Milles, Knight of Anal Tyranny

Milles, Knight of Anal Tyranny

“I’m feeling headache….” Milles regains her consciousness deep inside the forest. Yes, she’s lost all her memories. “Who am I? Why am I here?” She doesn’t remember anything, but she starts walking…. When she arrives at a small town in Shunabu, she meets Cadia, a bounty hunter. They become friends soon and Cadia decides to accept Milles as her partner. At the same time, Regina, a princess of Shunabu, plans to make a getaway for Sadin, who is going to be served as a sacrifice. When Regina looks for someone to help her, she meets Milles and Cadia. Cadia is surprised to know a Regina’s plan, but she is excited to help her. Milles also decides to help her. Recurring memories as a result of oblivion…. When the existence of Milles is proven, a story starts….

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  1. Guess I’m fucked now. Please add feces to the tags and pubic air since those on and off options are in the config. Infections wit the whole sword thing after you choose to be the bait.

    Also the girls don’t exactly fuck each other so I guess just keep scrolling if you came for that (⌣_⌣”)

  2. i cant extract from the 3 parts, the sound xp3 files says it needs an earlier part to extract, i extract from part 1 but 2 and 3 still come up as needing an earlier parts extraction. I also get an error stating that ????C:\……..\Milles.exe?????? any help?

  3. This game was IMO one of teh best eroge I’ve ever played, but that’s probably only because of the use of two of my biggest fetishes, tentacles and expansion/pregnancy. The art is gorgeous, I’d love to see another game by this creator. The story was a bit meh, but it’s a nukige, so I’ll let that slide. Slightly above average for a nukige I suppose, but only slightly. My only real complaint is the short length, but I guess that can’t be helped, so 7/10. Only better nukige I’ve played to date is Eroge.

  4. This downloadani website is pure and utter crap. You can only download 200mb files as a free user. So why upload there??? Makes no sense, unless you own that website and want for people to be buying a sub.
    Beggars can’t be choosers? I beg to differ. This is not like you’re begging for food is it? I’ll just download of another website and go around this one next time.

  5. Milles, Knight of Anal Tyranny definitely falls under porn games with wasted potential. Now to be clear the game isn’t the worst porn game I’ve ever played, it’s not even that bad a porn game for what it is. Let’s start with the length, at 3 hours possible four if you watch every sex scene it’s a short game filled many by sex scenes.

    The game’s primary kinks for it’s sex scenes are anal play and rape. Other kinks used in the game are scat, watersports, pain is pleasure, and exhibition. Surprisingly there’s no mind break in this game, every girl except for Milles will continue to hate getting rape right up to their last scene. Another kink which is sorely under played is the futa kink. Yes one female character has a cock but it’s never really used against her well. She never actually sticks it in anything other then Milles mouth (not that we ever see that)and other then one sex secene where’s she’s forced to masturbate with it it’s never really taken advantage of.

    Another problem with the sex scenes, which I already hinted at is that they suffer from what I call \lazy animation\ as in, the text doesn’t match the pictures. For example the text will say Milles starts sucking Cadin’s cock but due we ever get any pictures of that? Nope. The text will describe the girls shitting themselves but no picture to back this description up and so on. I don’t know if the artist just didn’t want to draw certain kinks or were being lazy but VN games are a VISUAL media! Right text that matches your god damn pictures.

    That brings me to the game’s most disappointing aspect, it’s plot. Warning their will be spoilers so don’t continue reading if you’re interested in playing the game. The game starts out promising, your character has no memory of herself and wanders into the town, making a new friend in a bounty hunter and strongest warrior in the town. Things get even more interesting when we learn that in this town it’s custom to send their local god who protects them a sacrifice. The princess whoever doesn’t believe a real god would demand sacrifices from the people they are trying to protect and makes plans to save this year’s sacrifice by hiring the player and her new ally to escape the kingdom.

    This plot alone has plenty of potential. Like in Monster Girl Quest where we got to see Luka struggle with his religious beliefs vs. his own ideas of right and wrong. The same thing could have been easily done here, we could have seen the conflict with the princess fighting to change a horrible tradition that’s been around for hundreds of years. To see how characters of faith interact and argue wit her. There’s also little brilliant things such as the kingdom being cut off from the outside world and the citizens don’t take kindly to outsiders.

    That’s not even including the two twists that the game throws at you. The first twist you can probably guess at, the god, Devia (I believe) is actually a demon that the former king of the land (like several generations back) summoned in order to protect his small kingdom from invaders…..and Devia does this. It’s reveal that not only does Devia keep the kingdom safe from invaders but he also prevents disease and keeps the fields fresh so that every year they have a good harvest and plenty of food.

