Yumina the Ethereal

Yumina the Ethereal

“The Student Council Election is your only hope. Fight, win, and change your destiny!”

Midorishita Yumina is a junior at the prestigious Jinbu Academy. Far from being a model student, Yumina skirts the precarious line between barely passing and failing hard. One day, a young man named Akashima Ayumu transfers into her class. Ayumu claims to have been sent by his father, an eccentric and possibly delusional man who ordered Ayumu to find and protect Yumina, whom he believes will one day save the universe.

Ayumu and Yumina are at odds from the moment they first meet. They bicker endlessly, day after day, until finally Yumina goes too far and starts a fight just before a critical test. Her failure dooms her to repeat the year.

But just when it seems all hope is lost, a mysterious girl named Kurokawa Kirara appears and invites Yumina to run for Student Council President.

According to Kirara, whoever wins an Election War and becomes President will have the power to change any school rule he or she likes. Realizing that this is her only hope of becoming a senior, Yumina agrees to join the race, and drags Ayumu along for the ride!

Thus begins an epic tale of love and friendship in which youthful passions run high and debates shake the foundation of the heavens.

Who will emerge victorious!?

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  1. Game is actually pretty hard if you don’t grind a bit in dungeons. Struggling to get to chapter 6 for my second playthrough with all my characters at lvl 29. At least you can replay chapter 5 over and over if you lose/surrender the student council finals.

  2. Can anybody help me? I played the game it worked fine but the next day when i wanted to play i got an a error. It was error hr8876086c, all i did was restart the game and got this

    1. Also i uninstalled everywhere i think is related and reinstall but still nothing is working, i now get this error at start up.

    2. I had the same Problem, and it vanished after some time, but came back later.
      As a workaround, I was able to start the geam in Fullscreen mode and switch back to Windows Mode (Alt+Enter) directly after starting.

    3. It’s some registry values relating to Directdraw and Direct3d that cause this error. Had it myself.

      Go into the Registry editor and search “Yumina”. Delete the one that has “fullscreen” and “direct3d” in it (forgot the specific one). You can also delete the “directdraw” ones that have Yumina in them.

      1. So yeah, deleting every single yumina registry did nothing. Reinstalled the game, reinstalled directx (the one that comes bundled with the installer), nothing seems to do it. I kept my saves just in case, but this is getting crazy…

  3. Admin is there a game same as this one? I really like this type of games where you can fight turn based and has a mix of “H-scenes”. Can you name a few games similar to this, in this Site.

  4. Guy need help i cant download the Fan Disc.
    Im close to finish the game and i want the sequel.

    when i click the fan disc link it says website offline.

  5. i have a problem, hopefuly someone can solve this for me.
    I just playing the game and right after the battle tutorial (i believe it’s still in day 4), it always getting crush with message “Error 80004005 exiting application”. I tried to reinstall it the couple times but always get the same result.
    Can Anyone help me solve this? i want to play this game so badly and it starting to get my nerves.

    Btw sorry for my grammar.

      1. hey thanks for your response. I just did what you said, but it still doesn’t work. hopefuly someone have the answer for this. i really really want to play this game.

  6. Anyone still playing this game? I will give you some help. I took my time translating all the abilities from the JP site to evolve your character’s weapons in a specific way. I recommend Ethereal weapon as your final weapon evolution though because the Stage 6 add 60 Ethereal power to your stat. Ethereal power boost your damage by percentage while atk/def stats boost damage by number.


  7. Does anyone know how to get Yumina’s full CG?
    I’m missing: 6, 7, and 8
    1 2 3 4
    5 x x x
    9 10….

  8. Hi,
    I got a problem with my game and I can’t seem to find anyone out here having the same issue.
    I played through the Kirara route, then started a NG+ on hard, this time going for Ai.
    I managed to get on the Ai route, but after progressing to chapter 6, I can’t continue.
    That means, there are 3 events available on the first day, Combat training with Ai, some kind of meeting on the bridge and training.
    Whatever I select, after finishing the event I get the message that the ED’s defeated mankind and a Game Over screen.
    It doesnt matter what event I select, I always get game over and can either restart the chapter or go to the title screen.
    Nothing seems to work here and I’m kind of frustrated, could someone pls. help me?

  9. For those who are having Error Code: hr80070002, all you guys need is a Registration Entry (Registry file) by of this game copied from your old USER or from someone else. Yes, you guys will have to make a new USER and copy Reg. File from old USER to the new one. Steps:
    1) From old USER or someone elses’, Type Regedit on SEARCH
    2) Click Regedit
    3) User Account Control pops up, Click continue
    4) Double-click HKEY_CURRENT_USER folder
    5) Double-click Software folder
    6) Scroll down, right-click Will folder
    7) Export and give a filename
    8) Copy/transfer the exported file to new USER
    9) Go to new USER and double-click the exported file
    10) Click yes to everything that pops up
    and TARAAAA~ Good job!

    Skip the old/new USER steps for those who are new. There might’ve been an easier/fastest way but, I hope this helps. Have fun playing 😀

  10. I think my only real disappointment with this game is the fact you can’t really like… ‘grind’ on it to level your characters up a bunch in the traditional way. You can surrender and restart the round, and retain all the stuff and all but… I don’t see why they didn’t let you just go into dungeons without passing ‘time’ in those cases. Seems silly.

  11. Windows 7 32bit here, installed the game, cracked. No voice.
    No voice at all. Music and everything works but no voices whatsoever.
    Is it perhaps that i installed the game with japanese locale or something?
    I’m gonna need some help.

  12. Weird game , but good overall . What was a little dissapointing is the True End , not what i’ve expected , but i could’ve been a lot worse .
    It is a nice way to lose 100 h of your life , ofc that is if you want to see the ‘ Conclusion ‘ .

  13. so long i didn’t check here …… didn’t know about got patch ever now already v1.05 , but i already finish 3 route ending and true end . Most shock i get is GreedXIII showing cheat image all max …. (-_-) ….. well, i guess i just bored guy and want to waste some time …….. at least i enjoy the story “Yumina the Ethereal” . It worth to play 😀 Thank you Admin , you the best

  14. Please help

    I’ve already patched the game with the latest patch (yuminapatch_105) but I got error code 80004005 when the game tried to go to day 1. Does anyone know how to fix this?

    I’m using windows 7 64-bit

  15. Guys, I have a problem regarding the patch 1.05. After applied the patch, I quickly tried to complete Kongamato Dos quests. But, same as before, 1 of 4 targets still not counted after I defeated it. How to apply patch 1.05 correctly?

  16. I get how your weapons updates itself based on certain improvements of the characters abilities, I also get how it has 4 updates/improvements to choose from, but, in the grand whole of things, is it better if I opt of the ethereal power improvement over attack improvement?

  17. I do not know how to get the feathers, i’ll have to get back to you on that (currently busy with Elsword Online). But I think (at this moment) that the quest is just a side quest; the game will progress without it.

    Advice on Rishane: sorry, I’ve forgotten how I beat him. It wasn’t easy though but I pulled through after only one encounter. I don’t remember if you have Ai’s ultimate support skill (Eternal Phantasm) then use Heartbeat skills to fill up the Blue audience and Freeze it. Then use Ai’s Excessive Force on the boss. As the heals are (almost) always dependent on Green audience, having Yumina deplete them first can be risky but necessary because Rishane is also dependent on Green.

