A Profile – Walkthrough

A Profile game download
To get all CG, choices with * infront should save and load after each choice


Ask Miku
save 2
Answer Rizu’s Feeling’s
Rizu True End

Load 2
We’re Siblings
Rizu End


Load 1
Miou’s Fine
Save 3
I want to know
Ask about the sickness
Ask why she’s in the hallway every morning
Ask about her sister
Save 4
She’ll have to try again a year from now
Miku True End

Load 4
Believe in her anyway
Miku End


Load 3
Keep my promise with Rizu
Think about Miou some more
Call him
I want to stay with Miou
Believe in Miou
I’ll believe in Miou no matter what
Miou End

43 comments on “A Profile – Walkthrough

  1. -minor spoiler-
    Miku’s diary make me cry so hard and good ending was so perfect im so satisfied now 🙂

  2. Man, Miou’s route was a trip. But I also think it was the best route. Not only was it an intense drama, but it was also preached a valuable lesson about trusting and forgiving people.

    A great visual novel. As always, thanks for the upload~!

  3. The walkthrough is a bit incorrect. The very first choice should be the opposite, if you choose “Miou’s fine” You’ll enter Rizu’s route and only be able to get her endings. For Miku’s and Miou’s routes choose “Ask Miku” and the rest can be followed by walkthrough.

  4. I officially hate Miou not about the her job or anything but just her personality. damn. I’m not so doing her route.

  5. just Wondering how to get Miku and Miou Ending having trouble understanding Walkthrough when do i gett the choices “I want to know” or “Keep my promise with Rizu” because I keep ending up with Rizu choices.

  6. …Just finished Rizu’s route. Both True and normal. I like her normal route a heck of a lot more than her true route lol.

  7. All of Akabei Soft 2’s works are amazing , A Profile is the weakest of the 3 AB2’s games that ive played through (the others being G-Senjou No Maou and Sharin No Kuni) , but its still quite enjoyable. AB2 and Minori are in my opinion the two best eroge developers out there. If you are looking for a casual , more upbeat than g-senjou or sharin , try A Profile , even though its got the melodrama that is AB2’s trademark and makes it enjoyable.

  8. Never play this game unless you are heartless already. This game will take away your sleep otherwise. Fucking game. sorry for me saying it like this.

    1. Which route(s) did you do? I haven’t done Miou’s (no desire to after Rizu’s), but Rizu’s, which a bit horrifying in some parts, wasn’t bad, and Miku’s was really good.

  9. ok i have a problem, i followed this walkthrough to the exact but i still ended up with 1 CG missing for each heroine, im racking my brain and i cant come up with anything, it doesnt feel right for me to stop til i fill it all out, anyone else know what to do?

  10. Currently I get a script error part way thru the game. miku_20-ed.ks : 12064

    I think the problem is with the English patch. If I reinstall the game along with patch 1.01 the game works fine. I can even load my save and it comes up in Japanese. I then install the English patch and the error comes up on the screen. Seems after the english is installed the version goes back to 1.00. SHould this be happening? Anotheridea I have is if I can edit/skip the one scene I might be able to move on, but how can I edit a save file?

  11. In case anyone’s wondering. You need to complete Rizus ending to be able to get to Mikus (or maybe you can do Mious too, idk, I did Rizus first). It annoyed the hell out of me because I couldn’t do the “I want to know” choice straight away. So if you want Mikus end, just to Rizus real fast (or maybe try out Mious. idk if that works, though). After that start a new game and you can do Mikus ending.

  12. I love your site, thank you so much for putting out all thewse wonderful downloads for the public. It’s so hard to find most of these games at all, nevermind translated.

    Just wanted to say that I’m grateful and hoping to see more exciting products from you in the future.

    1. yeah, thanks to this site now I missed those days when I scouring and searching the net just to find some english VN..

  13. Where do we put Save 1?

    And is there a True and Bad ending for Miou?

    Or is it just one? Like for Usami Haru in G-Senjou no Maou?

  14. I was going through some of the earlier topics and it seemed that every time a new VN was posted a person would post something about not understanding how to install the game. Seeing this I was thinking that it might be somewhat beneficial to have a link for those who don’t understand the install process. All that needs to be is a general install process such as extract, mount, and install. It might help reduce the number of times you have to reply to those types of posts.

  15. I’ve been wondering this for a while.. Are links interchangeable for the downloads on this site?
    I was too scared to try downloading separate parts from different sites because I thought it wouldn’t work..

    1. Well i got only bad end n end. no true ending like the other two. nah it is just me, since the other two hv good and true ending while miou has bad and good ending.

    1. I added it few days ago – those are just link for second site of mine. I’m going to post only fully translated titles on this site, but 100s of people were looking for those partially translated games, so i added them for convinience’s sake.

  16. Hey Admin if you ever feel like posting any partial translations you should post Maji de Watashi ni Koishinasai!!
    This VN is amazing. There is already 3 1/2 routes translated plus a side route. Its seriously one of the best VN’s I’ve played.

    1. Maybe Admin’s waiting for the whole patch to be finished; although the translation teams seem about half done already.

      But it seems to me that Admin prefers to have the complete package upon release. Its rare to see something on this site that’s incomplete.

      That’s just the details-oriented kind of person Admin is. 🙂

  17. hmmmm…Miou True end is he stayed at his mom in the town same as Masayuki but while her dad move away but not sure…

    1. Isn’t That Miou’s true end? Which is that she stays in the town with the protagonist while Miou’s Bad end would be she moves off with her father/mother and eventually lose contact with the protagonist. Am I getting something wrong? O_o

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