    It’s also revealed that because of the isolation and good life the Kingdom has, they have fallen far behind other kingdoms in both technological advances and magic advances, meaning they would have zero chance of surviving without Devia’s help. This offers a surprisingly good moral dilemma, do you give Devia his sacrifice, one person a year for the sake of an entire kingdom knowing full well that one person is going to be tutored since Devia feeds off the suffering of women. Or do you stand true to your beliefs?

    The next twist is that Milles, the player character is actually a tentacle monster that serves Devia. Devia granted the monster a female human body but due to an accident she lost her memory. This is a GREAT idea, you now have a reason to explain why she picks \evil\ choices such as not helping her ally, or raping the sacrifice etc. Not only that but it also raises excellent questions such as free will, and redemption. If a rapist loses his memory, a complete blank slate can they become a good person or are they destined to stay a monster?

    How would you handle finding out that you used to be a monster who tortured people etc. These are questions that raise a porn game to higher levels then just jack off material.

    The game however NEVER takes advantage of any of these plot point!!!!! We never see the princess struggle with acting against a faith everyone practices, we never see any of the other characters question her about this. We never see the player character be discriminate against for being an outsider. It’s revealed that Devia is a protector needed by the people, the princess cries about it and then surrenders herself to him! We don’t even get a fucking choice to fight him or not!!!! And Milles, Milles becomes EVIL no matter what you FUCKING DO!!!! No questions are asked, we never see her really question her \rapist\ tenancies, she’s just evil.

    And not even the fucking villain you want to play as! She’s basically a love struck puppy that would jump off a cliff if Devia told her so. God what an absolute FUCKING WASTE of a character! She betrays her friends and allies every fucking time with no freak hesitation and it just pisses me off! Honestly I feel like their where two writers for this game.

    Writer A: Hey how about we have the player turn out to be a formal monster herself? Oh and Devia also IS actually needed for the kingdom to survive so the player has a lot of moral and thought provoking questions as they decide on what to do throughout the game?

    Head writer: Psh that’s boring, let’s just have everyone get rape. Rape, rape, rape, rape.

    Because GOD FUCKING knows there aren’t already plenty of porn games that have a god damn fucking sex scene ever fucking two minutes in the game!!!!

    God, it just baffles my mind how any creative team can be brilliant enough to come up with these awesome ideas yet SO STUPID as to only use them as fluff between sex scenes!

    *Siiiiiigh* Anyway my final verdict is this, if rape (without mind break) and anal play are your thing the game is worth playing through and a buy if you really liked it. If not I only recommend playing this game if you want to see how brilliant ideas get wasted.

    1. Ugh, I was afraid that was the sorta trash this’d turn out to be considering the game’s name. What you mentioned about potential is so true, and it doesn’t sound like anything else I’ve heard of – especially the idea that a tentacle monster winds up in a situation to experience the horror and make a difference and so forth.

      Unlike the other person who replied, I think this sounds like an awful waste of time, and am very thankful the chance to avoid it. I’ve got too many games on my plate as it is.

  6. well what about 180upload that site is not bad aswell and they don’t have any speed caps and also downloads can be resumed for free users.

  7. oh man this game don´t have a happy end . . . =( I wanted that they go to the other Country and so not that they transform into sexslaves (in the end)(atleast in one ending) >.<

    1. lol your actually surprised wow thats a shocker considering that only vannilla hentai and h-games ussally have happy endings

  8. Some cracks will always be detected as virus and may variable to the antivirus. It false-detection since most crack not a virus to pc, except if you get it on other suspicious sites. If you hopeless on how to download it, I suggest :
    1. Your antivirus maybe too sensitive, its good, but to download a crack, you have deadactive your antivirus momentarily, but well, of course its risky. Or;
    2. You have to download it on other pc with different antivirus (must updated one), as I said before, how detected a crack as virus may variable to the antivirus (but you have to be sure the pc is clean from the virus). Then transfer it to you pc with the installed game, but since it will be detected, if it goes to quarantine, you can setting it to exclude from scan or ignore etc, depends on how your antivirus work.

    1. Have you run it before copying the crack to the game folder you install it ?
      If so, maybe you should uninstall it then install again, after that, copy the crack to the installed folder, then run it. Hope that works for you.

    1. you just have to copy the crack to the folder where you install it, and then run it.