  18. Hmm Okay, I need information on progressing with the quests: Mysterious Mushrooms, The Undying Troll, and Making Talismans. All three point to Mizelts tomb, but as to what floor, it doesn’t say nor give a hint. What floor should I start my search? Especially that Troll quest thing

  19. New patch can be found here—>\http://jastusa.com/blog/2013/09/03/yumina-patch-info-updated-9313/\ without \s of course.

    1. Based from the picture that you show on your comment, is it the address 76955294 that works?

  20. 10/4/13 – v1.04
    – Fixed graphical error in the credits.
    – Fixed more typos and description errors.

    9/25/13 – v1.03
    – Fixed Kuogalm Chimera and Kongamato Dos quests.
    – Fixed more typos and script errors.

    9/18/13 – v1.02
    – Fixed crash when turning in quest “A New Alloy.”
    – Fixed errors in some scripts and descriptions.

    9/3/13 – v1.01
    – Battle scripts can now display four lines of text as intended. This resolves the “Glint in the Dark” crash.
    – Translated the “cannot skip unread text” system message.
    – Fixed minor errors in final story script.

  21. If you are on you’re third playthrough, I think it should be easy enough. Unless you activated hard mode, that is. You probably need more level and increase in stats to leave a debilitating damage or just have updated skills.

    Usually, I’d require Ayumu Diselementaler as it is one of the most damaging yet most costly as well. I struggle when using it as it needs the right amount of Approval… Well, if anything, just spam the boss until it’s usage is… well… used up.

    1. yeah im on super hard becouse im getting all the leaves and im nearly maxed out(all lvl 90) and yeah its not enough

  22. any1 got a good strategy vs rishane on 3rd playtrough (Ai route) he just keeps spamming his unblockable healing skill the most i got is when he had 30% hp left before he just uberspamms it and you can’t outdamage his healing

    1. get Aoi’s Null silencer skill to the hightest you can get and get chain stasis for kirara and activate both at the same time when he is about to use it

  23. So is this more like Princess Waltz where the story is the majority (and you’re mindlessly reading text boxes and getting carpal tunnel from clicking so much to go through the scenes) with minimal gameplay or is it more like Sengoku Rance/Kamidori where it’s mostly gameplay?

    1. You are forced to battle as this makes the story progress. And this VN’s tilted more towards Story and Quest battles, so no this is not the same as Princess Waltz.

  24. Hey community its been a long time since I’ve played a visual novel so I was recommended this game from my Professor(Lolz). While I’m waiting for the mail to arrive I’ve decided to download here and get a headstart in the mean time. When I was extracting(Winrar) the files I got a couple of errors.
    Yumina04.rar-the required volume is absent
    part03-crc failed, the file is corrupt
    part04- you ned to start extraction from a previous volume to unpack yumina
    part05-Same as first one
    part01-No Files to extract
    Anyone know the problem? or do i simply need to re-download?

  25. how do you complete mirdostan missions ?

    After getting the scabbard (the CG with Yupci and Verdi each holding an artifact), I received no further mission to continue the story.

    Btw, the optional quests, do I need to complete everyone of them to get True End ?

    1. You only need to do all of the main Midoristan quests (the ones that the Princess of Midoristan gives you when you enter Ordacle) in order to get all of the feathers. The feathers are what the game is looking for in order for it to open the additional option in the game menu: Conclusion.

  26. i cant find the xp for the character with the cheat engine i type in what they need to lvl up with and nothing comes up i try 2,4,and 8 bytes wheres is it at cant find it plz help?

  27. Ok im having a bit of trouble getting that last feather. On super hard mode on Yumina’s route on the final chapter i went into the training area as many times as i could to complete the story and got to the point where i had to beat floor 90 of the Key to Heaven dungeon, had that little scene where it was talking about the final step to get the dragon or w/e and that was it, I went in again and no new quest. Didn’t get the final feather so now im wondering wat im missing. DO i have to complete all the other side quests? or was Yumina’s route just not long enough to give enough the final mission?

    1. my inbox was flooded with sidequests so you definitely dont need to finish those. However, while you may not need to do ALL the sidequests, the final mission will take place in the path of cracks so you might need to do investigation I-VI (i think there are 6 of them). So give those quests a try and see if you get the final mission on your next visit

      1. Investigation quests are side quests that will enable you to explore Path of Cracks up to level 120 (once you get all six feathers). While doing any route in SH mode (and when you’re on the Zelerm) please go into the Training area and do whatever quest Yupscilla (or whatever her name is) tells you to do.

    1. it also happened to me… but for me the game crashed over and over again when it’s trying to play the op video
      i’ve been messing up with my settings doing trial-and-error but still no dice.
      so the solution i came up with is preventing the op video from playing and all i had to do is just move/cut the file mv0000.bin from folder DATA and paste it somewhere else,,then start the game like usual holding ctrl up to the point where it crashed and a pop-up window appeared stating that the video cant be played and get skipped,,then voila the story continue on! (at least in my case dunno with yours)..feel free to move back the file within the DATA folder afterward
      hope this helps those with the same problem~~~

  28. Trample – Reduces the effect of enemy special Defense abilities. (specific color resistance mainly)

    Drain – Converts a portion of your damage dealt into HP. Higher Drain number the higher heal you’ll get.

    Protect – Protect provides additional defense for your character (or characters, as long as it has the Affects All property as well) from a specific color or colors.

    Counter – Deals damage to the attacker equal to a percentage of the raw damage dealt (before defense skills take effect). This property cannot reduce the attacker’s HP to less than 1.

    Shift – Restores HP equal to a percentage of the raw damage dealt (before defense skills take effect). The healing takes place after the damage has been dealt so this property does not protect against lethal attacks.

    Advance – After a skill with this property has finished activating, the character that used the skill will be the new Forward character in the next round.

    Retreat – Same as Advance, except that the character will switch places with the next character in the list.

    Attract – Forces the target hit with this skill’s property to the Forward position

    Exclude – Forces the target hit with this skill’s property to the Backyard Position

    Bind – While the effect lasts, the target may not change its position

    Anchor – While this property is active the character is immune to Attract and Exclude

    Blast – Cancels an opposing skill of equal or lower level

    Anti-blast – Immune to Blast skills

    Dis-interrupt – Immune to all Backyard skills (skills that are cast at the start of the turn are excluded)

    Attack All – Damages all enemy units

    Affects All – Specifies a group of characters to be affected with a particular effect/property

    Defend All – When a Forward that is equipped with a defense skill with this property, this shields his/her Backyard characters with be shielded by the defense skill of the Forward

    Heal All – Self-explanatory.

      1. Ethereal stat increases the damage (and defenses, I think) of all skills, though I don’t know what the exact amount of bonus damage will be added per point of Ethereal power.

        Case 1: Ayumu vs Nidhogg Lv100 (Path of Cracks floor 120)
        Ayumu -Weapon Type: Ethereal-
        Ayumu [450 Ethereal Power +60 (weapon type)]
        Akashima Diselementaler: 72809

        Ayumu -Weapon Type: Offense-
        Ayumu [450 Ethereal Power]
        Akashima Diselementaler: 65992

        BTW this set-up was without accessories equipped and no buff/debuffs on dragon.

  29. I am searching an explanation for the skills like:


    and it would be nice to know for what the ethereal power is.

    i hope someone can help me thanks and sorry for my bad English.

