Wanko to Kurasou

Wanko to Kurasou

People were crazy about pets years ago. The particularly popular ones were cats and dogs that look human and have high intelligence. But the boom has died down with time, and now only people who really want them own them. Our main character is a college student who finds a stray anthropoid dog, collapsed in the rain. Unable to let her just die, he takes her up to his room and treats her. Even though he told her she can only stay until the rain ends, the dog stays in fear and worry.
The main character decides to look for her owner.
The life between a human and a dog starts…

302 Responses to “Wanko to Kurasou”

  1. The4thBean says:

    To all the people having trouble playing because of a black screen on startup, click Settings>Sound Settings>Voices>Close. The game for some reason reacts to a sound being played and that’s the fastest way to play one.

  2. Bobby Smith says:

    For Those that black screen on windows 10 i found that opening the English patcher while the gamw is running will make stall at the ivory screen then opening the patcher agine will take you to the home screen then it will run. But you have to do the patcher every time you play.

  3. Derpington says:

    Out of all the eroge (and even a lot of VNs) that I’ve played in the couple of years since I first played this game, this still has by far the best protagonist and dialogue I’ve seen. The dialogues just feels so natural and genuine, without the usual cynical, cliche, and formulaic “canned lines” that you see repeated in most VNs. The protagonist also feels very real, like you’re following the story of a actual person, which is quite rare in not just visual novels (in my experience), but even anime.

    • yugimoto says:

      This was my first vn and i remember it fondly to this day even after 6 years. The ending of mikan’s route and the bgm that went with it was simply unforgettable. I still return to this every once in a while just to enjoy its light hearted but utmost sincere story.

  4. Return says:

    I’m having problems running this in windows 10

    • Return says:

      nvm I got it to work

      this here is the only working download on the internet, forget everyone else


  5. This was the best thing I’ve ever played. Thank you guys so much for this, I really can’t express how much I loved this VN.

  6. KaneSalvatore says:

    since most of the other pages/posts anywhere asking about the few odd dog breeds are locked.. i will just leave this here

    Irish Crown (Shiffon OR Brussels Griffon)
    Highland Wolfhound (Irish Wolfhound OR Scottish Deerhound), Siberian Biter (Siberian Husky),
    Ireland Retriever (Irish Setter)

    source: a dog breeder
    (we looked at the non-h pictures of Kotarou and Mikan for reference for Irish Crown and Highland Wolfhound)

    White Shiba, English Collie, Scottish Terrier, (Golden) Shih Tzu, Welsh Corgi — however are actual dog breed names.. (only one used in game is Shih Tzu (Silviana (which sounds better imo then Silvie)))

  7. ReaperofSouls42 says:

    First let me say this, Ivory, I love you guys and hate you. Lol

    In my opinion, This visual novel was great. The story was good art was good and sex scenes were nice, though a bit bland after a while. But all in all it was a good game. Risa/Mikan’s route made me cry for various reasons and I was going to hate the creators for, but that’s that. Nadeshiko/Kotaru’s route was heartwarming and an over all good ending, but left a bittersweet taste in my mouth… Not that that’s a bad thing, but I was hoping for more out of it. So, over all the games good and I highly recommend it and for you to support the creator if at all possible.

    Story: 8/10
    Art: 7.5/10
    Ero scenes: 7/10

    An over all fun and lovable story.

    • KaneSalvatore says:

      i agree with you on the ratings, Nadeshiko Route is the best imo (rather not SPOILER stuff but Mikan in the risa route is sadder in the end (has to do with puppies))

  8. Anonymous says:

    The download link for the english patch seems to be broken.

  9. aka no-one says:

    can´t download the third part?

  10. Mc. Meme says:

    This story made me cry like a little bitch.

    • KaneSalvatore says:

      yea same here.. cried the whole time at near the end of risa route

      i played nadeshiko first (didn’t use the walkthroughs i found), which ended alot happier imo

      was really sad that mikan and silvie didn’t want puppies in this route

      with Mikan having puppies and wanting more, silvie wanting puppies, kotarou/kaie making puppies, nadeshiko getting married and having kids

  11. mcinsim says:

    When I tried to run the setup I got a pop-up stating “This app can’t run on your PC”. I am running Windows 8.1 and have changed the system locale to Japanese. I tried running it in compatibility mode but that didn’t work either.