  9. i don’t see why admin must change the file hosting, but it will be easier if there’s a mirror that “resumeable” DL @_@

  10. Crack:

    1. Crack can be used by renaming it to a different file name, or by overwriting the Milles.exe that came with the game.
    2. Optional: UCOpgDlgRes.dll is part of the DRM and can be safely deleted.

    Tested enough to get 100% CGs/scenes.


    1. This guy…

      is awesome.
      I don’t plan on playing this but… this guy always cracks these games. Great person, really appreciate it.

    2. Thanks man ! ur the savior of my eroge game! tym to rip some fruits here. hihihihi

  11. This is the dumbest thing to complain about ever. Can’t we be reasonable and go back to complaining about how the crack isn’t out every three seconds? Much more reasonable… subjectively speaking.

  12. I don’t know what the darn fuss is about I’ve actually thought of that site as one of the GOOD points about this place. The wait time before a download is two minutes. So? Most file hosting sites usually give you and average of 30 seconds to 2 minutes wait time. And many give you a wait time BETWEEN downloads(sometimes a half an hour or even an hour)or a maximum allotted number of free downloads per hour or so and once you max out you need to wait around the same time I just described to start again.

    That two minute wait time is the ONLY thing I can even say is a drawback in any way about Pretty much unlimited free downloads, good downloads speeds, and considering how long the admin’s been using it without takedown problems I’d say it’s reliable.

    Seriously, just chill out and accept that what you have is a gem of a site in comparison to all of the shitty ones out there.

        1. Is waiting 2 min for each download is a bad thing? I personally think that waiting 2 min is already a bliss rather than waiting for 1 hour after 1 download, or waiting for 1 day after a capped download.

          Truly thinking that downloadani is one of the best for user (for the other good ones, i would vote indowebster or mediafire or usefile)

          1. Agree with you all, yeah, this site is a rare gem, love it, others, nah, you have to do this, you have to do that (register first, how much posting, hidden with password you can’t see before you become a member or whatever and etc, to hell with that!)
            Thanks, Admin! 😀

    1. I agree that the wait isn’t that bad, but the download speed is crap, I only get 200kb/s, whilst with utorrent and other sites I get 500-700 kb/s, which makes a massive diffrence

  13. Why do you still insist on using The wait times are ridiculous even for free users, Mega or FileDrive would be much better.

      1. I kinda have to agree with snooze, the site really sucks, I CAN’T even buy premium, It simply won’t let me. It’s really bothersom having to use the free version esp when there’s like 10+ parts.

        1. Ther wait times aren’t that bad, what I do agree on is the fact that I also tried to buy premium and iot just wouldnt let me do it.

          1. My problem with the site is that the captcha’s are annoying to solve, and if you do happen to get it wrong you have to wait AGAIN. and there is NO refresh button for the captcha. They could seriously do with captcha how it normally works, EG: You can actually refresh the damn thing if you can’t read it without having to wait another two minutes to start your download again, etc.

          2. you can skip wait time for the download again thing by using inspect element tos et it to one however you cant skip the time till you can download another one like that

    1. I have no idea WTF FileDrive is, but using was discussed many times already ( free plan has 10GB of bandwidth. ED/EG users are downloading 3-4TB daily, which means the free quota would last on average for 5-6 minutes. Even if i were to use most expensive 30$/mo plan, it’d only last 2-3 days ).
      Seriously guys, stop complaining and try to look at bigger picture.

      1. I’m not very experienced with how this works, but wouldn’t torrents be a possible solution? Honestly, I would rather take a slow download over having to click through 15 parts and wait 2min+ betwene each file.

        1. Torrents have four disadvantages:
          1. “seeding” is illegal in my country – while linking to content posted on 3rd party sites is completely legal (this recently got re-affirmed by EU supreme court ruling C‑466/12 which clarifies rules set out in EU directive 2001/29/EC ). By not providing torrents, my website stayed legal and operating for five years and counting.
          2. Torrent traffic is blocked/throttled by many ISPs and network administrators in places like university campuses, shared connections in apartments etc.
          3. Anonymity – With torrent protocol, every peer has a list of every other peer that is downloading a (copyrighted) file – there have been many cases where copyright owner pursues legal action against torrent users, later offering to settle out of court for “modest” fee of couple hundred dollars. While the companies whose works are being posted here are unlikely to afford such legal action against users from USA who torrent their works, It’d be reasonably easy for them to cede the rights to sue illegal downloaders, for a modest fee of 20% of ammount “recovered” in settlements.
          4. Reliability – while torrents are good for new and popular titles, as time goes on and the less popular title is the harder it becomes to find torrent with active seeds for it – try downloading some less popular Japanese game with torrent from 8 years ago now… My aim for this site is to provide every eroge/VN that ever got translated, no matter how old or how niche it is.