    1. i would also like to know that :/ all i know is that:
      counter- every time character with counter is dealt dmg it returns certain amount of dmg to attacker (more you are dmged and higer your counter more dmg you do)
      shift- dont know exactly how it works but it seems if your character passes some defense/shift check you actually get healed some instead of dmaged when hit

      1. bind forces the character to remain in their position for the next turn. as in if they are in the backyard, they will be unable to move to the forward position on the next turn. Trample seems to increase power since i remember one skill supposedly gave less damage to me than a second one i had, but it the first skill had trample and the actual damage matched the second skill when i looked in combat, so perhaps it is the opposite of shift by adding a flat amount of damage (perhaps ignoring protection or something)

  30. @julio, unfortunately you can’t, try this order Normal=kirara, Hard=Ai, Superhard=Yumina, Graduation End, that’s my playing order, and you MUST complete all ordacle mission at the same time you complete heroine route, And to get graduation end, just do something that’s not related to heroine event, entering and exiting shop will be work.. your choice in free day doesn’t matter i think,

    @shadow, try this Windows 7/Vista= C:/Users//Appdata/Roaming/Will/YuminaTheEthereal
    Windows XP= C:/Documents and Settings//My Documents/Will/YuminaTheEthereal

    @zeenof, try download a new patch from official site, i think the last patch was ver1.03, that should fix your problem..

    1. my plan is
      normal=Ai ^^
      hard=Kirara (here ryt now) 🙂
      superhard=yumina …meh (i bet most plot details are here)
      and then graduation or whatever extras come around

  31. Kirara’s skill, “Glint in the Darkness” causes an error to pop up and crashes my game. Is there some work-around for this?

  32. Im tranfering to new PC and i want to continue playing Yumina there aswell, anyone know where the save file is located? I cant find it anywhere? Tryed transfering whole instaled game but still save file isnt there. Any ideas?

  33. Julio, i think the CG in the second line and the scene you mentioned above was yumina graduation end, and abou 4 missing CG in ordacle page, you need to clear all ordacle mission in order to unlock them.,

  34. Anyone knows how i can get the scene (after Nayuta scene and before Yumina first scene)? I already complete Yumina, Ai and Kirara routes, but i’m missing one scene, 4 CG from ordacle (all in second line) and 3 CG from Yumina (second line). Thanks.

    1. Just do as you please (aka read events, do debate battles/train) as long as you always pick Ai’s icon when the holidays come. You’d know what days are holidays because there’s no indication what day it is on the far left corner of the screen.

  35. Awesome game. Tnx admin. Playing for 150 hours now, Super Hard, still so much to do. More playable games like this here would realy make fan’s life better.

  36. Hy guys, could someone upload CLEARED SAVE DATA? coz i accidentaly deleted my own save just before the battle of barrais, and what’s more, i already completed all ordacle mission. it’s just to much for me to starting over from beginning,

    i’ll be gratefull if someone could give me their save game..

    1. Just load another save closest to your latest one and start from there. If you always overwrite your saves (meaning you do not make backups in case something happens) then… I guess you already know the answer?

      Also, this is a fun game; excuse me for saying this but these types of games you have to make something for yourself. A flimsy excuse such as ‘deleted my save’ will not give you any satisfaction. Once again, I’m sorry to say that.

      1. the game should have a huge load of autosaves for you. as long as you havent done a ton of stuff in other games, you should be able to grab on of them and maybe lost a few half hours at most (better then losing some 40+ hours)

  37. Close to finishing Super Hard mode now. Took me this long because I am compiling data about what abilities to unlock first to upgrade the weapons to their Ethereal versions. Yeah, the time in the Training area is really worth it especially at this mode.

    A few tips: I don’t know if Ayumu can get Final Guardian Heart from other routes besides Ai; this skill is really worth it against Karales. Plus another skill, Akashima Diselementaler, which has the Dis-interrupt property is an awesome move to the final boss in the Training area. Synergies pretty well with Rebellion Soul XD

      1. Currently on the Conclusion route. The JP wiki doesn’t have any info on this (or does it?) and I do not ABSOLUTELY know what I’m walking into now lol. I’d prefer Kirara’s Tyrant Arum though; looks waay cooler than Diselementaler visually

        1. Kirara in general looks way cooler than Ayumu lol. and i am pretty sure there is a “final chapter” link next to the chapter 8 link on the JP wiki. that might be what you are looking for

  38. on my 2nd playthrough now & guess i get a gist of it. You will need certain event of main characters too to unlock further event of the side characters. Like the time with Shrine Maiden Committee you need meet Ai in the library to see her investigation with the Sakaue Sisters or with Nayuta u need to meet Kirara/Agent Ayume so u can follower her around.

  39. so in order to get side-chars H-scene u need to get a skill from them & use it in last battle? The main chars skill easy to get but i still have trouble with the side-chars

    1. thats pretty much the gist of it. The side characters’ scenes are very hard to get without a walkthrough (or a lot of experimentation). There are so many events to watch that it takes some pretty darn good planning to get the Ayumu skill and a single heroine’s skill in the same chapter (since certain events are only available in the evening and sometimes the next event in a sequence wont show up until the next day)

  40. i think there is 3 Routes+One true end+Graduation end+Sky journal, and i’m in SH mode now, and will clear Ordacle mission and Yumina route, if you’re still unsure about this, try japanese walkthrough..

  41. hmm i have 2 questions:
    1. how many endings are possible? 5? 3 + true +graduation or more?

    and more importantly:

    2. i am getting error hr80004050 or something like that it happened twice already on 20th floor of path or cracks when was getting item from one of yellow orbs

  42. I have a grave problem. the game crash after yumina sign the paper for kirara at the beginning of the game. anyone know why?

    1. found the solution. in case anyone wanna know, i change it to 16-bit full screen after the opening video and change it back.

  43. I have tried several times to enter the harem ending but never once did work.
    It would be someone as good and shared save the harem ending themes? It would be nice to place after defeating Nayuta.

    AS0K0 Have you tried ALT + ENTER already in the game?

    1. Yeah i tried alt +enter and double clicking the blue on the window, and whatnot, tried changing compatibility and stuff, reinstalling, idk what to do, it playes on a window the size of about 4 on 4 inches…so frustrating 🙁

    2. Um, there IS no harem route. There’s only the Graduation ending, where you never go into the second part, and end up getting an extra H-scene with Yumina.

      Well, depending on how you interpret the True, True end, perhaps you could tentatively call it a harem, I suppose.

      1. Now it is confused,
        What are the possible outcomes? Three main characters, graudation and? And what are the conditions for obtaining these ends?
        Unfortunately, on the internet, I found only old information about the six main endings (three normal and three true end), graudation and harem ending. But now comes out that there are only three main end and does not have these three true ending. In addition, now you write that there is no harem ending.

        1. I wouldn’t quote me on this since i havent managed to finish everything yet, but i have heard that once you get all the endings in the regular game, another option appears on the main screen to play out some sort of conclusion/true ending. Perhaps that gives you the harem scenes.

  44. soo before i start the game in that configuration window, it won’t let me select anything besides windowed, and i can only play it in a tiny window, can’t seem to be able to change it from within the game either…any ideas?

  45. I unlocked the abilities for skills and their not there.

    Then I go through some fights and my characters level up and suddenly I the skills are there.

    Are there level requirements for skills and if there are level requirements where can I see them?

