Hotel Dusk: Room 215

Hotel Dusk: Room 215

The game takes place in the fictional Hotel Dusk, a small, somewhat rundown hotel located in the southwestern United States near Los Angeles, California during the year 1979. The game’s protagonist is Kyle Hyde, a former member of the New York Police Department searching for his old partner, Brian Bradley. During his stay at the hotel, Kyle unravels a mystery shrouded in the hotel’s past that may lead him to the answers he’s looking for.

8 comments on “Hotel Dusk: Room 215

  1. lol its a bit weird that Hotel Dusk is on ErogeDownload, but still, it’s a great game! i have this and the sequel on DS and I highly recommend it to anyone.

  2. I successfully installed this game and opened with NDS emulator, but the picture orientation is twisted :/
    It should be “landscape” and not “portrait”
    Anyone know how to solve this problem ? I guess this has to do with emulator settings, but I dunno which one

    1. This is a peculiar game where you have to turn your NDS console to read like a book (I have the original game card). ^^
      Did you tried the options in the emulator “DeSmuME”?

      1. The emulator called “DeSmuME” runs perfectly. It can tilt the gamescreen 90 degrees at each, CW or CCW. Try it

      2. Oooops…I just realized that you answered my question! I’m such a retard :p. Honestly, I’ve found “DeSmuME” before I read your comment but still thanks 😀

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