    Someone please help.

  12. Chicken says:

    Hey guys. So, after scrambling around for about 15 minutes, whoever is getting the Error, and then white screen after start up, select ALL of the files in the folder, Right click, go into Properties, and uncheck Read Only. At least, that worked for me. Good luck 😀

  13. anon-kun says:

    Fonts look wonky for me (weird spacing issues). Readme says select MS Gothic font from the options. But when I go there, the selection is completely blank (no fonts to choose from).

  14. MR.font says:

    admin. what font the game uses?

  15. neko says:

    will this game work on windows 8.1? please help me

    • Foxe says:

      Since I’m running win 8.1 with this just fine, I’d say yes. Just look up “how to install Wanko to Kurasou” on google, and you’ll find what you’re looking for. 🙂 I couldn’t tell what buttons to press on the installer, so I searched for an install video, it was really simple.

  16. YourSenpai says:

    Mine doesnt run.Done everything mentioned on the older comments but when i try running, it says that VorbisFile.DLL is missing. Do i try downloading everything again?

  17. GuessWho says:

    Is the English patch corrupted, because my computer keeps saying it’s not safe and removing it?

  18. Tracy Jae says:

    This is censored. Vaginas and penises are pixilated and blurred.

  19. kazuya2040 says:

    good game, and realy emotional, the characters are realy cute.

  20. dark says:

    is there an uncensored english version?

    • admin says:

      No. No such thing exists for this game.

    • Hatesu says:

      This would easily be one of my all time Favorite VNs if there was a uncensored english patch and it’s a bloody waste that there isn’t. Despite that I’m still impressed with this. The story is good and the cast is really good as well. To top it all off it’s packed to the brim with absolutely adorable lolis.

      • Special_K says:

        Yes, absolutely with you 100% of the way!
        I especially LOVE Silviana’s character, so friggin’ adorable!

  21. KM says:

    How to install/ I am very confused. please help.

  22. esoJ says:

    Wank until it hurts? D:

  23. Lucky Bastard says:

    I don’t know where all the people get there problems from, im using windows 8, extracted the archives with the free winrar, windows 8 was able to mount the ISO by itself, guessed trough the installation and played the game with all SFX, music and voices without having any problems. I guess im just a lucky bastard, or the only one using his brain

  24. Choxie says:

    This was the best thing I’ve ever played. Thank you guys so much for this, I really can’t express how much I loved this VN. I can do without the H stuff period. It was so touching, moving, and captivating. I felt so attached to the whole cast.

    Again, thank you.


    PS: I seriously do plan on purchasing this game as well.

  25. Shinobu says:

    Do you absolutely have to have it set to japanese locale for this game?

  26. Kuuhaku says:

    yes .. it needs to be set in japanese local to match the version of the non-unicode programs u want to play.. for me.. i just set it first to japanese and extract it with Daemon tools…. Daemon tools works just fine so long as u set it to japanese before u extract it.. works for me.. btw my OS is Windows XP

  27. Aionis says:

    do you really have to set it in japanese locale?
    i’m using windows vista.
    and what do mean it will make some certain installers japanese??

  28. Izayoi says:

    Windows XP is best for Visual Novels(Eroges) so i have main PC with Windows 7 and laptop with Win. XP for playing Eroge 🙂

  29. Loliphile says:

    I successfully installed the game, and it ran fine for a few days. However, after I restarted my computer and tried to run it again, it wouldn’t get past the Ivory screen. halp?

  30. Garuther says:

    Mine’s gone white screen and I can’t seem to get the game running after all the advice people have posted so far in this page. Please help !!

  31. Ryugenzawa says:

    I don’t know if this will work for others. But this method allows me to get it running properly in the beginning..no black screen at all:

    1. Open Windows Media Player
    2. Play a music, then pause it and leave the WMP on(you can minimize it if you want)
    3. Run the game

    I was able to get it running straight away when I did that. Make sure to leave WMP running with a paused music. It’s much less of a pain than using the Voice Test button every time you open it.