    1. to use the skills you acquire, you need to unlock the prerequisite abilities, when you select the skill in the skill menu, it’ll ask to show you what abilities are needed to unlock them, it’ll take you to the ability menu and the abilities needed will be glowing purple (or the outline will be glowing purple)then using skill points you get by leveling up you can get the abilities which will let you use the skill you had learnt earlier.

      1. i think he is confused about how to acquire skills in the first place as he did not receive a copy of the skill after leveling up the required abilities (PS @eggggg: this is normal). To acquire skills, you need to either go through events to get certain chapter-specific skills, or you need to find unidentified skills from the ordacle minigame/side-story. When you identify them in the shop, they will be available for use (this is most likely where your skills came from). There are no hard level requirements for skills, only abilities determine whether you can use the skills you have acquired or not

  46. I had sex with all the bosses, how do you know that I found a harem ending?
    So far, the second opening theme looks like everything in the path of Ai.

  47. not only that, do not choose any of the main heriones’ pics during the campaign to make sure their flags aren’t raised. I got the grad scene and last h-scene by only choosing speeches meetings and the rest on training.

  48. I can’t tell if i just have a really weird scale or have watched WAY too much anime/played WAY too many games on this site, because even though i see so many people complaining about Yumina, i thought she was rather low on the annoying-heroine scale (certainly nowhere near as bad as Michiru or Makina from Grisaia). Maybe Ayumu and friends poking fun at her constantly helped smooth it out because i never had a problem with her.

    1. well its not like i personally hate her but its just that when compared to other 2 shes waaaay lower on scale of wanting to do route with (for me)

      1. uh huh…basically am i the only one who LIKES yumina?? i thought she’s kinda fresh and funny since not too many heroine chronic dumb airhead like her.
        most stereotype heroine is just cute or kind or tsundere it got boring.

        and i like it when most of her friends bullying her and make fun of her instead of MC.
        maybe i AM just WEIRD hahaha

  49. Well that was surprising enough. I mean I was expecting a major reveal after all the foreshadowing but man that was still unexpectedly good. 8/10 for the story I guess. Yumina is kinda annoying but she grows on you like she does on the rest of the characters. Depends on the players tastes I guess. And Kirara just makes you wanna take her home even if you know she’s “older” than you could bargain for heh. But because of her VA I’m itching to watch BokuTomo season 1-2 for the umpteenth time. Niiiikuuuu!!!

  50. why cant i get h-scenes for the other students in the academy??
    all i got was the bookworm girl(forgot her name)
    is there anything wrong with my choices??

    1. maybe u can only go though one sub-character one at a time? i not complete the game yet so i dont even know have sex with them even do actually… Btw if Student council war was create to chose the best Ethereal user then how come the one before Yumina still there?

      1. @Nisashi, your question gets addressed in the Kirara route, but basically it amounts to something like, “The EDs weren’t showing up enough at the time to warrant taking Nayuta. We took Yumina because the threat became more active.”
        @Hrmm, to get the H-scenes in chapters 2 through 4, you need to get special skills by going through the events related to the opponents. however, there are so many of these events that you will barely have enough time to get the special skill and ONE of the three heroines skills for that chapter (and only if you skip pretty much all training sessions and speeches). if you want to effectively get the skills you will probably need a walkthrough or many runs of trial and error. I do know people on this comment thread have posted the event sequences they have taken to get the skills, so if you go back a page or two you might get what you need

        1. hmm, actually the Ai route gives a different reason for Nayuta remaining at school. they claim its because she wasnt good enough and they needed another war to find someone better. Guess the world fundamentally changes quite a bit between routes

  51. How do I find the Flare Bahamut for the Defender´s seal quest? Kinda can´t find him anywhere in the Path of cracks (kinda expected him to be on the 90th floor, but it seems he isn´t .

    1. You probably figured it out, but FB can’t be challenged during the main 3 routes. Finish all 3, and enter the conclusion. After that, level 120 in the path of cracks will unlock, and the FB can be found.

  52. finished Ai and Kihara routes, both are good.

    And it’s enough for me.

    I don’t want to do the pink dumb heroine story, not even if i was paid for that.

    Most annoying character in a eroge since a long time.

  53. hmm i’m still missing 2 cg’s for some reason, its one for kirara (second line second from the left) and one for ai (first line second from the right) if anyone could let me know how to get those ones, that would be good.

    1. i cannot give you specific direction how to get it but, those cg happen during the school election time,
      i forget which chapter it was during the the school election but you just have to focus on those character during school election to get them that all advice i can give.

  54. does anyone have the 100% save game file? or at least a guide to get the true route. ive already completed all 6 feathers and dont know how to get the true route. i saw here that yumika is alive and im still missing 1 h-scene. got all the scene from the subs and the main. tnx

    1. the yumika alive path is the true ending,
      the missing scene is Graduation Scene which i suspect need to choose each heroine once during the free time instead of all three time choose same heroine.

  55. Any1 know if the luck items are worth buying and how to use them i can’t seem to find any way to use the ones i got out of quests

    1. If you use cheat engine, they’re worth it…otherwise, don’t bother unless you’re trying to get the items needed for quests like the Defender’s seal. They can be found on level 30, 60, and 90 of each dungeon, dropped by level bosses. Using Jar of Luck before fighting them strongly increases chance of that item dropping. And increases the amount of stuff you get from the fights.

  56. (spoiler alert beware)
    can someone know how to beat Deele??
    She Is Goddamn hard!!
    1-2 turns=too easy
    3 and beyond=Hell Impossible
    this happens when she started to “sing”
    even Yumina’s singing is overpowered
    what to do here??

    1. If you can’t afford to use “Null Silencer”, just take her down by force. Use the colors of what her attack will be using. Her song doesn’t last forever if you drain the required color of it.

  57. Yes, a new option pops up. It’s called \conclusion\ on the bottom right corner. To make it appear, you need all 6 feathers in your save file. Then the game will prompt you to load that file and continue where Yumina’s route left off.

    To make the feathers appear, you need to clear the three heroines Yumina, Ai, and Kirara (blue feathers) and the story in Midorstan must be finished. The gold feathers unlocks as you go higher in difficulty.

    In short:

    Heroine A (Normal)
    Heroine B (Hard)
    Heroine C (Super Hard)

    You should be able to clear the game in 3 playthroughs. Feel free to stagnate if you want.

  58. Ok, i played some chapters and…

    Omg, Yumina must be one of the most ANNOYING characters i saw in a while.
    Someone kill her please, i can’t stand her anymore.

    Thanks god we have Kirara as one of the main characters, it would be sad without her.

  59. How exactly do you see the True End? Ive heard you need to finish Ordacle and beat all 3 heroines, but then what? does a new option pop up on main menu or do you have to complete a certain persons ending or what?

  60. I have a problem, playing the second time I can not get the h-scene with bosses who scored in the previous game. By which I do not know whether they are calculated for herem ending.

    How do you know it came up in a harem ending instead graudation?

  61. Im missing one hcg, it on the first row the most right, anyone know how to get the scene? i finish all three route already but i didnt get that scene, help guys?

    1. cant say for sure but used 4 leafed clover (cheapest luck item) and for …. 50 moves i think you have more “luck” basicly better drop and such

      1. I was more referring to out of the game. google seems to think the song doesnt exist and i dont know where i can find soundtracks for this game, but thanks for the response.

