Amatarasu Riddle Star

Amatarasu Riddle Star

Doumoto Takaya was bored.

One evening, he had taken up his childhood friend’s invitation to have a late-night picnic. He accepted, if only to subdue his boredom, and was encouraged to wish upon the shooting stars that were a common spectacle in the town of Hoshigino. During their picnic, a shooting star whisked across the sky and he hurriedly wished for “something fun and wondrous” to occur in his seemingly boring life.

To their surprise, stars began to trickle down from the sky and quickly turned into a full-fledged meteor shower. Rather than disappearing, the shooting stars seemed to have taken shape, aimed at Hoshigino, and enveloped it in a warm, bright light. Once the light dissipated, a single shooting star remained and barreled across the sky before ramming straight into the empty, nearby hill.

From the cloud of dust, Takaya and his chilldhood friend, Yua, discovered a rabbit-eared girl with white hair running straight for the town. Yua quickly chased after her, but rather than finding the rabbit-eared girl, they found something beyond their wildest imaginations…

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  1. So, is the harem stuff unincluded DLC for the English version? It was not in the HCG List… and didn’t see it when playing the game couple years ago
    as for the crash when playing Miu’s route:
    there is a big in how the replay scene was coded; the replay starts AFTER the glasses/no glasses choice and the game tries to load a null choice, causing the error. Won’t get the game again until I find out about the mini harem information.

  2. I can’t run the game, there apparently 2 .exe tried both the game still won’t appear.
    Please reply if anyone here has a solution fr this~! 🙁

  3. I’m sorry, but an uncaught exception occurred.

    While running game code:
    Exception: Possible infinite loop.

    — Full Traceback ————————————————————

    Full traceback:
    File “images.rpyc”, line 393, in script
    File “C:\Users\fishy\Desktop\AmatarasuRiddleStar\AmatarasuRiddleStar\renpy\”, line 59, in check_infinite_loop
    raise Exception(“Possible infinite loop.”)
    Exception: Possible infinite loop.

    Amatarasu Riddle Star 1.0
    Tue Nov 19 02:27:46 2019

  4. Seems we have reached the max number of replies.


    no that is not my point.
    Many routes are a sign for low quality the same way a heroine with differently colored eyes is a sign of bad quality. It’s a hint at a developer focusing more on trying to reel in a broad audience by selling a lot of different fetishes, than creating fleshed out, interesting characters with their own personality and interesting stories.
    Creating a story with many different aspects in which the connection to many different characters adds an interesting, unique touch to the story is hard f***ing work. Developers focused on overall quality usually focus on a small cast.

    1. Well, it looks like we are going around in circles, you have your position, I have mine, I have said my arguments, you have said yours, I propose to conclude the debate by wishing you a good day ^^ ( but I see what you mean of course and it is what I tried to say below by the fact that the scenarist is less focused more there is routes, sorry for my bad english ^^ ‘)

    2. You mentioned in your other comment Yuuji’s stoicism as a negative thing for Grisaia which is something i really don’t get. In fact, I consider it as being one of Grisaia’s greatest point. Unlike other VNs with stoic MCs that are such just to appear cool, Yuuji’s background actually gives a compelling reason why he is behaving in such way. Aside from that, it gives justification as to how he can tolerate the ‘chaotic’ environment he consistently finds himself in.

      His inner monologues, on the other hand, are full of his interesting ideas, and it supplements his outer behavior surprisingly well. It’s highly impressive how he manages to fool around with his classmates in a way that doesn’t really break his character mold. Tbh, the most common point that I’ve found that divides people who like and dislike Grisaia is how amusing/interesting they find Yuuji’s antics and inner monologues.

      As for the plot being ‘wonky and over the top’. I don’t even know how that’s supposed to be negative. Japanese anime and related media that I find are almost always over the top whether it’s on the drama, action, or whatnot. I personally think it’s a unique charm that japanese writing has over its Western counterparts. I legit cannot think of any anime that’s not over the top in some way. To rationalize, I think I’ll just take you as one of those people who don’t like Code Geass for some reason and leave it at that.

  5. So i keep geting this when i try to replay miu’s last scene from the extras “I’m sorry, but an uncaught exception occurred.

    While running game code:
    File “game/scenario/qualia001_034c.rpy”, line 707, in
    AttributeError: ‘StoreModule’ object has no attribute ‘megane_flag’

    I thought i might have did it, cuz i have the application open twice when i was doing miu route, but playing her route the scene plays fine. i tryed re-downloading but it don’t work (maybe cuz i somehow keep my save data?) can someone play help me! >_<

  6. Why this release have 5,5GB while others upload a 2,8GB? What make this release more ‘beefy’? Also it’s 100% uncensored, mosaic censored or fully censored?

