Nocturnal Illusion

Nocturnal Illusion Renewal

Nocturnal Illusions’ genre is a mixture of a dating sim and visual novel. In this game the main character decides to get away from it all during his spring break and stay in the mountains. While staying in the mountains a massive storm causes the main character to faint. A mysterious woman saves him and uses sexual pleasure to keep him warm. It turns out that he is now in a strange old mansion. The woman who saved the main character is the mistress in charge of the place. The main character decides to explore and while there meets many women as the story unfolds…

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  1. The game and translated description are correct.

    But the tags are hilarious, the tags by this guy on here are desperately trying to make out the characters are meant to be Caucasians or something. This is common among some western fans after they find a game or anime that has been translated, they automatically assume the characters are meant to be themselves or something autistic (to take part more in it).

    All of the characters have native Japanese games, these are meant to be Japanese characters, get over it.

    Yes I know some of you enjoy the games, you probably can’t enjoy it if you have to accept that the characters are meant to be Japanese. However you are living a delusion when you think they are meant to be Caucasian people.

    In Japan a foreigner is designated in anime by a foreign name, even in the Japanese original. The name is written in Katakana (as all foreign names are).
    A classic example of a character that is a foreigner is Crowley Hamon from Gundam.
    In Japanese she is written in Katakana as クラウレ・ハモン, Kuraruri Hamon. Which is a Romaji transliteration of the foreign name, then in turn Katakana is used to write it.

    However the vast majority of anime and game characters in most anime and games are actually meant to be Japanese characters, sorry if that affects your ability to enjoy the game or whatever.

    1. The tags are (April 2022):

      “Tagged ghost heroine, heroine with gothic look, Loli Heroine, Maid Heroine, Mystery, ponytail heroine, Relationship Problems, Romance, Sexual Content, timid heroine, trapped, vampire heroine, western-style mansion”

      -> There is nothing about japanese/europeans here?

  2. – nocturnal illusion
    – fatal relation
    – 3 sister story
    – paradise heights 1 & 2
    – runaway city
    – true love
    – maid story
    – season of sakura
    – etc
    i love oldies eroge 🙂

  3. Season of Sakura, True Love, Maid Story, Paradise Heights 1&2,
    3 Sister Story and that 1 I forgot the title …….. these are the partners of this game…..

    ah old times

  4. Wrong image) But one of my favourite games (i mean ALL PC games i ever played, not only visual novels). It is erotic, but most of all it is emotional and touching).

  5. I’m guessing that due to the game being very old, it does not recognize the NTFS file system. Try formating a partition or external storage device (like a USB flash drive) in the FAT32 file system then running the game from that. If that doesn’t work, then you might have to install an OS on a FAT32 file system, in witch case you might be out of luck.

    1. ikr? when i saw the image, i thought it was a prequel to the one i played when i was a kid, after a while i realized it’s just wrong image rofl. They troll us in the least posible ways and when we least expect it sometimes.

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