  62. I’m experiencing a problem that says “(Insert installation directory here) application failed to start. Re-installing the application may fix this problem” or something along those lines. I tried re-installing but it keeps saying the same thing. Any ideas how to fix this? (Using Windows XP)

    1. Well, here’s the detail on it:

      “The application has failed to start because the application configuration is incorrect. Reinstalling the application may fix this problem.” Still can’t figure it out. -.-

  63. Ya, i completely overlooked the whole main mission in the ordacle like an idiot. I hope to god i can play through the whole thing on super hard so i dont have to play Normal and Hard all over again.

    1. Ah ha. Found a way around it. Do the 4th ending where you bypass the 2nd half of the game twice then ill start Super Hard :p

  64. How do you progress in the simulator place? Ive done all the quests i can and beaten all 3 routes, but have barely made any progress in the simulator, am i missing something or what?

    1. Did you safe the game at the end and loaded that exact game instead of starting new game? So that you can choose the hard and then super hard mode? If not you should do that, the story in Midorstan does only progress in a higher difficult level.

      I started now my third playthrough and it’s about finding the sword and the other stuff in floor 60+.

      1. have you managed to get it done on super hard? i’ve started it, but after mizelt tomb going to floor 70, there is no new “missions” for me when I leave and come back into ordacle.

          1. After Mizelt Tomb Floor 70, you should just progress the story a few chapters ahead. Quests should start popping up as well as “earthquakes” making you go further into the dungeons.


            The highest floor for each dungeon is 90.

          2. Thank you very much! And here I thought I needed to complete the sidequests or something tedious like that…

  65. Grr.. after hard mode is \super hard mode\. -_-
    My whole holiday is gone for this game. xD It took me approximately 40 hours for Kirara’s route, Ai’s route was about 20 hours with skipping already read text. And now the super hard mode.. guh.
    The three main routes are quite easy to get as mentioned before. Important are the basically the sundays where Ayumu does not have to work. Getting the extra scenes with the other girls is just klicking all their related pictures during the week. The story in my oppinion is quite worth it. But I’m really not that sure if I should read Yuminas route.. she is so annoying.

    1. As for my opinion every route is quite worth playing it. At first all three seemed very annoying, but the varying storys for each of them and even more the change in them as you get to know them better is quite big in my eyes. Played Yuminas Route last and in the end I can only say, she is realy dumb but thats hear greatest strength. But you should see for yourself, why I say that and furthermore I think that its for everyone self to decide if that route was worth playing it or not.

      1. And I am as dumb as her forgeting to write all what I had to say lol. Yuminas route is woth playing it, for her and even for the story behind her route. If I had to give order which route was the best for me, it would be Kiraras… Except for the thing what happened with Zieda, so I felt happy that thing occured only on Kiraras route.

        1. I totally know what you mean! The thing with Zieda was way too stereotypical.. Poor Falhua..
          Kirara’s route was for me the best as well. But in my case it’s just the preference in loli characters. Even though she was over ** years old? xD Don’t want to spoil.

  66. Hello there, i tried reading all comments already posted here but none seems to ask this.
    I was wondering if it is a bug or if the game is actually suposed to be this way, but…
    Back Ground Charaters don’t change positions when advancing dialogue, they change positions only in the dialogue bar, which is a bit extrange.
    I mean, Yumina holding the same position in background when getting mad and when crying…

    1. I don’t think that’s a bug.. should be intended? There is no change in the display of any character in that regard.

  67. Someone please tell me that true end is worth all that grinding ….. I read it is a bit anticlimatic and overall not that good.

    1. do you know how to get the true route? i’ve tried alot of ways but i havn’t gotten it yet, do i need to do it on hard mode?

      1. Notice there’s a total of 6 boxes on the bottom of your first clear? The first 3 is the heroine routes, while the next 3 is the other dimension (Unlocked by doing Normal->Hard->Super Hard). You have to get all 6 feathers I think. I am not 100% sure if it leads to the true route since I’m still working on it. Currently on the last heroine + Super Hard.

  68. is it just me or is the site for the 1 click download.
    the download.ani site not working or accepting premium acc setups?

  69. Does this game have a NG+ option? I can’t seem to find the answer to this anywhere. I kind of dislike how it is an RPG yet it has forced progression… EG: You can’t just grind to get loot/money/experience until you are ready to move on. So if this game doesn’t have a NG+ it’s going to really KILL the fun factor for me.

  70. Hy guys
    I have a problem i dont know how to start the debate battle the first one the one with 20%
    I have tried to click everywhere but still the same and when i prees enter nothing happened what did i do wrong pls tell me

  71. Coming across some bugs in the later quests. It won’t acknowledge that I’ve killed this one chimera and when I turn this quest in about ores, the game crashes. When the story is talking about Yumika it frequently says Yumina instead.

  72. Even though I never experienced that problem, i suggest the usual solutions: Run as Administrator, turning down the graphics options, and/or running task manager and ending unneeded processes.

    I can only assume that the \insufficient memory\ thing means that you either don’t have enough ram or you don’t have enough virtual memory. Even if you meet the \minimum requirements\, it doesn’t change that your computer appears to still be having trouble running the game. I remember being told once by a friend that running a game on windowed mode is more taxing to the computer, although I forget why.. so maybe that’s the reason.

    The game could simply have stability issues. I often get crashes when I switch to full screen or windowed mode while the game is running (although it simply says \an error has occurred\ or something like that).

    Although, I am certainly no computer expert, so someone please correct me if my advice is wrong (or add onto it).

    1. Thank you very much for the answer ^^

      Turning down the graphic option solve the problem, but the game on 16bit look REALLY ugly. Any other combination of settings doesn’t change anything, is indeed a problem caused by the 32bit rate option while in Windows Mode.

      I actually found efficient switch between Windows and Full Screen when I need to enter in that 2 menu, but the loading between every switch is annoying, yet if it’s the only way to play it then I’ll go with it.

      I didn’t knew though that a game in Windows Mode take more resources then in Full Screen, good to know for the future too, and yes I barely reach all the minimal requirements for play, literally <.<

      Thanks again for the help, really appreciated ^^

  73. Hi guys ^_^

    Did somebody else beside me got the message error:
    “Insufficient memory to perform 3D operations.
    Error code: hr8876017c”
    when opening the skill and equipment menu while playing in windows mode with color set to 32 bit rate?

    I noticed I can play full screen regularly (both 16 and 32 bit)and even a little less laggy (against all logic o_o ) but not in Windows Mode, for whatever reason. I also (barely) have all the minimum requirements standing to the official site and istalled the latest (03/09/2013) patch.

    Someone found the same problem, and eventually a solution? In case want to share? Thanks for everything ^^

    Btw, thanks admin for the upload ^_^

  74. As said in previous comments. Ayumu’s special skill must be used directly onto the main Boss of each chapter (Rei, one of the Shrine sisters, and Nayuta) at least once in order to get the Hscene for that chapter.
    For NG+ you DO NOT have to bother to go through all these events to rewatch the scenes. Just use the skills like before without going through all that trouble.
    As for choosing main routes, there are 3 weekends. These are the only 3 dates you need to be worried about choosing your heroine.

