Tomoyo After ~It’s a Wonderful Life~

Tomoyo After

Tomoyo After’s story revolves around Okazaki Tomoya and Sakagami Tomoyo. Tomoya has graduated from high school and is now employed as a garbage collector. He and Tomoyo are now seeing each other in a romantic relationship, though Tomoya lives alone in his apartment. One day it is discovered that Tomoyo has a younger half-sister named Mishima Tomo who had been living with her mother, but was recently abandoned. It is eventually decided that Tomo will live in Tomoya’s apartment for the time being.

Beside the Adventure part that makes most of the game, Tomoyo After also has RPG elements. In order to complete the game entirely, the player must finish eight of the mini RPGs games called “Dungeons & Takafumis” which are available during certain scenarios as the player continues to play the game.

208 Responses to “Tomoyo After ~It’s a Wonderful Life~”

  1. Yukii says:

    First visual novel download ever. Still works after all this time!

  2. Newton says:

    whatever choice i choose I can’t seem to get to ending

  3. Al says:

    No steam edition?

  4. Offline says:

    In case you need some help
    How to install (or at least how it happened to work for me)
    1. Download all parts and English patch and put all into same folder
    3. Open the first one TomoyoAfter.part01
    4. Double click .ISO file, it does the reading for you
    5. Go back to wherever your folders are (I say this because I don’t know the Mac/not-Windows layout) and the folder should be mounted as a disc “TOMOYO” with a cute bear icon
    6. Open file “setup” that is a application file type
    7. First left option, then top option (choose where to install, for example a Games folder)
    8. Bottom left option (you don’t really need to be able to read it since clicking the other options does self-explanatory stuff)
    9. Many self explanatory options like Yes, Okay, etc
    10. When that’s done, go to the folder you installed to, the game is in the folder “KEY” (by default)
    11. Open the English patch file Tomoyo_After_English_v1.10
    12. Navigate to where you installed the game and select Patch
    13. Enjoy the game brought to us by the great communities

  5. deiwid says:

    thank you for not deleting it ;_;

  6. Dimas says:

    hello admin i have problem with memorial edition…. with english patch v.1.10 from doki. but when i am played it i got problem “interpreter detected failed and unable format text”… i had already so many methods and sources from internet but nothing is work , please admin if you can help me i am really apreciate it.

  7. Ryan says:

    Is the “Tomoyo After ~It’s a Wonderful Life~”the full edition game for PC????

  8. aRainbowedTailedPinkCat says:

    Thank you for the game ! ^^

  9. Jason says:

    i downloaded all the parts of tomoyo after and daemon tools keeps telling me that part 6 is corrupt, what should i do in this case? thank you.

  10. Matt says:

    I really want to play this Visual Novel. I downloaded all the parts and the english patch. For the first part I did “Extract here” and a folder appeared. Then I opened the folder and there were ISO files. I have no idea what to do. Can someone give me detailed instructions how to get this working? Much appreciated!

  11. anything says:

    admin, this game is not yet listed in download list.

  12. Cyber says:

    Admin, this one’s missing from the download list.

  13. amaggard says:

    I’m confused. so why is there sexual content in this eroge but not in the original clannad? I mean this is based on clannad so why would the original not have sex but the spin-off/continuation does? It just doesn’t make sense.

  14. Counting says:


  15. Narwastu says:

    How I can safe the game? There is no save button -_-

  16. Kazutto says:

    where can i download Tomoyo After It’s a Wonderful Life Memorial Edition?? anyone please tell me…. ONEGAI….

  17. Gainax says:

    Links seem to matter then!

  18. kevenka says:

    Anyone know why this isn’t on the download page? I had to hunt for it via ‘older entries’ ):

  19. Julio says:

    does anyone know where to download the memorial edition? please i feel bad after looking this ending.. ._.

  20. elune says:

    well admin doyou the uncensored patch of this?

  21. Ushio says:

    Damn it I don’t know what to do with this Does anyone knows the step by step process on how to install this??\\

    Pls it would help a lot

    • elune says:

      have u extracted the zip file already?its the first step.after extraction u have to mount the iso file.then run it.the rest will go.but sometimes after extracting it its already to ready 2 play.after installation apply the english patch.

