Damedame na Boku ni Maiorita Zen Koutei Mama Megami!

Damedame na Boku ni Maiorita Zen Koutei Mama Megami

The protagonist, Tada Sasaburo, is a student applying for a school.
Unfortunately, he didn’t pass the exam for the second time
He will be a ronin again this year…His heart is broken once again

But the heavens heard his cry!
A busty motherly Goddess descended to rescue Sasaburo!

8 Responses to “Damedame na Boku ni Maiorita Zen Koutei Mama Megami!”

  1. John says:

    I’m getting a strange message right at the start and won’t let me proceed.

  2. President Trump says:

    I have a general question and am looking for peoples opinions on it,

    Is the reason a lot of eroge stories focus on young waifu girls in either high school or grade school just a matter of coincidence because its easier to piece together with that kind of a setting or is the reason for the younger characters more geared towards what men generally want to read or see in an eroge?

    • V says:

      trace it back to early games and you’ll see why.

    • Throbbin Hood says:

      I think it’s more about playing it safe. It’s very simple to make a story around high school students. Personally, I like it when they take risks with the story, and I enjoy it even more if the main character has finished school (I find it easier to put myself in their shoes that way), but a high school setting is basically taking the sure route. Rather than risk a setting that no one enjoys, it’s much easier to use a setting that pretty much everyone has gone through. Don’t get me wrong, some people really do prefer that. But it’s also the reason why, when a game can either stand above others despite a high school setting, or when a game has a truly unusual plot that doesn’t revolve around school, those games tend to get noticed and become instantly beloved.

      But most prefer the safe route. Making a mediocre product that’s a guaranteed sell is less risky than trying something different and bombing it. Modern Japanese anime/manga/VN media is really bad for playing it safe. That’s why in the last few years every other anime has been the same Isekai plot recycled for the 40th time.

  3. Throbbin Hood says:

    Is the piss stuff avoidable, or at least short and easily skipped? I like a nice vanilla nukige every now and then, but watersports don’t interest me at all.

    • Vindersmoch says:

      do what I do when I see stuff I don’t like. block that part of the screen with your hand and hold the CTRL key.

      • Throbbin Hood says:

        It has nothing to do with now knowing how to skip. Say it has 5 h scenes, I’d rather not even bother with it if 4 of them are piss-themed. I haven’t completely worked through my backlog, so I wouldn’t be getting to this one for a while anyway, it would be nice to know in advance.

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