    1. Chapter 2
      Clubroom – Mysterious Transfer Student
      Clubroom – Sport Club Unite
      Hallway – Declaration of Supremacy
      Clubroom – Rice Cookies
      Clubroom – Intron
      Classroom – Tomori’s Sigh
      School Store
      Library – Sister Conflict!
      Classroom – Vows and Doubts
      Hallway – Overlord Rei
      Clubroom – Soft Serv Principle
      Gym – Visitor
      Library – Fighting Alone
      Old Building – Final Line
      Hallway – Eccentric PR
      Girls Dorm – Siblings
      Classroom – To Protect
      *do whatever you want*
      Cafeteria – Stop It, Rei

    2. Chapter 3
      Day 1
      Clubroom – Learn Their Secret
      Day 2
      Day 3
      Clubroom – All up to him
      Day 4
      Day 5
      Day 6
      Clubroom – By Whatever Mean
      Day 7
      Clubroom – Sakaue Family Secret
      Day 8
      Roof – I want to believe (Gain “Independent Heart”)

      *Use Independent Heart on one of the sisters (best on Sakaue Tsukuyo)*

    3. Chapter 4
      Hallway – Break a Leg!
      Clubroom – Impregnable Fotress
      Gym – First Meeting
      Clubroom – Agent Ayumu
      Gym – Broken Heart
      Courtyard – Yumina Rage
      Hallway – Sneaking Mission
      Gym – Tyranical Empress
      Library – Rodeo Man 2
      Gym – Hint from Rei
      Girls’ Dorm- Lifesaver
      Entrance – Fruitless Effort
      Library – Parent
      *Do Whatever you want*
      Roof – Flatline (Choose “I can’t make any promises”)
      *Do Whatever you want*
      Clubroom – I just don’t get it (Gain skill “Absolute Horizon”)

      *Use “Absolute Horizon” on Nayuta at least once.*

    4. *NOTE*
      This guide does not cover main heroine CGs. For NG+ you’ll have to ignore these processes and focus on the 3 main girls for missing images that occurs during the first 4 chapters.
      However you can still get those HScene by using the skills from previous game.

      Bonus: Kirara’s skill.
      Chapter 1: Sincere Brainwashing
      Chapter 2: Heart-Piercing Shadow
      Chapter 3: Glint in the Dark
      Chapter 4: Reminiscence of The Future.

    1. It depends. I have confirmed it / tried it myself that these values are cheat-able / can be modified by cheat engine.

      1. Ability points. “All abilities maximized on level 3?”
      2. Hit points. “Hit me all you want, weaklings.”

  75. Ok guys, I’m pretty sure I had every scene with the council president including (I think around 4-5) and I still didn’t get her scene …

    1. 1. You have to make sure you got the “Absolute Horizon” skill from her. If you really did get all her scenes, you choose “I can’t keep any promises” from the “Flatline” scene.

      2. Use the skill against her in the debate battle. The H-scene will never appear if you don’t. Figure out a way to raise your red audience without her activating “Imperial Heart” or “Golden Volition”

      1. oh so that’s what it was. I dont know how i didn’t think of that. I just continued blasting him with the strongest thing i had

  76. Does anybody know where are the save data? I have finished the main heroines’ routes and I want my save data if I ever want to replay it. Thanks.

  77. Yeah well I reversed the game and made a cheat that unlocked all CG, >.> Too lazy to play this game so many f**king times..

    I am basing rating off the worst one.

    8/10 story
    Reason: It was interesting, but only got an 8 cause it feels like a rip off of another H-Game… forgot which one though..

    4/10 Gameplay
    Reason: Eh was kinda annoying how you needed to have a high amount of percent of people following you to win fights, I mean just defeating the enemies should be enough but NO it forces you to have to do that tedious thing as well >.<

    1. I had zero difficulty in winning any fight that required an approval minimum. There are more than a few skills for backyard that increase that during fights and the speeches help with that aside from certain events.

    2. Yumina’s Shining Smile is the solution for your problem. Also Kirara’s brainwash skill. I have gone through frustration once, too. I have to go through Nayuta’s battle four times, all because I didn’t have enough approval rating when she was defeated.

  78. People the fan disc IS NOT INCLUDED.
    JAST did not translate the fan disc the hcg set is included for completion sake only.

    wish someone would translate/make a walktrough already
    i can’t play without one since i don’t wanna miss a single scene :/

  79. Hi, thanks for this game
    i am now going for the hard mode.

    before i start, can someone tell me if there are any CG of Veridadia, for me its the best girl in this game (the main girls are really bad from the character point of view).
    The other girls in this world would not be so bad ether.

    I do not know if i really going for a second round if i do not get a girl from the trainings world.
    I mean why bother with hard mode if you want the story in the second run.

    Last Question, how do i get the fan disk mode, i see there are CG, but i do not want to look because i see some of the story.

    sorry for the bad english.

    1. -I believe that there must be some benefit for doing all the quests in the game world but I’m not sure if it has anything to do with Veridadia or not.
      -You should download cg to find out if she got her cg or not.
      -Agree, side heriones are more attractive/likeable.

    1. I’d like to know that too. Since the Link for the Fan Disc CG is here too i hope it is included. If not that would be a really mean tease xD

  80. these dgns drove me CRAZY XD

    Do i need any CGs from doing mission in game ?

    becos i can just use CE with any battle. Through the CG i only see 2/3 scenes though.

    No more CRAWing i`m done with it XD

  81. After playing through the game it made me realize one thing… I actually kinda liked Yumina chan’s verbal and physical(?) abuse antics on Ayumu. HOLY CRAP! All this time I thought I was an S and it turns out I’m actually an M! What an epiphany! Anyway about the game itself. It’s amusing but gameplay wise it doesn’t hold a candle to Kamidori and Sengoku Rance. Kamidori isn’t even one of Eushullys best games in my opinion. If only this release could spark an interest in translating something like the War Godess series then I bet lot’s of us would be extremely happy.

  82. I haven’t downloaded the game yet since this PC is rubbish, but still if only being in the student council and running for president involved dungeon crawling, monster fighting and girls dressed in cool and/or sexy outfits, real life would have been so much cooler.

  83. I’ve notice that some events will grant you an additional skill, like Ai’s Conditioned Responses on Ch.2 will net her Piercing Choice of Words. Does anyone has the complete list of these skills?

    1. To be precise you will get those skills after you trigger all of the heroine events within that chapter. There just isn’t enough free time to do them all when you have to focus on the side heroines. Not that those special skills are that good to begin with.

      1. some skills might not be that useful, but others (like Sincere brainwashing from chapter 1) quickly became my favorites. As for the question about the existence of a walkthrough, there does not seem to be an english one yet, but there is a site in Japanese (google “天空のユミナwiki” and it should be the first link). It uses charts and such to quickly explain the effect of events, so telling google to translate the page should work out as long as you can think your way through their translation errors on the character names. (ex: yumina gets translated as “bow nasu” in some places because they dont recognize it as a name)

        1. Obviously, I didn’t mean those skills from ch1 since there is no way you can miss them. That skill you mention is quite useful.

  84. Any walkthroughs for this game? Or should I Not worry about it and just play? Normally I really strictly follow walkthroughs so I know that to expect so this is like diving in the deep for me xD

  85. Never mind found out the game crashed only during the shrine maiden battle when i used the harsh words attack just had to avoind using

  86. Guide for Hscene
    For every chapter from 2 to 4, Ayumu can obtain a powerful skill that deals gigantic amount of damage to specific boss of those final battles. Depend on how you play the game and choose Ayumu’s free time, the skill will be given to you.