  22. Kyon says:

    (Might contain spoilers, read only if you want)
    Hey, Hey guys I just wanna ask you simple question, I just downloaded this game (thanks by the way for uploading it) but I also heard that this game dosen’t have Good Ending (which was only applied to PS2 version of game) Is this really true?

  23. Sandstorm says:

    admin….this game is not listed in Downloads index

  24. edgar says:

    I managed to download the game and the English patch but when i start the game it stays on the disclaimer at the beginning even though the music plays and it says its on the main menu it still just shows the disclaimer can anyone offer some help? iv’e already re-downloaded both the game and the patch but it didn’t solve the problem

    • 22nd says:

      You need to extract the ” English Patch into a different folder, then copy the content of English Patch to the game folder. You’ll have to replace the other files. 🙂

  25. Ian32nd says:

    Hey, bad ass game, thanks for the upload admins. Seeding for sure, though I wanna ask, when is a walkthrough going to be available?

  26. jose says:

    how do you play the game after the torrent download?

  27. FallenPrince says:

    Hey admin~
    Do you have the memorial edition? I know it’s still TBA for the English patch
    But, It’s really leave a bad taste, without the “Good Ending”
    WTH!!! Tomoyo… Why? My 2nd fave heroine of clannad ..

  28. Anotherguy says:

    Thank the nice people at Doki fansubs who made the patch.

  29. Katsuga says:

    wow, thank you so much \(^^)/

  30. Jack.13cz says:

    how do you install the englisch patch right.
    wen i install it the mein game text is still japenese.
    help PLEASE!!!!

  31. Richard says:

    i’m afraid to download this just because of how sad the original was :'(

    • RedSky says:

      I know how you feel… I just finished another route on Clannad…

    • VirtualboyX says:

      Wut?! SAD!!!!! Im playing clannad right now, and its really touching. . . Yeah. . . maybe it proyect the idea of being sad many times, but its always happy at the end. That hybrid feeling between nostalgia and satisfaction at some endings its just part of the experience. I wouldnt qualify it as sad.

  32. Makasih says:

    hei anyone can help me?
    i got problem with the font it just showing the symbol,,,
    how to fix it???

  33. Nick says:

    how do you install this?

  34. Kat says:

    Hi, this is my first time downloading from this site and I seem to have an issue. When I extract all the files theres always one says its “broken”. Its an ISO file and I don’t know how to fix it! ><

  35. Meh.... says:

    Hey admin why can’t I find it it the downloads section?
    Is there something wrong with the translation?

  36. OscarL says:

    This is such a touching story to the very end it kept me guessing. I do not know exactly how to feel, perhaps I feel more sadness than anything. One thing is for sure and that is I will always remember this. Maybe I am just thinking about this too much but my head hurts. Highly recommended. Thank You Admin.

  37. Natmnky says:

    Yeah.. I wanna install this very badly ): I dunno how!

  38. Mine says:

    how to install this game?._.a

  39. Kazu says:

    when can you see the h-scenes? i don’t care about spoilers just need to know because i don’t want anyone to see what i’m playing :>

  40. slawjim says:

    Well those writers sure know how to toss your feelings in limbo. I highly recommend that anyone new should play clannad first though to understand some of the backstory relationship such as Tomoya and his Dad. :’-(

    • Kantarou says:

      Uhm ….can I play it? I only watch anime Clannad and Clannad After Story …Is is something I’m gonna miss if I didn’t play the game?
      I’ve find this game for years …hope this is possible to play when I’m only watch the Anime series ….:-s

  41. anime_junkie says:

    Why are these people so good at writing bitter sweet games.
    I just beat through this entire game and it was the saddest and also extremely fun at the same time.

    Of course i felt the same way when i beat Clannad to…

  42. DayDreamer says:

    well . i downloaded the DA : English patch download . but i’m having problem finding the app file to click . all i got here is ‘G00’ folder , ‘MOV’ folder , ‘’ file , ‘GAMEEXE’ file, ‘readme’ file’, ‘rlBabel.dll’ file, and ‘SEEN’ file. can someone help me with this ?

  43. Kirito says:

    master why I download part 2 really out posts like this

    You have to wait 3 minutes, 12 seconds till next download

    Download files instantly with Premium-account

    wait can not wait too?
    plizz hlep me

  44. Aima says:

    y is it that the options are still in jap even after Ive install the translator

  45. birthofthecool says:

    After reading in doku subs formum and finding out that is the PC verison without the extrascenes and the “happier” epilogue after the true ending, I’ve decided to wait until they release the seemingly planned patch for the ME edition.
    Lately I can’t stand stories with a really depressing ending.