    Hope this helps.

  32. Natsume says:

    i installed it with the English patch. i got the black screen and i fixed it with disabling only the bgm. but the voices and the sfx are gone too >_< please help

  33. Andsen says:

    how do you install patches?

  34. Vonddom says:

    Interesting plot…. but man… those Tags are inticing :3

  35. moonshadow says:

    wasn’t there a walkthrough before?

  36. brits says:

    this game was amazing it’s a must play tho risas’ route was very hard to play through at the end not gunna say any spoiler but like i said it’s a must play game has to be one of my top 5 graphic novels i’ve played

    • KaneSalvatore says:

      i agree there.. i wanted to quit.. but finished it, though wish i didn’t since nadeshiko route is alot happier

  37. Kenji says:

    On the setup, for me, it either has question marks or japanese writing and I don’t know what it says, so I don’t know what to click to install it properly.

  38. Zero says:

    So i tried to open the game, but an error saying japanese stuffs (i don’t understand japanese). It launched on a windowed mode, yet only showing white screen. I tried the suggestions above to do something with the voice button in the sound setting. It changes to fullscreen yet still white. Any help?

    • Garuther says:

      Same here bro, mine white screens… are the specs of your pc compatible with the game requirements to begin with?

  39. Imunk says:

    sory i bad at english

  40. Imunk says:

    I just wait the game to play it self…
    it’s work!!!! belive me…

  41. Tamo says:

    So is it normal to have the ??????? buttons in the window? I’ve been wondering this for awhile now and it’s a pain because I don’t know how to save due to it.

  42. Jenjiru says:

    i managed to fix the black screen and got the voice running..
    (windows 7 64bit)

    not sure if it will work on you guys..

    but here is the setup instruction:

    1. Run the game.
    2. Go to settings.
    3. Select the Sound Settings tab.
    4. At the volume frame, press the Voices button.
    5. Close the setting.

    and there you go..
    i’m sure it will work.. already tested it a dozen times..

    you’ll have to repeat the setup everytime you open the program.. (i know it’s a pain in the ass)
    you can only hear the main heroines voices, so dont worry if you dont hear voices from other characters. (not quite sure there, because i havent finished it yet *by this point*)

  43. wankofixw7 says:

    to fix the black screen on vista and windows 7, right click to gt into options, then go to the voice option and press the voice test and voila, whn you quit the options the game starts. ^^

  44. John6041 says:

    There seem to be no voices for the characters for me. Could anyone help me?

  45. n00b says:

    Hi! This is the first time I’ve ever tried to download and play one of these. I know nothing about how to set up or run one, and I see I need to convince it I have the game CD.

    I don’t know what a VN is, can anyone point me somewhere I may learn all this? Eroge wasn’t covered in my basic computer courses.

    • Drazn says:

      To get it to run you will need Image Mounting software. Google Deamon Tools, any version will do the trick.

      Before you do that though, go into Control Panel and go to Region and Language > Adminstrative > Change System Locale > Set to Japanese. This will stop a whole bunch of errors when running japanese programs. Will require a retart, and will possibly make certain installers japanese, so beware.

      Make sure you are using a decent extraction tool before extracting, the basic Windows one sucks (google and install 7zip)

      Then extract any one of the part files or the whole one if you got it and it should compile the parts for you.

      Once you have installed Deamon Tools, run it and find the option to ‘Mount image/iso’

      find the ISO file inside what you extracted from the download and mount it. Depending on your autoplay settings, it may automatically come up with an installer or you will have to go into your computer and run the new disk drive you will now see

      Install the game (you will have to guess the next button, it usually has a N inside of all the moonrunes though)

      Once its done, then you can run the english patch.

      And then finally, you should have a working, english, visual novel.

      Hope this helps someone ~

  46. izaya says:

    why does i have mg_gra.mbl error in the end?

    • PlasticMaterials says:

      Greetings from 2017. Anyone having this error, try to just exit and re-launch. I got it at the “maid fashion show” scene and all the BGs and CG were broken. I relaunched the program and everything was working again.

