that time, my foot has touched Shouta’s body, and the I felt something hard.

“Ooh, you’re getting so hard … … huh …”

I rubbed my chest and notices my crotch has swollen … ….
He sees me as a “woman”, not “grandmother”?
And, he’s excited as a man … ….

– Then, my hand unconsciously headed towards Shouta’s crotch,
I stroked the hardened part beneath the pajamas.

19 Responses to “Sobo to Boku”

  1. Train_Heartnett013 says:

    does anyone have an issue playing the game on Windows 10? I have.
    whenever I try to play open the game, it just opens a blue small window, with some japanese texts.

  2. ImSorryNan says:

    Your face says 60 but your body says 25 so I can’t control myself lmao

  3. keiradeadgirl says:

    Fun little nukige, just wish there had been one or two more endings. I’m usually a staunch hater of bad endings and try to stay away from them, even in light of my OCD for 100%ing games ^_~ but I wish this had at least one bad ending where they where caught and it completely destroyed the family, you could have bittersweet to happy ending depend on the person reading it where they run away to the mythical European country that allows incestuous marriage (and if they didn’t wait they could allow underage marriage as well) that I have seen in a fair few Hentai doujins lol

  4. Redfield says:

    What the heck? This is taking the concept of MILF to another level. Downloaded it and works just fine, it was not fully translated (some of the UI are in Japanese), but that doesn’t really hinder the enjoyment of the VN.

    Story is pretty straightforward, art is okay.
    Overall pretty average eroge with specific fetish

    Personally i only tried this game out of pure curiosity

    P.S. Thanks for the upload admin

  5. NaniDafuq says:

    Eh… Sure, why not? Looks hot enough 😀

    Wish it had more choice options though. It’s pretty straightforward.

  6. Average joe says:


  7. OneUglySunuvabitch says:

    Sounds like my cup of tea, no cruel rape is involved so that’s an IMMEDIATE plus for me. <3 (Yes, yes, it seems to have "cheating on one's husband", but not exactly "rape" since she doesn't refuse it, so yeah, not rape. ^^ )

  8. hentaiT says:

    that Grandma looks good enough… still try thou

  9. Guano says:

    still im gonna trie it xd

  10. Guano says:

    I played Hajimete no Okaa san without regrets … but this …


  11. Saotome Genma says:

    sometimes I feel…. maybe it’s time to stop

  12. yo says:

    captcha is “no holds barred” lol. thanks admin, love me some shota

  13. ConcernedPerson says:

    And that is why god has stopped answering prayers.

  14. Revvo says:

    even freud did not see it going this far

  15. ttrt says:

    ikr? That’s worth a double take.

  16. Shiros says:

    Thanks for the game but sadly the config menu is not translated…
    Time for the mini game: What does this checkbox do? 🙁

  17. FBI says:

    Yes!Straight shotacon

  18. Revvo says:


  19. Meister says:

    What MILFs aren’t enough?

    they’re goin next level with this one

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