  46. NotoriousD says:


    Been hoping for this to be translated for a long time. Thanks.

  47. hellguard says:

    when i complete Jusly 2 (fri) the game stops can some one please tell me how to fix this? pretty please 🙁

  48. Chris says:

    Can I get a little help? This is the first VN that I’m attempting to play; I’ve downloaded all 8 files, plus the English patch, extracted everything, and patched the game with the English patch. My game folder has 3 icons now, Two are named “TOMOYO” one is an ISO File, the other is a MDS File. The third icon is the English patch itself. What do I do next? I’ve tried simply clicking on both TOMOYO files to start the game, but it never works, it just changes my cursor to the ‘loading’ animation, then it goes back to normal..

    • nytz says:

      well, Mr. Chris, the file that you have downloaded is supposedly an ISO file, in this case, you’ll have to download an independent application that can make the ISO file to work.. i recommend using Daemon tools. the other work is up to you as i’m really hopeless at explaining things. well good luck

  49. juanjo_dpr9 says:

    Is this eroge in english?

    • Rals says:

      Hmmmm, let me think………..

      It’s on site where you can download English translated eroge and you can download English patch……..

      What do you think?

  50. khalid93 says:

    i did evrythin but my problem now is the english translation………it works for the menu and others but the text and the speaking of the characters, thet keep showing some symbols……can anybody help plsssss?

  51. Juvi says:

    how can i open the game, i already download the 8 parts and extracted it, the extracted files only show 2 text documents and 1 disc image file. how can i play the game? please help me

    • Chris says:

      Go into your ‘my computer’ section, and there should be CD drives, just open one of them, go to ‘setup’ and do the set up. Click the boxes until it starts setting up for you, I know you won’t be able to read any of the letters or dialogues, but that’s why you click around, hope this helps

  52. jimkricket says:

    The first time I start up the game it works, but every time after that I only get a black screen and nothing happens. Anyone know how to fix this?

  53. Text Problem Solved says:

    SO….like many others I had the same problem with the font. Just go to the main menu, hit ‘System.’ From there select the ‘Change font’ option (its the center right area of the screen). Change the font to MSGothic-Low-Make Heavier-Shadow. and Click Ok! Tadah…and the english now works…:)

  54. donie says:

    i’ve been already install it and patch it on english
    but all i got when playing is “error : unable to format text” on the text subtitle box
    can anyone please tell me how to fix this?

    • donie says:

      what font should i choose ?

      • Text Problem Solved says:

        I had the same problem with the ‘Error: Font Format.’ Just go to the main menu, hit ‘System.’ From there select the ‘Change font’ option (its the center right area of the screen). Change the font to MSGothic-Low-Make Heavier-Shadow. and Click Ok! Tadah…and the english now works…:)

  55. zwei says:

    is this word for wins 7 64bit ?

  56. WmH says:

    So far its a nice VN, tough im only at 12.August.
    it has many funny moments, you could be adding the adult-comedy genre to it.

    had no problems until now, downloaded, installed, patched all fine
    win7 with japanese location

    i liked the Clannad anime as well,
    would be nice if there is more translatet stuff around it.
    and yeah i hope they will have the same style of adult-comedy elements.

    thanks admin 🙂

    • WmH says:

      forget something,
      i would like it more, if i could play it in stretched fullscreen, its a pretty small window 🙁

    • WmH says:

      yeah windows7 64 bit, not a single crash.

      now thaht i finished the story, i realice how much drama it has.
      its almost like the anime, first most liekly comedy, and later in the story, the focus is on the drama part.

  57. heisenbug says:

    Damn… I have neve shed so many manly tears over a game before. Thanks, Admin, for uploading. Those jerks from Key do know how to tickle the heart of an innocent pervert. Now I am going to be a man and go hug a teddy bear…

  58. Bijoushinh says:

    finally tomoyo T.T i cant hold my tears back! FINALLY!

  59. SinSKY says:

    The part 8 is kept telling me to wait for 2 min 46 sec… or DL with premium account…
    Why is that?????

    Ou Come on… it is only part 8 left…..

