Highschool Romance

Highschool Romance

It’s the start of your final year. And due to a crazy mix-up by your parents you are due to attend an all girls school.
What would normally be a dream come true for a young man is however a little hampered due to the principals solution that will allow you to stay…

“For you to dress and pretend to be a girl.”

Now can Shoji make friends, find love and survive in this very strange situation.

42 comments on “Highschool Romance

  1. Nothing is quite like watching all your interpersonal relationships burn around you as an inevitable consequence of your actions. Man, I would have been happier keeping the friendships… Time to try again, I suppose.

  2. This game is really cute and funny. I actually enjoyed it more than I thought. Deft. worth a playthru!

    As an aside: Lea best girl.

  3. Do not underestimate this VN. It is a really fun read and has a charming feel to it. It’s got a good mix of romantic comedy without making the characters to overly sappy or goofy while also conveying some good emotion from them.

    Short, sweet and fun read. Definitely give this one a chance.

  4. The reason the art is crappy is because its made by a non japanese company. Delete this crap please >.< We dont need greedy english people trying to make a quick buck with watered down psudo-eroge. Gag!

  5. Short & fun, I have one major gripe against it:

    The fucking noses.

    Holy crap you need to get used to the art as it totally fails to feel anything like a usual japanese artist’s art.

  6. Blah. Started sweet enough, but became rather disjointed as it went on, and eventually dove into painfully unrealistic dialogue straight out of an Identity Politics handbook or something.

    The artist(s) gets props though. Pretty decent artwork all around.

  7. @Equ3strianGam3r – It’s their prerogative if they want to avoid games (or hate them) based on whether or not they have sexual content. The only annoying thing is that they come and post snarky one-liners about the fact that they’re not going to play it.

    I happily avoid games with sexual content but I don’t post anything on the pages of those games.

    1. That’s because they’re selfish whiners when they can’t get their next fix. You want free porn? It’s the internet, go find it. Other parties with different interests exist too.

  8. I am sick and tired of people coming on this site and judging games simply by whether or not they have sexual content or not. You people are missing out on a lot of good games by doing this. Believe me when I say that I used to not play the ones without sexual content either but then I started to read more reviews and joined some forums and got interested in all kinds of VN’s. I encourage you all to try more than just the ones with the sex if you want some good starters I recommend this one it’s lighthearted and has the girls in their underwear if you still want that or if you want something heavier in story CLANNAD and Rewrite by Key are both very good but very long plus CLANNAD has an adult sequel with Tomoyo from the game. Also CLANNAD was just officially released in English. I guess all I really wanted to say before I went on a rant is stop all the VN hate without trying a game simply because it doesn’t have sexual content.

    1. People are allowed to avoid VNs without sexual content, though, because there are both VNs and straight up nukige which is what most people want. And people who want that aren’t interested in the story. Not saying all VNs without sex are bad, Little Busters is one of my favourite novels. It’s just that people who want porn aren’t picking up Twilight.

      Incidentally the story in this isn’t all that interesting.

    2. I tend to skip fuckfest ones anyway and pick up ones with a good story or character interactions. I don’t like H-scenes in VN that much cuz’ they break the immersion. You have a heavy plot with hours and hours of reading, then you go into a scene with a guy, who is most of the time virgin, acts like a professional porn star during intercourse, hitting girl’s G-spot with 100% accuracy and cumming buckets at that. So I appreciate when admin posts all-ages VN as well.

        1. You must not hang around people who discuss anything Nasuverse. His sex scenes are…usually out of place and unintentionally hilarious.

    3. Could not agree more. There a vast lot of VN’s that you start playing for the H-scenes, but end up reading it for the story.

    4. I agree with you on that one. I’m playing If My Heart Had Wings without the restoration patch because the story is much more interesting with how the character falls in love with the girl and the sex scenes actually detracted from the overall experience. Likewise, Katawa Shoujo is an excellent game that keeps the sex scenes both tame and reasonable. It adds to the experience.
      I am going to try Clannad HD and see how it goes. I’ve heard really good things about it.
      Some games are great with sexual content, but it shouldn’t be the deciding factor. To me, a good story is more important than the sexual content. 🙂

    5. Although I agree with you, this site is in fact called “eroge”download, not “galge” or VN or anything like that. People generally come here for adult-themed games. That being said, one of my top 2 all time favorite games on this site is all-ages, so I can certainly understand where you’re coming from.

    6. Sick and tired? Why the fuck do you even care?
      I’m sick and tired of people being offended about shit they have no involvement in anyway.

      So, hwo does that sound? As if I’m right? No?
      Yes, indeed no, because whether you complain or not is no skin off my teeth either.

      I steer away from most nukige, but I also steer away from most eroge without any sex. I like it if there’s at least one sex-scene per pairing, completes the love-story for me.

      I do read/play VNs without any sex if the story is good and/or funny, but whether I do or do not shouldn’t be something anybody else gives a fuck about.

    7. i understand where your coming from but the story is weak in this game i be ok with them having no porn scenes if story was excient but it not so haveing crappy story with no sex scenes is like giving the middle finger to people though what do i know not like were paying for this

    8. To be fair, this site is called “eroge”download. Yet I’m willing to bet 40% or more of downloads are all ages titles.

      1. It wasn’t the case back when I created this site – English market for visual novels changed tremendously over the years. Initially, it was only adult titles that were translated, but nowadays more and more all-ages titles get created/translated, and I’m putting them on here, since there’s demand for those too.

    9. Perhaps, but just because you have changed your mind to play games without sexual content doesn’t mean everyone one else should. To say your ‘sick and tired’ of people doing something because you don’t makes you a bit of a prick.

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