  47. mathus says:

    Love it! Loli! Hope there is more like this

  48. XIII says:

    I’ve been playing some VN lately. One day I installed this new VN and press the full screen button. The game didn’t go to full screen, the size remain the same but all other things beside the game is black. Anyone know how to fix this? Usually I only got black bar on the right and left side of the screen, but now it stuck in 800×600 resolution even when i’m in full screen mode.

  49. 12345 says:

    english patch download not working?

  50. 16.5 says:

    Need Help!! why when i save the game then i load it
    theres a screen error occur
    What should i do

  51. guest says:

    To solve the black screen, open up the settings and go to sound settings. Click on the voices button. After you click the close button, the game will start. Dont ask why it works. It just does.

  52. Blackreaper214 says:

    hi thanks for the game but i have a problem when i try to start it the window open but it is black and nothing happen pleas help

    • Freelancer says:

      The same thing happens here. A black screen and the game stops. The only thing I can do is open the settings using the mouse.

      • PassingByAllyofJustice says:

        In Windows 7, it was fixable by disabling the audio service. Problem being that you won’t be able to hear the in game sfx.

  53. V3 says:

    I’m using windows 8… and um can this still work? I’ve mounted the iso and tried to run setup in compatibility but it won’t work, and the patch refuses to recognize the mounted image… Help? I’m rather new to all of this and this is the first game I’ve had to download in parts, should I patch them? How can I?

    • alexismaster says:

      I think you should instal the game first, and then apply the patch

      On the other side,
      I read taht Windows 8 had some problem with some eroges and patches

    • williamjcm says:

      You should use Daemon Tools or Alcohol 52% to mount the image, if possible as the first drive after your HDD.

  54. Hatsue says:

    Can someone help me?
    I’m always getting this “cannot read game data” and then the game actually opens but there is some kind of message in japanese and can’t get the game to run properly.

  55. Erogamer says:

    Can’t make the game to work

  56. Erogamer says:

    I can’t make the to work

  57. Meh.... says:

    Here’s how you can easily install, if you were wondering…

    1) Download all rar files and patch.
    2) Extract
    3) Mount the file (extracting the setup file directly often
    doesn’t work).
    4) Mount with any image mounting software. (daemon tools doesn’t work with windows 7)
    5) run the patch (the patch installs the game from the mounted file)
    6) Play 🙂

    Notes: There is a walkthrough in gamefaq.
    Also sometimes the intro screen freezes (it happened to me).
    If it does wait a bit.
    also the opening screen may freeze. If it does restart the game.

  58. Yuichi says:

    nvm i only dl the english patch like a dumbass -_-

  59. Yuichi says:

    its said i need a CD… what do i do?

  60. daniel says:

    anyone know how to install the actual game? im new to these kind of things. (i downloaded it in 4 parts)

  61. lost child says:

    anything else like this vn

  62. Ol' D says:

    Where are all these “VN Scrubs” coming from???

  63. Shaun says:

    I have to say after just finishing this VN (even though I did not unlock all the CG’s & scenes which means I will need to play through it again to do so) it is a very nice story and a Emotional Roller coaster to put it bluntly I’ve never experienced this kind of emotion this strongly in anything before and I am being honest here, sure there was H-Scenes but it was not like what you normally see in a Hentai VN or Animation (I would not even classify this VN has Hentai to begin with) and I will just leave it at that since I don’t want to spoil this fine VN for anyone.

  64. Keiko says:

    I tried downloading the English patch, and it won’t install because I don’t have the actual disc. Do I have to buy the game separately?? I’m really confused o.o

    • Shaun says:

      You have to Mount the ISO Image before running the English Patch once you do the English Patch will install the full game and then you can play it via the shortcut it places on your desktop.

  65. Jericho says:

    I played the game yesterday. It was fine.

    Today, I started it, and I got a black screen. No logo. No nothing.
    Altering the sound settings does nothing. Compatibility settings do nothing.

    -running Windows 7.

    • Dornedas says:

      I had the same problem.
      Are you running winamp or another music player? If yes close it.
      Then start the game and do the sound setting/voices thing.
      Restart the player. Now you can use the menu.
      Worked for me.