  60. Cameron says:

    ITS OUT!!!!! You have no idea how long I have been waiting for this game. Clannad is my favorite game ever and while Tomoyo wasnt my favorite character, i still cant wait!

  61. Arurie says:

    Oh my gosh, I thought this was never going to be released due to being dropped by its original group.

  62. ShoujoGirl23 says:

    Well I gotta say, I am very THRILLED that this patch is done! I waited a whole year for this. Now I just would to ask if anyone could give me some step by step instructions on how to properly install and activate the patch so I don’t mess up? Much appreciated. 🙂

  63. Erogamer says:

    can we play it on psp? or can the english patch be used on the psp? do tell pls!

  64. Fliptop says:

    Another great game. Thank you for uploading it

  65. Rin says:

    Are there any other ways to download the English Patch?
    Whenever I go to the DA site, I can never get pass the captcha part since it keep saying “Wrong ID” whenever I click on “Create Download Link”.

  66. corzeta says:

    hey guys, i’ve got some problem… i’ve been already install it and patch it on english… but all i got when playing is “error : unable to format text” on the text subtitle box….
    do i need a necessary translator or something yhird party thing that to makes the games works?… please reply.

  67. Mr. Welcome says:

    Hello everyone, I too like this game since i saw Clannad and The OVA with tomoyo. when i started playing the game i made it all the way to the part when Tomoya and Tomoyo find Tomoyo’s little brother peeping on em from the closet right afther the finished doing “Echii” stuff, and thats when the game freezes and i cant do a thing after it.
    i tried playing the game without the patch and then patch it after im pass that part but didnt work, i also downloaded the game again from the torrent and DA, and still i cant get pass that part, Can anyone help me with this problem PLZZZZ

    Thanks in Advance to anyone who can help me with this problem.

  68. meiditya says:

    is it just me…..or the game have no sound….???

    can anyone help me…..i’m playing without sound here….T_T

  69. AJ says:

    OK, first time downloading. Was wondering if needed any soecial orogram in order to play?

  70. neverweary says:

    reminds me of kana little sister

  71. mutsuring says:

    please do walkthrough so with the bad ending

  72. Ijen says:

    Hey admin! this game crashes a few times in several situations like takafumi acting to take tomo hostage time!!!is it only mine

    • Ijen says:

      I tried redoing the whole installation process and now i am sure it crashes everytime!
      The probability of successful launching is no 4 to 1.
      but still it launches sometimes so i don’t mind but
      the event of 11st july doesn’t work and crashes everytime!
      somebody please give me a solution!

  73. nico says:

    how do i install it? i am having problems.

  74. Hun73rZer0 says:

    excuse me, i downloaded without troubles but, i dont understand a thing 😛 and the patch need the game to be alredy installed may i ask for some help through the installation please

  75. Slippie says:

    I am conflicted. Sounds like an interesting VN but all these comments about tragic ending makes me hesitate. I’ve seen way too many of those already. A psyche can only take so much until braking completely.

    • hate sad ending fan says:

      dont play it had bad/tragic ending, it had ok begining and middle part of the game, it the ending that screw up. it break my heart watching tomoyo and the ending

  76. Jon says:

    Does It have the happy ending from the ps2?

  77. Jason says:

    Lol manage to get the True ending at first go. Great game highly recommend it.

  78. Philtering says:

    The patch is done? Finally! Now I can enjoy the game in english and play some dungeons and takafumis.

  79. digitalromance says:


  80. Kevin says:

    this ending is literally sad and thanks again admin appreciate it also like torrents for games that you can buy so i can try them then get them

  81. Mintaka says:

    Finished it.. now I feel awful. How do you play the dungeons and Takafumis? I can’t seem to find it.

  82. Maniac00 says:

    Life and death drama…?!… ok any1 got any walkthrough.. thnx in advance 😀

  83. Wahfuu says:





  84. Confuzzled Otaku says:

    So I downloaded the game and it worked fine, but when i ran the patch all i got was a black screen upon start up, can anyone help :p

    • Pally says:

      Just try again… Sometimes the patch just freeze… It’s descripted in the “read me” file…

      About the game: I already finished in my PSP and with some translator in PC, but I always want to know what was the final message of the game (I don’t want to be any more spoiler xD)…

    • Confuzzled Otaku says:

      Nevermind, I got it 🙂

    • Think About It Later says:

      How do you play the game as in what file do you open to play the game? I downloaded all 8 parts to it and extracted them in win rar and I have the extracted file but I cant fine whitch one you click on to open up and play the game.

