Wan Nyan – a la mode!

Wan Nyan - a la mode!

PochiTama Pâtissière Academy is an extremely prestigious school, known for graduating top class pâtissières and western confectionary artisans. Getting into the school is easy, however it’s said that actually graduating is very difficult. The school is actually not just limited to Japan either, it has branches all over the world. And only the best trainees amongst the students are invited over to the main school.

Those that were invited have to stay on the main campus for a few weeks as they run their own stores, controlled by the school. Then 2 MVPs will be chosen from their ranks which will be allowed to train at one of several famous stores around the world. In other worlds, it’ll be the first foothold they can get to travel the world. Naturally, each of the students will do their very best to get nominated as one of those MVPs.

Now, what role will our protagonist have in this story? Which store will you work for? And who will you befriend?

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  1. I couldn’t completely delete the game, because 1 file was running even though i haven’t opened the game in a day. The file name was retouch.tte, anyone know a solution to delete this? Powershell and cmd couldn’t do it.

    1. Even with Safe mode i couldn’t delete it. But i was able to delete it by changing it’s permission from security. Got the bastard.

  2. While this is just another game banking off of the popularity of Nekopara, it does have a personality of its own. The game is extremely short to be honest, with each heroines route only taking around 1 1/2 – 2 1/2 hours to complete. While this did feel short to me, I feel like it was the right choice as the plot is pretty weak overall and having any sort of complex story would ruin things. The girls are living cliches, however they are still interesting to interact with, and even though there isn’t much buildup, when all the girls are together the game surprisingly isn’t all that boring; Probably due to the fact that those scenes are also short as well. If you’re looking for a short and sweet game that is self aware that players are here for relationship interactions and sex, then you’ll probably like it. To be completely honest though, the sex scenes with heroines aren’t all that great or immersive.

  3. feverishly my eyes dart across the screen. The first dialogue is progressing slowly, yet already i sense greatness. Suddenly it happens, a character is asked not to call another character by a certain nick name. The character agrees, HOWEVER(!) using said nickname AGAIN WHILE AGREEING NOT TO USE IT!! I am not prepared. A violent wave of laughter rips through my guts. My laughter, itself more anguished scream than a giggle, breaks of as my vocal cords reach their physical limits. I have to act quickly. I shove my whole fist in my mouth and bite down hard. Blood fills my mouth, i almost black out, but the pain manages to neutralize the mad roar summoned by what is without a shadow of a doubt a timeless masterpiece of comedy.
    Scared, but hungry for more, i read on. Could it be? The main character is insanely skilled in a certain profession even though he seems to put no effort into it? Even though he is careless and lazy… just like me? My parents basement has never felt so warm. I wipe a tear from my cheek as i click on.
    A cast of insanely beautiful girls, all low-maintenance, all forgiving and easy to talk to, all without any expectations towards me and yet… ALL IN LOVE WITH ME?? I raise my fist towards the ceiling, shaking it triumphantly before the eyes of god. I am freed from this hellish world. I glance at the rope dangling in the corner.. “not today” i whisper.

    1. Amazing, such originality gives me raison d’aitre, if only to experience each new plot twist as it marches off the screen like giant, radioactive rubber pants.

    2. The main character isn’t completely careless or lazy, If you actually read the whole common route you’ll found out that he’s pretty hardworking when it counts, and only slacks off due to his overconfidence in his skills.

      I felt like a sperglord writing that, but I found that your comment was a little misleading. Anyways, great greentext.

      1. yeah yeah i know.
        i wrote that pretty early in and yes i wrongly assumed this generalized setting to apply as well. Still not totally of the mark as the game takes place in a time where the mc is already the god of candy and does not have hard to attain this title anymore.
        btw what is a greentext?

        1. It’s a 4chan thing. Fictional, often self-deprecating anecdotes about something humorous/embarassing/cringey. They’re always preceded by > symbols, which on 4chan colors the text green.

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