  66. iveyflame says:

    How do you make the dialogue be in english i downloaded the english patch and pressed the button to the left of the read me watched the blue bar nothing happend on the screen so i pressed the button above the read me(not sure what the buttons say) game seamed to load the game screen was in english pressed start and the dialouge was in jap. help please.

    • iveyflame says:

      never mind i fixed it my self by taking almost all of the files from the regular verson and pasted it to the english verson and now it works.

  67. naddestroyer says:

    *minor spoilers*!!!!

    Did anyone lol really hard when the main character took the male enhancement pills in Risa’s route and he has to explain it to her? The conversation really had me laughing pretty hard. Particularly the monkey comment.

  68. thelegaard says:

    hey i have a problem when i try to play this VN.

    it doesn’t matter if its the english or the japaness verson, but i just gtet a black screen. i can access settings and such, but i can’t actually play the VN. i was wondering if anyone could help me with this problem, as i really want to play the VN.

    • naddestroyer says:

      I would suggest reading the comments before asking questions and most often they have had those problems solved. I had the same problem and I did this.

      Fai says:

      April 19, 2012 at 2:27 am

      For those of you that are getting stuck at the logo:
      1. Click “Settings” on the menu bar
      2. Navigate to the “Sound settings” tab on the “Settings” dialog.
      3. Press the “Voices” button in the group box labeled “Volume”
      4. Press the “Close” button and it should now continue without any problems.

  69. MuvLuvforever says:

    It’s been a while since I’ve played this but I thought I once saw while researching the HCG’s that there was a uncensored Japanese version of this VN. Does anyone know anything about this because I’ve searched myself and found nothing so far.

  70. Aesirvanir says:

    Love the story. Almost cried in one scene

  71. Anon says:

    Thank you very much ^^

  72. SilentSun says:

    the first comment in this page doesn’t make sense it made me LOL and say WTF?!?!?!?! It’s like some 2 years old that doesn’t even know what he is download… -_-

  73. ... says:

    Uh… not to sound stupid, but… how do you open the game?

  74. Flamers says:

    hmm I haven’t played it yet (still downloading) but reading the review it seems the begining is similar with the chobits anime/manga story, I wondering if there’s a chobits eroge too

  75. Ben Wilson says:

    I downloaded this last night but I cant figure out where the English patch goes and I’m also stuck on the logo screen yay me
    please help

    • Gogetters says:

      I’m going to assume you’re running Windows 7? It’s a issue with Windows Audio.

      Play a music or a video file while you start the game. You can close the it after the menu loads.

  76. ryuushima says:

    download seems to be working again , thanks for the quick fix admin.

  77. dirt joe says:

    I am having problems with the font, I was wondering how to fix the weird spacing with the I’s and the m’s and such

  78. Justalurker9 says:

    When I start up the game, it comes up with an error message and then continues to a blank screen. Tried the “Setting-Voice-Button-Click” but it didn’t work.

  79. Valk says:

    Admin, the links don’t work for me.

    I checked it yesterday and today just to make sure, but only part 1 works. Can you please fix this?

    Thank you.

  80. Jayi says:

    should use more torrents, ty for upload btw.

  81. Pero says:

    i have another one and its an iso file so i clicked on it and ut gets stuck as soon as i click on it sometimes at the logo so i decided to do the thing that Fai said but when i clicked on the dropdown bars at the top everything was in question marks and there was no words xD. can someone help once again?

  82. Pero says:

    Oh my god this is so annoying D: I downloaded it and then tried to play it and it says that the procedure entry point ogg_stream_reset_serialno could not be locared in the dynamic library ogg.dll.Can someone help please?.

  83. c0var1ant says:

    The main character is such a badass. That’s all I have to say about this VN. Instant favorite!

  84. onic1000 says:

    The link for part 4 is not working right.

  85. Nomnom says:

    While this site is great, and about the only place i can get things like this, i wish it didn’t use DA, with their download speed restriction, going at 24kbs, I download other things at 2mbs, did the other filesharing sites go down as well?

    • Shaun says:

      I had no issues downloading the parts and I downloaded at around 200KBps to 340KBps using JDownloader which makes downloading from DA that much easier sure you still have to fill in the Captcha but its the only thing you really have to do since JDownloader does the rest.