  85. Frunza says:

    is there a walk through for this novel?

    • says says:

      Asshole.. Try to play this game without walkthrough, you’ll surely enjoy the thrill. Playing with walkthrough will destroy the fun dude. Just find a walkthrough after you finished the game to correct all of your errors.

  86. hate sad ending fan says:

    will someone tell me the good ending that not covered in this version so i can sleep

  87. Verethragna says:

    I promise myself that I wouldn´t crying, so stop damn tears =´(

    Ps: Thank you soooooo much Admin Ivan n.n/

  88. RANDOM_HERO says:

    I have been waiting fot this ever since i knew of tomoyo´s existence, i´m about to cum just from writing…
    Indeed words cannot express how much joy im feeling.
    All thats left in my life is win the lottery.
    From the bottom of my hearth thank you so much.

  89. Zer0 says:

    thx a lot for putting this game up, Im waiting for it since ages! My love for you I cannot express in words, but I love you!

  90. kwaron says:

    hey guys i have a little question. What is a DA . . .can anyone please tall me about it ?? and how to download it . .

    • Mr.Rage says:

      DA is Download Anime you fucking moronic penis lover. It’s a name of website where you can download your fap material for god sake

    • Zer0 says:

      Im not entirely sure after Mr Rages response, but out of curiosity: Do you still have some questions regarding the download of this game?

    • Think About It Later says:

      How do you play the game as in what file do you open to play the game? I downloaded all 8 parts to it and extracted them in win rar and I have the extracted file but I cant fine whitch one you click on to open up and play the game. I want to know which file to click on soI can play the game.

      • Juvi says:

        how can i open the game, i already download the 8 parts and extracted it, the extracted files only show 2 text documents and 1 disc image file. how can i play the game?

      • Just.Trollin says:

        You fucking idiot. Just fucking click the first fucking file you fucking downloaded and then you know the fucking rest. It’s in a fucking ZIP file? Then I think that’s the fucking way. I just fucking finished the fucking game but what’s with the fucking ending. I’m not gonna fucking say it because I will be a fucking spoiler. Well, I fucking like Majikoi more even though this is also a fucking good game, and I’m fucking amazed on how the fucking word fucking can be fucking put to any fucking words. Well fuck, thank you very fucking much for the fucking game and the fucking translation.

  91. Yagami says:

    Thx but I’ll prefer waiting for a future official version u.u

  92. Ganhur says:

    just hate KEY for always making me cry

  93. Jason says:

    Finally, got the it to work. Hell yeah can’t wait to play it.

    • Hineri says:

      Can u teach me how u got it to work? plz

      • Maiheya says:

        The setup has wierd “letters” because its in japanese.
        Just press the button on the bottom left to install, it will install it to C:/Key/’q‘ãƒAƒtƒ^[/

        After just download the DA english patch and run that setup and it will install the english patch to the correct position automaticly.

        PS. You dont have to do anything with the MDS file. Just run the ISO file with deamon tools or alchol 120% or whatever program you mount with 🙂

        • Hineri says:

          Thanks! But then i cant download anything from DA cuz i always get the ‘Wrong IP’ error when i try to dl there 🙁

          • digitalromance says:

            if you can not download the english patch from DA, then why don
            t you hover to the translator site and grab it from there.
            the admin didn’t mention the translator site but you can always ask our great father ‘google’

            For those who have troubles with DA links, go here to get the english patch:

            english walkthrough

            i kinda wonder why do people still need walkthrough for this? its quite short and the number of choices aren’t anywhere like clannad.

          • Hineri says:

            Thank you so much so the link! 😀

  94. Eliitti says:

    Loving it <3

  95. Meinteil says:

    whenever i try to start the game it downloads but the folder isn’t found anywhere on my computer. i’ve done it multiple times hoping that it messed up. even was able to do the english patch but again i got nothing. Won’t even start or show the game exists cep for the Rars that i have and the iso.Would love some help on the subject. been at this for hours. i want tomoyo D’:

  96. dragus says:

    is the English patch in the torrent? if so wut the name of the file?

  97. Subterra says:

    hey i got a diferent problem
    the game asks me for font selection but no matter what font i use i still get same thing: error
    the text says it cant display it any tips on what to do?