    Chapter 2: Sister Blade
    Chapter 3: Independent Blade
    Chapter 4: Absolute Horizon

    Use each of these skills accordingly to its chapter, that way it will unlock the option for Hscene after you won the battles.

    These Hscene have absolute no impact on the main story.

    1. Chapter 3: My process
      Day 1 Clubroom – Learn Their Secret
      Day 2 Shrine
      Day 3 Clubroom – All up to him
      Day 4 Shrine
      Day 5 Shrine
      Day 6 Classroom
      Clubroom – By Whatever Mean
      Day 7 Clubroom – Sakaue Family Secret
      Day 8 Shrine
      Roof – I want to believe

      After you gain “Independent Blade”, use it at least once in final battle of this chapter then the Hscene will be unlocked.
      Keep in mind that this is not the definite process to gain the skill. There are other alternatives and mixture you can try. As long as you reach the event “I want to believe” before the end of Day10, the skill will still be given as well as the opportunity of using it.

      Go figure on the other two chapters.

  87. Can someone help get the scenes for Tomori, shrine maidens and Nayuta please? I tried it dozens of time and I still cannot get the scenes. Some walkthrough on what choices I have to pick would be greatly appreciated. Also, out of curiosity, does the choice and the end of chapter 1 whether to have sex with Maino have any impact on the latter chapters?

    1. Yes, there is a new game+ feature. Each time you clear the game a harder difficulty pops up (Until Super Hard mode). I suggest go Normal->Hard->Super Hard. Don’t stay on a difficulty since you’ll not be that effective once you start your next playthrough on a higher difficulty.

  88. Im stuck at the space monster battle have no clue how to beat it I get to the half point then it keeps healing itself…

    1. I haven’t gone that far yet but have you tried blocking its skill yet? Check what color does it use to heal itself and use the skills that eat up that color so that it won’t be able to use that skill.

      1. That boss doesn’t use any kind of color, and the skill is continuous. The fastest way is to get Ai’s skill “Null Silencer” to shut his heal down.

    2. Ai can learn the skill “Null Silencer”, it can be used to destroy those continuous skills.

      For example:
      1st turn – Yumina starts to sing. Ai cannot block this skill since this is the first time Yumina activates it.
      2nd turn – Yumina decide not to stop singing. Ai now can be pissed and activates “Null Silencer” to shut her opponent up.

      – Ayumu may have predicted Ai’s action and will try to block Ai from blocking Yumina.
      – Kirara can use “Chain Stasis”, this will completely block Ayumu and allows Ai to continue with her skill “Null Silencer”

      The combination of Null Silencer and Chain Stasis will be essential in future battles. I recommend giving those 2 skills a try.

  89. You can always surrender right in the beginning of the final battle. After that you may choose to restart the whole chapter but also keep current characters’ status, level, experience, skill and such. There’s no limit for this process as far as I know.
    It’s also wise to go to dungeon and seek for equipments, and money for skills or skill resets.

    1. That is a nice tip but I’m still wondering if clearing all the story missions on that side has any special benefit or not. If not I can just do what you said…

  90. For anyone who doesn’t know, holding down CTRL is your friend once you start getting tired of random fights (especially in long dungeons).

      1. true, but it is a little surprising that it doubles up the battle speed along with the text. I found it out by accident because i dont think i have ever seen another game that has done that for their battles

  91. How do I activate the active skills? they are not showing up under my skill list. I have 1 point in the ability but cant select them ie A. Volcano.

    1. You can alter your ability points in cheat engine.
      All you have to do is have a few ability points first then,
      Scan for # of ability points
      Use one and scan for current #
      Repeat until you only have a few addresses and just change the value to 10 and lock it if you want to fully upgrade that character.
      I wouldn’t recommend it blah blah blah.
      Have fun!

  92. I have the same problem, when i reach the opening the game crashes, i tried to re-install and re-download but it doesn’t work……….

  93. An error occurred
    Error code: hr80070057
    exiting application

    this happens every time mi in a battle with the shrine maiden commitie help please

  94. Just downloaded and installed the game, but it crashes on start, saying it may be corrupted, please reinstall. It seems you got around that problem, but how exactly. If i zip the files, the setup program just continues, saying the files were not found.

    1. Solved my problem by using my second windows with activated japanese locale setting. On closer look there seem 2 files in the data-folder that have japanese letters and without them correctly displayed, the game doesn’t start and keeps telling, error, try installation again.

  95. So it seems like the game suddenly becomes really unforgiving in chapter 5. I have no idea what it expects me to do when I can’t control the green audience and I can’t go to the store to buy healing items.

    So… yeah, people should probably look out for that, huh? I guess I have a save from the post boss fight in chapter 3 to rely on if I can’t figure out how the game expects me to win when I can’t control anything.

    1. The game’s not really that unforgiving. If you noticed, there are some days wherein you can’t do anything except train or go to the store. Go for the former and bolster yourself. Usually the place gives new quest for you every time you visit. If you’re worried about using too much of your moves, run the first few floors over and over till you find the green distortion.

  96. I actual got a problem with the game during the fight against the shrine maiden committee the game gets an error and shuts down just wondering if this has happened to any one else.

  97. In the first chapter i got the hentai choice but in the second i could not get Tomori’s choice so i was wondering if it can be done in the first playthrought and then i played the third chapter to but could not get the hentai scene either
    So if someone knows pls enlinghten me

    1. perhaps you need something like watching all the scenes for the particular character. I am in the same situation thus far (though i haven’t fought the miko association yet) and i am pretty sure there was a tomori scene i missed thanks to my desire to focus on speeches and training. After all, I cant imagine the head of the library committee would agree to the H-scene if you didn’t go through all the scenes about helping her overcome her shortcomings.

    2. Tips
      1. Always save at the beginning of the chapter just in case you mess up.
      2. You have to skip all mini debate battle.
      3. Pick all the story related events. Character icons, Meeting icon, and ??? icons. Sometime you have to pick the main heroin events first to unlock the story ones.
      (you will know that you are on the right path when the mc gets his special skill.)

    3. for ch2
      1. Trigger all sis and bro events (One of the events only show up after you talk with the pink hair girl at the lib)
      2. Trigger all meeting events (One of the events only show up after you trigger the blue onion girl at the debate club)
      3. Trigger 2 ??? events

      for ch3
      1. Just switch around between the 2 sisters. (I always go for the one at the rooftop first after she shows up.)

    4. Here’s Ch2 walkthrough to get Sister Blade for Ayumu. There’s 2 more skills here but I can’t remember how to get them. All I can remember is they’re for Yumina and Kirara.

