Tomodachi Sex

Tomodachi Sex

Furugoori​ Yukako​ is a girl who goes to a certain school.

She’s an honor student and the class president. She has a boyfriend but they are in a long distance relationship.

Due to unexpected circumstances she has to cohabitate with her half-Japanese childhood friend Tanaka Bob, and eventually they become sex friends.

Her boyfriend doesn’t know about it, there’s no way she can tell him…

“It’s ok! You don’t have to tell him!”

Bob’s huge c*ck makes her moan with pleasure every day.
The daily life of the class president and her sex friend.

Is she really gonna be able to hide it from her boyfriend !?

16 comments on “Tomodachi Sex

  1. getting a syntax error when i click on the GAME launcher. the game does not start, how do i fix this?

  2. I’m not really into NTR, but this is pretty good imo. Not too hardcore for my taste.

    (I lol so hard at the comments. Hahaha)

    1. Agreed. hardcore ntr fans will be dissapointed, but i think the majority of players will enjoy this game.

      plot is good and not boring, characters are likeable. Ending was brave

      1. Ugh… is this one of those where they get into an open relationship by then end? Honestly those are worse than hardcore netorare.

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