Nyan Café Macchiato

Nyan Café Macchiato

Kouya’s life is full of misfortune. Every company he works for ends up going bankrupt and his apartment went up in flames. Now he’s a lecturer-in-training at Kaminekosaka Academy and also helps out at his grandfather’s neko cafe Nekotama-ya, which is staffed by three beautiful girls: the energetic Mike, the timid Ameri and the milady Persia. All three of them had feelings for him, and due to his misfortune, they all confessed to him at the same time. He didn’t want to lose this lucky chance and they all ended up spending the night together as a foursome. The next morning was the beginning of a new relationship between the four of the them, with all three girls being his lover at the same time!

18 Responses to “Nyan Café Macchiato”

  1. Michael says:

    Would anyone be kind enough to offer a walkthrough to get all the CGs and endings? There are 4 routes in total, right?

    • Fox says:

      There are 6 ends. One for each girl. One for the vice-principal, one for the mom and the harem end.

      The 3 mains are easy just pick the one you want 4/5 times.

      Mike’s mom: just go mike until you see her mom option.
      Vice-principal: just go persia until you see the option.

      The harem: (plus extra cg) is tricky. Need to pick each four times and do the extra chapters that appear until you see final pick in orange.

  2. zero says:

    cant even start the game. the run file doesnt seem to work. anyone know a fix?

  3. someone_else says:

    download blocked by chrome, wtf? this has never happened before. can we get a statement on what to do plz admin?

  4. exzeeding says:

    anyone else having problems actually getting the premium account do be purchased? i cant get it for some reason and get stuck on the verify payment page for ages. hopefully someone else will have some ideas on what i should do

    • exzeeding says:

      essentially i cant download since i cant purchase the premium option. for what ever reason. and im sorry i know this is not about the game but im really having issues here.

      • exzeeding says:

        and downloadani.me’s so called support tickets dont work. since they never get created for what ever reason

  5. Magus says:

    Anyone else getting virus warnings trying to download this?

    • New download site? says:

      Same here, chrome won’t let me download. Also, why the new site layout admin? Maybe the virus warnings has something to do with it :/

      • exzeeding says:

        i cant even purchase premium anymore. i think they even changed it to a new bank or something. please switch back to the original site to download. this one is sad to say, utter horse shit

  6. Cafe says:

    Admin-sama please upload Brave Alchemist Colette from MangaGamer

  7. OneUglySunuvabitch says:

    “Pussy Cats, 250”

  8. KOT says:

    Cats? C a t s

  9. Rotara says:

    Cats? shit, i preffer the real one.

  10. KainLegacy says:

    Cats? No, thank you

  11. Revvo says:

    so neko para without the animations?
    3 airhead girls, devoid of character, loving an even more deseeded mc for no reason?

    thank you very much for every upload, as usual,
    but hard pass.

    • eeeeeeen says:

      dude they’re not neko. Also game is explain why do they love Mc. as far as i play, game is not bad but dont expect great visual novel. You must try.

  12. Keneru says:

    Cats? NICE.

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