  86. Madness Returns says:

    I have been trying to get this one to work for a while but I need some help. I downloaded all the .rar and the patch but then all I get is a MDS file that says WANKO and a massive Virtual CloneDrive. This happens every time and when I run the .exe on the patch it won’t work. I also don’t get all the other files that come with it. Please help.

  87. I'mOnABlimp says:

    Any other good games like this I enjoyed it alot

    • hecrapan says:

      I actually asked that same thing so i recomend you follow “lemonthelime” advice and play edelweiss. I cried like a little girl in the hinata ending.

  88. hecrapan says:

    You have to mount the image in order to INSTALL the game after that you can remove it and play whit out it.

    However you dont need to change your system locale its just to prevent erros and crashes due to incompatibilities, i didnt change my locale and i can play it just fine.

  89. TheCrowsHauntYou says:

    Uuu… Does this game really require mounting images? I’ve no problem with looking at FAQ for changing my locale, but i really can’t just apply the patch and play from there? T_T

  90. Mr. Jq says:

    Beautiful! Honestly Id say it would be better without the H scenes…..I nearly cried at the ending (Risa route)

    • Vizel says:

      I hear you man. That hurt my chest as well and I felt really close to crying.

    • KaneSalvatore says:

      i did cry at the end of the risa route.. but i played nadeshiko first (played without a walkthrough), so the ending of risa’s with mikan not wanting puppies was really sad (though the dog-napping kind of built up tears then anything in the nadeshiko route)

  91. Ookami says:

    Hi when i select New game or one of the other buttons the game freezes and i can’t do anything, can anyone help me pls? XD

  92. Sir says:


    i hope someone can help me.

    I have install the game and download the english patch. But i do not know how i make the game in english.

    When i start the setup of wanku to kurasou it is not in english and because of this i cannot install it.

    • Friendly assistance says:

      The button to the left of “read me???” is the install button. just hit it and watch the blue progress bar on top go. hope this helped.

    • Shaun says:

      Mount the ISO Image then run the English Patch and after that just run the shortcut the English Patch places on your desktop and you will no longer need the ISO Image mounted after you run the English Patch.

  93. lemonthelime says:

    This game has a nice story to it :D.

  94. hecrapan says:

    I have just finished playing through both arcs and ive got to say i really enjoyed it. Dos anyone knows another eroge like this?

  95. JJrBenis says:

    True, thanks

  96. Fai says:

    For those of you that are getting stuck at the logo:
    1. Click “Settings” on the menu bar
    2. Navigate to the “Sound settings” tab on the “Settings” dialog.
    3. Press the “Voices” button in the group box labeled “Volume”
    4. Press the “Close” button and it should now continue without any problems.

  97. Azure says:

    when I load up the game the screen is just black, anyway to fix this

  98. Karasu says:

    All the games I’ve downloaded from this site so far haven’t required any specific instructions, is there anything I need to do? Do I just extract, apply patch and play? Or does it require Japanese locale, mounting CD images? etc.

    An answer would help because I don’t want to rush into this like the noob I am.

    • admin says:

      This one requires both japanese locale and mounting the image. If you need any help you can check “faq” section of this website for instructions how to do it.

      • Karasu says:


      • Shaun says:

        In my experience with installing this VN the Japanese Locals are not required because you do not run the actual ISO Image but only mount it then run the English Patch and then run the shortcut it places on your desktop and will no longer need the ISO Image mounted.

  99. Marc Of Love And Peace says:

    May I also add that it seems like you do not like the story. IF that is the case then don’t base how good the story on if you like it or not. Learn to judge a story based on many different points in the game and look at how the characters started out, were at the start and how they were at the end.

  100. Marc Of Love And Peace says:

    do not pay attention to what Miguel says. The story is really great. Anyone who is like me and likes a good proper story will love this game. the pictures are great, nice music that matches the mood. If you want a game that cares more for the story and characters then h stuff then this is your game. With that said there is lots of h stuff for you to look at and all of the stuff is nice sex not any hate-filled evil sex. This game is for people who like start and/or people who like happy sex and dog girls that welcome you home and want to be praised by you.

