Cafe Stella and the Reapers’ Butterflies

Café Stella and the Reapers' Butterflies

Takamine Kousei was living a carefree college life until, one day, he tragically died in an accident. But then, the bizarre happened: Takamine Kousei opened his eyes again. And what’s more, when he woke up, it was the morning of the very day he had died. He proceeded to relive the same day, unable to grasp the reality of his situation. Kousei soon realized that his previous experience was not some prophetic dream, nor was he experiencing deja vu; everything was taking place the exact same way.

Overwhelmed by fear due to the unbelievable situation he has found himself in, he came back to the place where had died. Then, at the moment of the accident, Kousei met a death goddess accompanied by a talking cat. The death goddess informed him that he has not yet avoided his death. In order to escape his grisly fate, Kousei must assist the death goddess with her work. And naturally, this means the opening of a café together.

By rewinding the world, Kousei may have overcome his fate for now, but can he overcome the certain death his future holds for him? This is the story of one man’s love and his defiance of the world and his own fate… maybe?

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  1. While it’s true YuzuSoft games usually come with great UI, excellent artstyle, unique characters and super hot H-scenes, they also have natural tendency to aim for super dramatic ending but always failed miserably because silly plot inconsistencies or annoying character development consists of whiteknight-ing and unnecessary simping. To keep it simple, the protags are usually not the brightest guy out there when it comes to love. Although it’s fairly subjective taste, this is still a turn-off for a plot enjoyer because protag’s stupidity could somehow hinder or even completely destroy the logical decision making to solve the conflicts in both main and heroine routes. What can I say tho? Ladies sure love a dumb guy with super kind attitude so this is mainly done to attract more female audiences.

    Long story short, this game is good it you only want light love story and vanilla H-scenes but if you’re interested in rich plot or great main story, I suggest you to keep your expectation low while playing the game.

  2. Does the free patch published at the Nekonyan page removes the mosaics? or just enables the 18+ scenes but keeping the mosaics on the scenes

  3. if u like yuzusoft works, try to search the game title + Omake on YT. There’s YTer that translates the Omake video (sorta like spin-off or Special episode of anime) while some even have translated Drama CD. Sanoba Witch Omake is included in the game but afterward is nothing so you could search it on YT

  4. getting an error whenever I try to save game doesn’t crash from it but it still fails to save, any idea on how to fix?

      1. i was gonna say something, but while typing about the absurdity of combining the overused vn clishé of the early 2000s (shinigami) and the overused clishé from the 2020 (cafe), i was suddenly hit by a wave of depressive nihilism and just stopped…

    1. It’s YuzuSoft. Their titles tend to be pretty good. Not great, per se, but certainly good. I personally find them always to be a lot of fun, funny, and overall worth the playthrough.

      Haven’t finished this one yet, but so far, I’m loving it.

      1. They have really high production value. Great visuals and music, lots of quality of life improvements over the base VN format. Doesn’t really make the writing any better.

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