  98. Hineri says:

    Erm, can any1 help me plz. I download the game from torrent and then i extract, i get an ISO file and a 5kb MDS file. When i mount the ISO, I get weird characters when i run the setup and when running the game. :'(

  99. Caelistas says:


    Thanks ivan

  100. Yusuke says:

    Need translated walkthrough for this game T_T

  101. Hineri says:

    Admin can u upload the eng patch via torrent thanks!

  102. Lord Zero says:

    Thanks pal ! I cant download through torrent or irc. But i knew i could count on ya.

  103. MF Azral says:

    Is the patch fully translate the game?
    Or is it only a partial patch…?

  104. Dante says:

    Oh my god! Yes! I just checked this game 3 days ago. I Wasn’t expecting it to be out all of a sudden. Thanks for this!

  105. Ganhur says:

    It’s really strange to play KEY’s novel with sex scene.
    Feel completely different from the others I’ve played.

  106. Jason says:

    Can’t get the english patch to work. Can someone help me?

    • ;) says:

      Works just fine for me. Downloaded the game and patch via the torrent links, went to the downloaded folder, extracted archives, went inside the extracted folder, mount the iso, install the game, run the patch installer as admin and should work fine

  107. Dr.Orange says:


  108. warrof says:

    Dang admin your fast, although i’ve been watching this patch for a awhile and i only just found out about it over at doki

  109. Ekstacy says:

    from here on out i shall now release my manly tears sniff* sniff* cheers admin once again u have outdone yourself ;_;

  110. Abigor says:

    Please someone translate a Walkthrough for this game ?

  111. Abudharma says:

    I’m thinking that without this site Earth would spontaneously Implode. A BIG thank you Admin.

  112. Wilhem says:

    Good game but it’s far too sad for my taste. I remember having felt depressed for about a week after finish this game in Japanese T_T.

  113. sai says:

    is the ending same as manga or different endings?

  114. IAmVQB says:

    We’r gonna need a walkthrough for this.

  115. Xan says:

    Do my eyes deceive me? its so late right now. I cant tell if I’m dreaming. a fully translated ver. of wonderful life!
    I thank you. SOOOOoooo Much!

  116. Chaos_Aurelius says:

    i always got “wrong ip” from DA….

  117. 2Din3D says:

    i’ve known the ending since i read the manga (i thought the VN won’t be finished –“)

    makes me feel hesitate to download this…
    scared to feel sad all over again –“

    • VNLover says:

      There is a happy ending to this game 🙂 the mangaka just thought that it would be better to end it with the sad ending

      • Durlag says:

        Not quite. There IS a happy ending in the all-ages PS2 version and the Memorial Edition on the PC. Dokisubs will also translate that but the current patch does not covers it (afaik at least). Also this ending wasn’t part of the original VN, Key decided to add it because of the massive amount of rage they get after releasing the VN. It worked somewhat like the Last Episode ending for Saber in Fate/Stay Night.

  118. Mage says:

    I keep getting a something problem with direct X when I try finish the installation. I already checked to see if my Direct X is up to date, any tips?

  119. Player says:

    Damn, I don’t have enough free space on my computer to download this yet. 🙁
    I just went crazy and downloaded like 12 VNs, 4 anime movies, and 14 animes in HD, so I guess that’s to be expected. Guess I’ll have to finish some of those first. (I believe finishing Umineko question arcs and then deleting the game files would buy me a good amount of space, since that game is so damn long).

  120. hellfish says:

    Oh, what a pleasant surprise! I didn’t expect this to get fully translated so soon. Thanks Admin!

  121. Nir says:

    Thanks Admin!!!

  122. about time says:

    about time its here thnks

  123. Realotaku says:


  124. Steven says:

    I’d like to ask if you guys have black screen after the start scenes? I am thinking the game window turn black going into the mini games. any suggestions?

  125. ren vateru says:

    Dang that surly fast XD

  126. IAmVQB says:

    This is an H game right?

  127. john says:

    Is That The Full English Translaion?

  128. Nobu says:

    This is life.

  129. Feng says:

    Do i need to read Clannad to read Tomoyo After?

    • desi says:

      For the best experience, I would say yeah. Clannad is a great VN and should be read in it’s entirety, but if you just want to play this VN I would at least read Tomoyo’s route.

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