    This is a all time fav of mine.

    • COSPLAY:D says:

      I agree. This game has such a touching story. It develops the plot and gets you really involved in it. My favorite VN of all time! (and I’ve played a lot) Only thing I wish it had was the bird pets. I like a lot of things and this game had all of them. Little yuri, some loli, cat girl, dog girls, and oh so much more.

    • Djorrum says:

      The sex scenes, especially with the anthropoids, had my eyes rolling, but somehow I managed to ignore them and focus on the actual story, which is very good and could stand on its own apart from the H-scenes. The main character was very complex, but not to the point where you couldn’t identify with him. His backstory is interesting and revealed gradually, which is nice if you’ve grown accustomed to having to wade through pages and pages of exposition that you don’t care about.

      All in all, the story and execution is surprisingly good for the unnaturalness of the H-scenes.

  101. miguel says:

    quite the long novel. at first it looks like it doesnt have any H, but it has quite a few scenes, though no animations. and its also censored. theres a song/video that plays out of nowhere while youre reading and you think its over without any H, but thats only the OP. this is a very long novel. I read it first, then followed other decisions in a different playthrough holding down the skip(ctrl) key, and the novel ended around 45 minutes later holding down ctrl. thats ALOT of reading. story is quite meh. and the main character often changes for a scene or two.

    overall not a very good novel, the pictures are good, but the story, lack of animations, censoring, and length(couldve been alot shorter considering the story wasnt worthy of length) make it not worth most peoples time.

    might fancy the loli fans out there, but for the rest your better off withsomething else.

    • biskmater says:

      I am not sure if you are aware of this Miguel, but the vast majority of VN and eroge do not have any sort of animation at all. So it is hardly fair to count that as a minus. If you are looking for games with animated sexual scenes, I would suggest you look for games by Softhouse seal, not that any of their games have ever been translated.

    • COSPLAY:D says:

      If you don’t like it then don’t play it. I myself really like this VN I think it is one of the best I have ever played.

    • lightningleone2034 says:

      Well i guess someone had to be the negative review and I applaud your criticism, but If your looking for animated sex scenes and uncensored CG try the Sagara Family, or the Horny Bunnies series.

    • Shaun says:

      If that is how you view this VN then its best you just avoid them because that is how all VN’s play out.

      For me this VN is interesting and has a very nice story (I won’t spoil anything so don’t worry about that). I’m happy just by reading this VN.

      About mounting the ISO image once you install the English Patch you no longer need it mounted and just run the exe the English Patch creates on your desktop, you actually don’t even run the ISO image by itself you only mount it then run the English Patch and that is all it takes.

  102. Matthew says:


    Unrecognized East-Asian language’s got nothin’ on me!

    However, Admin. If I download too many VN’s and mount too many images, will my laptop recognize that it thinks it has more than one disc in it?

    • Disky says:

      I think it depends on the OS and mounter used. Generally it should recognize all drives but in some cases it will only recognize the drive you used to install the game.

      In any case, shouldn’t you just un-mount the games you’ve installed? Playing a VN doesn’t require the image to be mounted anyways so there’s no point in having them mounted all the time.

    • xDarkness says:

      who the heck is mounting MOAR than one game images at a time? You can’t play moar than 1 game a time anyway, so y u just exchange the images if u wanna play a different game? I mean for most mounting programs you just have to double click, and sometimes it even automatically mounts the needed image if you just double click your desktop-shortcut…

  103. Nakashima Hatsuharu says:

    amazing game! like the idea of anthropoid animals and wish they exsisted!

  104. ADK says:

    Lets see:

    Dowloaded files and patch – Check
    Unzipped File – Check
    Extracted file from both ISO and MDS – Check
    Started SETUP.EXE – Check
    Set up page is full of ?’s – Check

    Not sure what to do from there, everyone has a different way of doing these. I used IsoBuster for the extraction. So far, this has worked for the majority of games I’ve downloaded on this site: Lets Meow Meow, Downhill Night, Fate/Stay Night, Tsukihime and Yume Miru Kusuri. Oh, and I’m not sure the system locale as the instructions were always weird and I was afraid I would do something and not be able to change it afterwards. Help please?

