Snow ~Plus Edition~

Snow ~Plus Edition~

The story of Snow starts when the main protagonist Izumo Kanata visits a small village called Ryujinmura (village of the dragon god) to help his cousin Tsugumi manage a local hotel with hot springs. In the village there is an old legend: In ancient times, the village is protected by the dragon goddess. However, one day the dragon goddesses fell in love with a human, which is strictly forbidden, and this incident finally caused the village to be always covered by snow after that. The game then tells the daily life of the protagonist in the village, and finally links the story to the legend of dragon goddess.

10 comments on “Snow ~Plus Edition~

  1. Really good nakige here guys, worth the read.
    If you are having trouble running the game: Set up game with set up exe then run game with REALLIVE exe. I am running windows 11 and it works perfectly.

  2. random question but what game is the website logo character from? seeing all of these old games makes me curious but i cant remember ! lol

  3. It may not even be possible as Windows 11 may be too new but if anyone figures out how to get this to work on windows 11 please let me know. If worse comes to worse, I should be getting an old windows 7 laptop soon for games that my current computer is too new for but until then, I would like to try to find a workaround to get this to work if possible.

  4. Boy, this is such an old gem. I think it was one of the first eroge I ever played. good times.
    Thanks for upload! 🙂

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