    1. If you mean the IGG release, Then the reason for that is because that one is the regular version, while this one is the Rated 18 version.. the adult patch is 2gb or something. This release is release by superelmo

  7. This looks really good.
    Truly sad there is no Melody or Rina’s route, i like them way more than most of the actual heroines. And i’m sure some people would have liked a Hire and Yume’s route, Still the heroines doesn’t looks so bad

  8. I’m just gonna ask this really bluntly since I have no other way to put it, what is a mosaic? Because I often find these kind of games advertising “No Mosaics”, but since I have no idea what that actually is it means nothing to me. Also how is it different from just a cg? Sorry for posting this here, but let’s get real who else can I actually ask about this genre of games besides this community?

    1. Mosaics are what they call it when they pixelate(censor) the genitals so when something says No Mosaics that means it is 100% uncensored no pixels covering the naughty bits.

  9. Signs a vn is going to be bad:

    -heroine with different colored eyes? check!
    -heroine who is an android? check!
    -heroine wearing a silly hat? check!
    -more than 4 routes? check!

    not getting my hopes up.
    still love you admin 🙂

      1. It means the developer is probably just ticking boxes on the fetish/stereotype list. Kind of like how bad harem anime uses hair colours as a replacement for actual characters

        1. this guy gets it.
          gimmicky characters are often times a warning sign for a plot / character design that is mediocre at best.

          1. @Revvo Lol what? Grisaia? Grisaia definitely has a stoic main character, but no character development? Yuuji has the most character development out of them all. Changing from a ruthless killing machine to a family man (in Yumiko and Amane route) if this is not character development then what is? I also do not agree on your opinion on Majikoi. Yuuji is one of the best protagonist to ever exist unlike some of lame thickheaded dense protagonists. And you want good vns with more than 4 heroines. Let me list some more. Little Busters, Kanon, Clannad, ef-a fairy tale of the two, Kazoku Keikaku, Kono Yo no Hate de Koi o Utau Shoujo YU-NO. I have a lot more if you want to hear

    1. None of your “signs” looks like true to me. Specially the last one. There are plenty of good and great eroges with more than 4 heroines. It’s usually bad if there are too few heroines and a great amount of awesome side characters that could have been better heroines. That being said i admit is hard to find great VN with great heroines routes after seven of them but 5 is still fine, but some of them have a really good comun route and the endings are not too bad.

        1. god you’re an asshole. find the games yourself. nobody here wants to hear your shit taste in games anyway.

          1. happy to push your buttons friend.
            But so far i think i’m pretty spot on with my early evaluation. Played 5 minutes of this just now and it was some of the most mundane and stupid s*** i have read in a while.
            But hey if you are fine with some crappy drawings with big tits, voiced over by soft spoken girls, underlined by some awful, brain-dead writing… gratz to you.
            Not everybody is that easily entertained.
            Guess you’d get all emotional to a stick lying on the street if it has some curves to it.

        2. Grisaia no Kajitsu (The Fruit of Grisaia) is a very good vn with 5 heroines each of which has a good ending and a bad ending.

          1. i recommande fata morgana, utawarerumono (my first vn/game), muv luv, seinarukana, umineko, for eroge, Wagamama High Spec, shuffle (my first eroge), fureraba, dal segno (same setting for da capo)

        3. You can find good VN whit more of 4 routes, example;

          Grisaia no Kajitsu.

          Maji de Watashi ni Koishinasai!.

          Ever 17.


          Hoshizora no Memoria -Wish upon a Shooting Star-

          1. okay i disagree on the most vn mentioned here

            Grisaia has some likeable heroines but ultimately suffers from a stoic main character who undergoes no character development, as well as an wonky way over the top scenario.

            Koishinasai as well is a trash novel in my opinion. Character relations are all over the place, routes are cheesy and developments are used up olc clishés.

            Hapy Maher’s story loses it’s main theme quickly and wobbles through hours of meaningless randomness.

            Koi Chocolate and Katawa shoujo: Okay i consider those, those have some damn good routs. But they also have some very very weak ones. So i’d argue the number of routes does them no good.

            But hey i admit the more tahn 4 routes thing is not an iron clad rule. None of the points mentioned are. They are just warning signs. The more of them their are the more likely it is the vn is trash. This one raises a lot of those flags, and i’d be very surprised to see it being an exception. But hey, ii’m gonna play it for a bit and see for myself.

          2. I think you say that because the more roads there are, the more scriptwriters will be less focused on the roads? but usually there are several screenwriter on a vn, so either the scenarist
            is not top, or the heroine is not top (subjectivity) personaly I do not play shizune on katawa shoujo and Misa on HoshiOri, because the characters do not me not interested, or in Koiken Otome I just do akane (I forced myself) because all was a throw, and in chrono clock just do 3 (misaki, DD, makoto) while some perso was good, but their not terible at all, michiru I read some line to drop, disappointment.

            good in the end to say, that the 4+ road is not a sign for bad vn. And personally amatarasu does not tell me more than that

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