Just Deserts

Just Deserts

Just Deserts is a sci-fi action dating sim where you play as a soldier who must protect a city from mysterious alien attack, while at the same time need to capture the heart of your dream girl(s)!

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  1. Cornelias voice was actual cancer. Only got Eve and Jens ending cuz i fucked up my save files, was a okay dating sim.

  2. I’ve played the game (Bought it on Steam to keep up with actual updates to be honest)

    it’s confusing, but not bad overall. I don’t know if I will keep up with it, but it was worth the buy. I will come back to it once a few patches drop.

  3. I can’t save the game. As soon as I’m done with ‘Day 0’ and am able to and try to save, the game closes. Any ideas?

    1. probably a bug… if so then your only hope is to buy the game and update it… or just drop this game if you think the game is not worth buying xD

    2. Here’s some noticeable bugs that I’ve found
      Cornelia’s quest to defeat a number of specified enemies
      (The bug doesn’t come out too often, had to save before accepting such quests then reload if the bug came out)
      Money not given after fights
      (Check your time, it doesn’t change too)
      Errors when alt tabbed while sometime is playing
      (Songs, when someone isn’t done finishing the dialogue and such)

  4. hmm… i think it looks interesting only have tried the first few words of the vns but…. i really hate Cornelia VA… her voice is not bad.. but the way she convey her words is kinda lacking beside that its all ok i guess

  5. well+I+find+it+interesting+indeed+it+might+have+a+shorter+story+than+most+games+I+played+but+i+like+the+thing+that+this+isn’t+japanese+made+one

        1. I can’t defeat it tho, which is why I decided to start all over again after recording each heroine’s location at the certain day and time for quests purposes. It’ll lessen my expenses on “buy” quests since I can do training quests accurately

          1. The final boss is quite easy if you’ve maxxed Cornelia affection, since you can then just use the doomsday device to break it. 1 M each strike, and it’s dead with two hits.

            As for the general gameplay I’d suggest to rush the rocket launcher, makes the alien farm really easier.

  6. This have sub indo i have download but can’t select indo sub? Please tell me why i can’ select sub indo

    1. Indonesian subtitles will come in one of future patches – currently the button is only a placeholder and is grayed out.

    2. oh since you`re asking about an indonesian patch i suppose you`re an indonesian? well since i heard this VN is made by indonesian be sure to support them if you like it xD

  7. This game isn’t as bad as I was expecting. It’s quite short and follows a dating sim format rather than visual novel format.

    That means you focus on building stats, getting relationship points, money, gifts etc. It also means you can clear it all at once in an afternoon with a single play-through because there is a harem ending. Get everyone to max affection in 1 run, save at the end, then watch all the endings as you please.

    The story is light but the characters are nice.

    Having the voices in English is a little… awkward especially because the spoken dialogue and the text frequently doesn’t match up. It’s like they proofread and edited the script after they recorded the lines.

    Some of the dialogue really hurts because it’s not natural. Random fucks and other exclamations that they threw in to make it seem more like a real conversation, but in places that no real person would actually say those things.

    Most of the voice actresses are good, Jennifer and Yumi have great delivery, Cecile’s accent is cheesy but has good emotion, Eve is mostly quite. However, Cornelia is fucking atrociously bad. Like, super awful. Her annunciation, pauses, inflection… everything is so wrong I had to mute the character.

    The RPG-ish gameplay is mostly good. The combat is relatively strategic but there is a wall at the beginning. You can get jumped by groups of enemies you can’t possibly beat if you aren’t making use of upgraded equipment or your support abilities.

    Unfortunately both of those things cost money. The easiest way to beat the game is grind money. Selling enemy drops (lucky pendant and burning rocks especially) are by far the most effective choices. Once you have the money, you can buy your equipment, have strong support abilities, and buy infinite gifts to max out affection scores. After that just work out so you get enough max HP to not get 1shot by the final boss.

    The UI is kind of rough and makes buying and gifting multiple items a giant pain in the ass.

    TL;DR I enjoyed it for the characters, has some rough dialogue, the gameplay is passable. Since it’s short it could be worth the play, but probably won;t stick with you. Nothing too amazing.

    1. Thanks for the detailed review 😀
      Of all the voices, I only like Eve’s and the store girl’s though

    2. The most relevant story is Eve’s. If you can’t bother to replay this several times you should chose hers, since it’s the only one explaining things.