          Hope that this explains my reasons.

          1. thanks very much for the great explanation,admin! :).

            how about though? it has no DL speed limit and no waiting times.

          2. Mediafire had no DL speed limits and no waiting times too…
            First my files got deleted, when I re-uploaded them they banned my account for “excessive bandwidth usage”, and when I tried to re-register, I found my upload server’s IP has been banned. It took me almost a week to replace all the links ( Currently there are over 2000 files posted on ED/EG ).

            From the quick glance at zippyshare page, I see no way in how they would be sustainable – I don’t think advertisements are able to cover their bandwidth costs, and users don’t have any incentive to upgrade/pay for their services. Unless they are some Romanian mafia money laundering front, they’ll probably collapse sooner or later ( or try to “monetize” their userbase by installing toolbars or other shit ( anyone remember mirrorcreator/mirrorstack ? ).

          3. thanks very much for the explanation! it makes very good sense 🙂

            my last suggestion would be ,they have same DL cap as Downloadani(250KB)but they have no waiting times,and they only allow 5 DLs per hour,but you can Upload and DL files up to 2GB each for free. in addition,they are owned by the creator and owner of””which is the biggest place for ISOs on the,you can be sure that they will never ever delete a file just bc it is copyrighted ;). with this one,my suggestion would be to.instead of replacing,add it as an alternative to Downloadani,possibly utilizing the much bigger size you are allowed to upload and DL(without even making an account lol).

            again,thanks very much for all the great work you provided and continue to provide. i am just making a suggestion that i think might make the site even greater 🙂

            note:i also think we need to add a “register user” system here,just like EG 😉

          4. Or we can just stick with what we are using currently, since it’s working fine, and 99% of the ppl don’t mind clicking or wait time.

        1. 8 minutes total is bad? Really? Let me list the free direct download services I’ve seen around lately and their traits:

          ragidgator – download speed is limited around 40 kBps, 2 hour waiting between downloads, no parallel dl

          uploaded – down speed limited around 50 kBps, 3 hour waiting between downloads, no parallel dl

          turbobit – down speed capped around 40 kBps, sometimes randomly kicks you into an endless 10 minute waiting cycle, no parallel downloads

          depositfiles – capped at 150 kBps, varied waiting time between downloads, parallel downloads are allowed

          shareflare – capped at 10 kBps, no parallel dl

          bitshare – 1 hour wait between downloads, 1 GB dl cap per day, no parallel

          uploadable – 20 min wait between download starts, no parallel dl

          usefile – Ok, no catch here: fast dl, 5 seconds waiting, except barely anyone seems to use it

          And I could go on. The only ddl providers that are better than from a free downloader stadpoint are and usefile. Depositfiles is more or less on the same level: capped speed, but it makes up for it by the fact that you can download large (up to 2GB) files, so its less of a hassle.

          And finally, you are getting stuff for free. If you feel so entitled that you think admin ought provide stuff for free, immediately, and lighting fast, then do us all a favour and kidly get lost.

          Seriously, kids these days. *grumble*

          1. I don’t have any problems with it except for the inability to become a premium member. I’ve even tried contacting them and never gotten a response. The DA-1click option haunts me so bad!

      2. Hey, all these reasons seem sane and clearly you would have explored most if not all other options before settling on things that work for good but I imagine people have and will continue to have questions about these decisions. Replying to comments on a single upload seems ineffective and ignoring it is probably sufficient but alternatively you could post a note on the main page or a link on each download page to a part of the site that explains your reason for using the uploading procedure that you do.

    2. Six whole minutes is ridiculous? Well then, just let me go find you another site… oh wait, this one happens to be the best at the moment. So yeah, deal or get lost.

    3. Just set an online timer, that’s what I do. If you’re going to be dicking around on the computer for a few hours, just have it go off when the wait time is going to expire and have some goddamn patience for something you’re getting for free in spite of your ingratitude. (Thanks again, Admin)

    4. Nah, I agree with the Admin here, since its okay to wait a bit of time for downloading in downloadani, and its not that hard entering the capthas, Its good rather than others DL site, you will always found deleted files, also torrent can be dead after a while.
      Btw, Admin, wonder why don’t you have other eroge with complete english translated patch in here like Maman Kyoushitsu or Harakano ? (although, since I don’t find them here before, so I googling hard then got them already, but just wonder why you don’t add them here, hehe).

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