      Day 1
      -Mysterious Girl (Forced)
      -Sports Club United (Clubroom)
      Day 2
      -Declaration of Supremacy (Forced)
      -Tomori’s Sigh (Classroom)
      Day 3
      -Intron (Forced)
      Sister Conflict! (Library)
      Day 4
      -Stocking Shopping (Forced)
      -Vows and Doubts (Classroom)
      Day 5
      -Overlord Rei (Hallway)
      -Free day 😛
      -Choose which heroine you’re planning to end up with.
      Day 6
      -The Soft Serve Principle (Clubroom)
      -Visitor (Gym)
      Day 7
      -Fighting Alone (Library)
      -Siblings (Girl’s Dorm)
      Day 8
      -To Protect (Classroom)
      -Eccentric PR (Hallway)
      Day 9
      -A Duel in the Library…? (Library)
      -The Final Line (Old Library)
      Day 10
      -Stop it, Rei (Cafeteria) => Obtain Sister Blade skill
      -Free day 😛

  98. nice game but what realy bothers me is
    a) the pinkhair girl, rly annoying and
    b) much more crucial the actual gaming part.
    after the first 2-3 fights it already started to become boring,
    and im just skipping through all and spam swap char and engage.
    but when i reachd the part in the VR World, and realisd that
    theres another huge gaming part just the same boring way but in
    dungeons, i couldnt wait for the trial dungeon to be over save/exit. idk maybe i can bring myself to play this game 30 minutes at once, but i will see.

    1. PS: i loved Kamidori Alchemist and Sengoku Rance, my absolute
      fav games so far, great characters, funny overall and addicting gameplay. spent hundreds of hours there 😉

      1. Agreed. We lack Visual Novels with actual decent gameplay. We could use a few more Eushully and Alicesoft translated, not that I’m complaining. Wish I could speak japanese to help translate then myself

      2. Soukoku no arterial (alicesoft) is so much bettter than kamidori.

        If you understand jap, you MUST play it, and the gameplay is superb with cards.same for the story.

        1. I heard there is a translation on the way. I can only read a little japanese, its pretty hard to play it in japanese =/

      3. I recommend Duel Savior,Monster Girl Quest 1-3 , Kamidori Alchemy Meister, RePure Aria, Hentai Apocalypser ZUBRIUS and Princess Waltz.

        Other eroge I know that have some gameplay are Violated Hero 1-3, Boob war, Lightning Warrior Raidy 1-3, [excessm] ONE – SYOTA and Desire Dungeon.

    2. I sure hope that I’m not that only one here who find side heroines more attractive/likeable than the main ones. All you get are a not-so loli senpai, a mysterious glutton and an annoying dumb chick.

      Ofc I pick that pink one because it makes the most sense for the story that is…

  99. I’ve found it crashes every time when I attempt to use Kirara’s Glint in the Dark ability. I donno if that’s what is happening to you but it might be something to look out for.

    1. I haven’t been able to find one, but i think quite a lot of the route score comes from what you choose on sunday. If that’s true, then the routes might not be very hard. (though i have run into another choice that’s obviously for kirara and im not sure if refusing is actually good for the other heroines, so there are still a few mysteries to me)

  100. when I install the game, its always stuck when its extracting the last part, I just recently reinstalled windows so does it have any requirements ?

  101. This is for those who are anal about translation quality like me:

    I will warn you that there are times when the translation is somewhat inaccurate.

    They take many shortcuts and make many poor translation choices such as leaving out honorifics and simple Japanese etiquette that pretty much everyone into Japanese VNs will understand, as well as occasionally overly-simplifying sentences to the point where it no longer conveys what the person was actually saying. There are many other things, but in general the translation is sub-par at best.

    I realize that there are Japanese slang and jokes which are hard (if not impossible) to translate, but I am not talking about those.

    The translation is still tolerable and you can understand what’s going on at all times, but there WILL be times were you shake your head because what was in the text was obviously not what was actually said by the character (even to people who don’t understand Japanese).

    I am simply warning those who are anal about translation quality like I am. If you are not one of those people, simply ignore this message.

    1. i fixed this myself what u have to do is uninstall game and u zip with winrar again and when popups come up telling you to select a certain file make sure you select the right one or else that will happen

    1. In general, most eroge don’t work with Wine. Try running it on a virtual machine or bootcamped windows. I’ve gotten Kamidori and Grisaia no Kajitsu working on my Win8 VM.

  102. I really hope there is an option to skip the battles on subsequent playthroughs. Its not a bad minigame but I am already getting bored with it, and I only just started chapter 3 of my first playthrough. Can’t really picture working up the motivation to do it again afterwards.

  103. hum… this title
    i think i saw something similar to it before…
    btw, great job as always, keep up the good work

  104. I know the sex scenes with non-heroines are optional, but what is the benefit and does it alter the main routes at all?

      1. Obviously I plan on seeing them. I was asking whether I need to save scum the choices or if I can just go ahead and see them all with no repercussions for the main route.

  105. heh, ivan even give some graphic on it…
    better grateful for what it do…
    and seem good game, gonna try first and consider buy it..
    if good enough….
    thank’s again….

  106. i seem to have problems downloading it i tried already a few times but i get some error all the time
    is it just me with this problem?

    1. hmm from what i see i get error about not being able to find a source after i download around 80-100 mb and i need restart downloading

  107. Thanks admin for the game!

    And help! The game runs fine in Windowed mode, but not in Fullscreen mode (black screen)! I tried changing various settings each time I started it up but nothing seemed to work! It would be highly appreciated if someone could help me with this ^_^

    1. I am…not entirely sure what you are asking, here. are you asking if there are H-scenes? because the answer to that is “yes.” but the tags do not contain “nukige.”

        1. Yes, i’m pretty sure you can. There are 3 separate routes with the 3 main heroines. There are also side heroines in which you can decide to sleep with or not.. totally optional.

  108. Already, what are you admin, some kind of magician? 😮

    Anyway it looks like fun, if a little bit silly, can’t wait to play it, thanks!

  109. Thanks admin! And everyone, don’t forget to buy the game too sine it’s relly awesome. mustsupport jast until they release sainarukana after all XD

  110. From the official site:
    “Features include dozens of hours of immersive gameplay, thousands of graphics painstakingly localized into English…”

    Painstakingly localized? All I hear is “appreciate our effort to even edit CGs you gaijin bastards!” But seriously, it’s nice that they bothered.

    1. There’s one, but not translated. I included link to it’s hcg set for completeness sake, since it’s unlikely it’ll get translated by jast anytime soon ( they don’t even have release date for osadai fandisc ), if at all.

  111. holy crap that was fast man. After I give this a quick test will definitely buy a digital and physical copy. Don’t forget to support.

  112. that was a fast upload, but I already decided to support this game and bought the physical+digital version. Just 5 more bucks. Hope everyone enjoys the game

    1. HCG set is from Japanese version, since i had no time yet to rip them from English version. Yes, the game is uncensored.

  113. wow…. was like “fuck wanna play something good cmon give me something interesting” while doing daily eroge download check… homepage loads and was just….wow~

  114. The demo was great, so i’d been waiting for this one. And, we don’t need to wait a week or two for someone to crack it!

    P.S. I am grateful to the people who actually do crack the games.

  115. actually dropped money on this, but like the one above I’m slightly impatient so I started to download this. I’m so looking forwards to when its finished XD

  116. Finally!!
    A H-RPG!!
    Not a SRPG, but a pure RPG (likely, from the summary and SS)!!
    Damn, can’t wait to play it!

  117. Pre-ordered this game and it shipped out today, but it’ll arrive on Tuesday. 🙁 Then I looked here and was surprised to see it already up! Keep up the great work. 🙂

    1. You can be serious, right?
      Are you going to depend solely on fans translation after that? Which they may quit any time?

    1. unless you are willing to translate the japanese walkthrough, you’ll have to either wait for others on this site to make one or help do that yourself.

  118. Jajaja, that made me the day xD

    PS: The solve media where i had to put the letters now is pretty weird, is hard to get what is saying.

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