      The gameplay is boring and not-that-well-made, the CGI is awkwardly plain (some nice light effects here and there tho), you can’t save during the scenes, you can’t scroll the log back to read the previous lines. And no H-content.
      The story is actually good enough if you can watch all the endings, though. So, there’s a lot of better stuff around but you can play this too if you’re not interested in the fap.

  8. July 31 Update [04:10 pm, Jakarta Time] *Please Update The Game*
    *Please Update The Game*

    [Bug Fixed]
    Save/Load error should work properly in most cases now! Please try to load your error save slot now and let us know if it’s working properly.
    Quest to defeat x-number of alien has been fixed

    I think if I get this one, I might actually support the developer. It looks like they are actively working to fix the bugs. Great work on getting this game so soon after release tho, Admin!

    The price is reasonable. It’s 10% off right now tho.

    1. I imagine the game already on the site won’t be updated to patch General’s quests; only one that works for certain is the metal hunting, for a fair warning in advance, but it bugs if you go over the amount needed and becomes uncompletable.

      That being said, it is a good game, despite being simple and lacking story. I might support the developer when I get paid again

  9. Looks like the files are still from the initial release of the game, which has numerous significant issues that have been fixed by updates. Is there any chance that an upload with the updates and fixes included will be made available in the future?

    1. yeah, aside from the british girl (the accent was terrible and she sounds drunk while phoning her “performance” in) they’re pretty decent, i specially liked the rei ayanami-esque character and french girl’s voice acting

      1. im glad im not the only one who think that…
        i think she would be okay if she just drop the accent and just be normal ._.

  10. admin you are a god send i was about to pull the trigger on this one and buy it, but i can try it now before doing so, thanks

  11. Hey admin, I was wondering if you have been considering putting Sacrament of the Zodiac up sometime in the future. Anyways, love all the effort you have been putting in to uploading all these VN’s.

  12. I hate these VNs with little to no story in them. I wish i forgot MuvLuv Alternative or Majikoi so i could read them again. There are so little good VNs lately…

    1. Why would you wait until you forget about them to read them again? That makes no sense, if you enjoy the stories that’s all the more reason to read them again.

      1. …you really can’t imagine why someone would want to forget significant plot points or at least a majority of minor details of a favorite story so they can re-experience the story again with the joy/excitement they experienced the first time?

        1. heh… yeah i understand
          but i think so far that only work for other kind of VNs except Majikoi imo… no matter how many times i re read it… its still so damn funny that one is pure gold worth every dollars you use to buy it

    2. ha majikoi what the shit i understand muv luv but putting that shitty VN with it just shows how poor your taste is you might as well compate ML with works from the nasuverse

      1. Yeah….was a fan of majikoi first too but now I cant bring myself to play it again. It has a more adult aproach on the whole realationship thing. I like that. But the main character is basical an asshole and way too much fillers. Even the whole “make japan great again” subplot makes me cringe. Especialy with the Fukushima desaster now.

  13. So, another western eroge. Is this one going to be ridiculously softcore or force you to play a dumb mini game to progress?

    1. Not sure if you can call it “Western” – dev studio is from Indonesia, but I get what you mean…

    2. Now while it ain’t Japanese… yeah, it is still from the old age where they stretch the short story with lame stat management and maybe other sub-par gameplay (in this case it seems a bit of a turn-based RPG).

      Also in terms of sexual content, I just see the 15+ release… not that anyone but Japan would got for non-vanilla content anyway

      Oh well, back to playing an Eushully game (Kami no Rhapsody), obviously better gameplay on par of non-eroge and AAA while the story is also most likely better written as well.

      1. pretty sad i wont be able to play it. the translators dropped the projects pretty hard down the drain

        1. Well, personally I am actually just using the interface translation and let the “Visual Novel Reader”(me too dumb for other programs)/Google Translate do the Dialogue. I do quite understand every line and am reading on my normal fast speed.

          Obviously I still rather have a proper English TL, that’s why I am holding off on confirmed titles. Not that I would read The Afterglow of Grisaia right now though if it were to appear here, still waiting for the Labyrinth having its 18+ release somewhere in 2030…

      2. Is there a proper translation for that one, or just the dead project I’ve been seeing through the interwebz? Or are you straight up playing the JP?

        1. nevermind. I swear that reply didn’t appear here before I commented. That sometimes happens here. I get confused with the comment structure.

    3. Fool me once with HuniePop, fool me one thousand times, shame on everybody because there are honestly way too many of these types of games, and more than 3 is already “way too much”.

      ‘Short story stretched long with gameplay features’ is a very good way to put it.

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