Dohna Dohna ~Lets Do Bad Things Together~

Dohna Dohna ~Lets Do Bad Things Together~

Asougi City, a company town facing the Seto Inland Sea-

Though a single corporation controls every aspect of their lives, the citizens live without any kind of worries or doubts, and enjoy the peace that has been given to them.

However, within this pristine city lurk pockets of unrest. Known as “Clans”, these groups repeatedly perform acts of civil disobedience, including “Hunting”, armed theft of people and things, and “Hustling”, the selling of bodies for profit.

With clans growing in influence, the corporation motioning to stop them, and the “Memorial Festival” fast approaching, the city is soon shaken by conflict, consuming the lives of all within it.

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  1. This game is awensome, thanks to whoever put the ENG patch. now i’m in ng+ but i don’t understand the customizes talent. well yes i have understand what they are but how do i make an images precisely 1024×1024 pixel?

    1. Aight I beat the game after 90 hours, and I liked it so much I decided to purchase it through the official site. This is a first for me for eroge.

  2. if you have problem with popping up save fail error, i fixed it by delete everything in the savedata file except the backup file
    i test and play the game until the first time they let you save, no error so far
    close and open again, my save file still there

    i dont know anything about code or program, i just do that randomly and it work

    1. Removing the read-only flag from the SaveData folder and the files should fix it too, one of the uploads of the game had this issue.

      1. Which EXACTLY do you delete from these files?
        AFBGMMode, AFCGMode, Collection, CommonSytemData.sav, MouseCursorSetting.sav, MsgSkip.msk, ShowDPSetting.sav,
        Volume.sav and WindowSytem.sav.

        Sorry 1st time doing this kinda thing.

  3. (am same anon as above, but cannot seem to reply to my own post)

    Dohna Dohna ~Let’s Do Bad Things Together~ English version crack:
    or a backup:
    URLs mangled as the reply seems to just get rejected otherwise. admin can feel free to edit this post to correct the URLs.

    MD5: 964950390c62e7fc81cd0518965756e3
    SHA1: 9ac48bc2b5de93f385256abb61cec2474158d8d9
    SHA256: 46691983c8f0f0def73e669479f76651e97a1b191107d2d42bd52cb74d1894fc

    Usage: Simply extract into your game folder and run.

    This crack was based the original English DRM protected exe that someone uploaded on /v/: w w w dot mediafire dot com slash file slash tdcg0bt78cxbs2l slash dohnadohna.exe slash file
    As nobody has yet given me an offline activation to do a proper crack, I’ve been unable to verify if my changes are correct: it involved a lot of educated guesswork and over 300 changes, however I do believe that if this isn’t identical to what would result if you cracked it based on an activated game, it is very likely incredibly close to it. I will validate and update the crack if needed if anyone will share an offline validation or serial with me in the future.
    You may do so by mailing me at slimy slimypettanko at protonmail dot com. I may consider doing other games with this protection, especially if activation is provided, otherwise it’ll be at my discretion as guesswork cracks are not really proper cracks.

    I’ve tested it lightly and it seemed to work fine.
    I hope it works properly for you and you get to enjoy the game!

      1. No, the exe is as clean as it could be, you can scan it with any of those multi-antivirus online scanners if you’d like. So far the crack has been tested to work through about a third of the game without any issues, it’s likely functioning fine, if not, I will update it.

    1. Update: I’ve cracked it again with an activated exe and the result was completely identical, the exact same values were recovered, thus that confirms it, the crack can be considered proper.
      I’d like to express my thanks to Ultimadrago for providing the activation, it would have been impossible to validate the earlier crack without that!
      Feel free to use it, package it, do whatever, it should be favored to the jp exe workaround, it will run as fast as the DRM was completely removed, and it won’t have the locale issues, and the UI will be translated.

      1. Hi – just for clarity, the purpose of the new crack is to load the game in english to make it run faster (?) and change the UI to english? And what are the locale issues?

        1. The purpose of a crack as most cracks is to remove the protection fully if possible, or if not to at least let you play a game identical to the original but without the DRM!
          The original game had DRM on it, a variant of a well-known one that people don’t always bother cracking. Some anon on /v/ found that you can run the game with the original japanese exe, that worked fine because it’s an interpreted VN engine and they don’t usually see much customization unlike other games. The english exe did get cracked and the protection fully removed, that’s what the crack above there is, it’s the clean english exe.
          Now if you want to ask what the differences between them, then it’s not a lot:
          1) the UI and error messages are translated
          2) there’s some code changes that make the game function correctly outside of Japanese locale, they involve converting the SJIS strings to Unicode and using the appropriate Unicode apis, so it can run natively without a change in locale.
          I don’t believe there’s many other changes between the exes. As far as I can tell the game can be finished fine with either the japanese exe or the english one.
          This does not fix issues people had with some of the releases having the SaveData folder incorrectly set to read-only thus preventing saving, you have to remove that flag yourself.

    2. the catbox link is an .ex_ not .exe, since for some reason catbox does not allow uploading exes to it. if you happen to use that one, you have to rename the .ex_ after downloading to exe

    3. thanks so much for this! the game was crashing immediately after starting but this let me get past that point.

  4. Note:
    Game needs to be run on japanese locale
    Manual saves do not seem to work but the daily auto will, it’s still playable.

  5. I regularly get an error message saying something in Japanese about not being able to save something. Pretty annoying

  6. I’m interested in making a proper crack for this game (that isn’t based on replacing the jp exe). I found a copy of the original english exe on /v/, the one on sukebei is already replaced.
    The protection is same as the other shiravune games, it should be crackable properly (without having to use the jp exe) and hopefully run with fewer bugs than using the japanese exe.
    There are 162 “stolen” kernel32 imports and 180+5 initterm initializers “protected”.
    However, I need an offline activation or a serial to do so, or if not, running some tools to extract the values I need directly if nobody wants to share an offline activation or serial.
    If you want to try doing this drop me a mail at slimypettanko at protonmail dot com. I’d also be grateful if you could pass the word to nyaa/sukebei and 4chan (/jp/ or /v/) as I’ve been unable to post there (4chan blocks most proxy ranges and sukebei registration is closed).

  7. I mean, I’m grateful for this, but goddamn WHEN will Alicesoft finish translating Evenicle 2? It’s been forever without an update ;-;

      1. Yup, ever since then Alicesoft has been more salty, hence why even this game will still have censored/pixelated CGs, because it was only translated, not localized. Same thing will happen to Evenicle 2…

        But hey, at least they still get their games translated so can’t complain too much.

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