Sealed Room Breed 2

Sealed Room Breed 2

Sculpt a helpless schoolgirl in the image you desire.
Virgin play, active or negligent abuse, and anal slavery are just a few
ways to raise your captive lover. Enjoy how she resists and then
bends to your will. How you break her is the fun part!

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8 comments on “Sealed Room Breed 2

  1. I sucked at this game but I love it now lol. Thank god for uploading this tho and I would like to play the first game as well!

  2. Every time I open the game the application stops working and is closed. Is there some way to fix this? I have already tried redownloading the game but that didn’t work.

  3. RAM editors work nicely for this game. Got few endings and then Poke’d the rest 🙂

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