  105. Very happy user says:

    ok…. new loli game found… let the fun begin

  106. Common Bystander says:

    I tried playing this game and randomly after it working fine for a month, I get stuck at the Ivory load screen right when the game starts. Anybody know how to fix this?

  107. kerberuz says:

    mediafire link is dead .. 🙁

  108. wintair says:

    That tip, to play a video and have it paused worked, to sop the black screen from apearing! wow.

  109. wintair says:

    I get a black screen when i try to play? how can i fix this?

  110. Anon says:

    How do I install the english patch? I’m fairly computer illiterate so laymen terms would help.

  111. laughing_man says:

    Sitting here for 9 months without me downloading it.. how the hell did i miss a game with a cute little neko-alternative?

  112. Whoa says:

    I thought this one was going to be weird as fuck, but it’s actually pretty heart warming and nice.

  113. Shunrei says:

    There’s nothing corrupted, i checked the game, it played well

    • Erogeplayer says:

      Every Time i try to extract the files it say’s

      CRC failed in WankoToKurasou\WANKO.ISO. The file is corrupt

      Packed data CRC failed in WankoToKurasou\WANKO.ISO. The volume is corrupt

      I downloaded this after it was put back up

  114. Erogeplayer says:

    Can someone else confirm if the first file is corrupted, i’ve downloaded it a few time’s but it keeps saying it’s corrupted

  115. FrisbeeManiac says:

    I really loved this game thanks admin! Although I really wanted Nadeshiko to end up with Yuuichi but I’m happy she was able to settle down and have a happy life. Risa’s ending was so heartwarming especially when Mikan returns. Almost cried right there and then

    • KaneSalvatore says:

      Nadeshiko route is the best imo since everyone is happier (expect the MC and Risa i guess) .. in the end mikan, kotarou/kaie, and nadeshiko have/had kids, mikan wants more, silvie wants puppies

      Risa route is more heartwarming/sad, and not just the dognapping .. in the end mikan doesn’t want puppies and neither does silvie, even kaie being forced to marry and have puppies is sad (though i don’t really like kaie)

  116. Yaho says:

    I started getting an error at 5/10 which says ????mg_gra.mbl??????. (the question marks may be jap since i installed the game with the english patch)
    Just wondering if it is corrupt files or something that is spooking?

  117. spaz says:

    weird using the games own menu to make it work, but useful.
    getting the nadeshiko route is like a nuetral/bad ending XD. Although I preferred the Risa route, which sad a lot more sadness and was more along the lines of what I would consider a true route. Was a short, but enjoyable game. But i swear everytime I hear the word “heat” from now on, my mind will go strange places.

  118. SinSky says:

    Wow, thanx for eveyone Advice about music program, you are the best… simply play any music program and click wanko exe viola the game started out of nowhere….. Thanx a lot for you and ADMIN, you are the best!!!

  119. danterevan says:

    one of the best ive played with a great story

  120. funnybugfixes says:

    yeah lol… it worked when i open windows media player… black screen gone

  121. Guerra says:

    The ending did it for me T~T it got me so good after the credits they went over their future. It was so nice kotarou looks the same in the end to me and nadeshiko settled down and also mikan became so beautiful i just couldnt help me self it made me cry and i still have tears lol. This was the first eroge i was able to play and to me it was the best.

    ~tyvm to the ppl that created this
    and the ppl that put this eroge up
    on the net.

    • KaneSalvatore says:

      i went through without a walkthrough and got the nadeshiko route first .. kind of regret playing the risa route mikan seems so much happier in the end of nadeshiko route

  122. nenekokun says:

    hey just to ask, but is there a censor patch? or can someone make one please <3 i really like this art style, but i hate censor 🙁

    • admin says:

      It’s japanese law requirement to cover genitalia with mosaics.
      There’s no uncensor patch for this game, and most likely there won’t be one – game got translated quite long time ago, so noone is interested in making one.

      • nenekokun says:

        ok thats fine, its still a great game :D. btw do you know if they are coming out with an english patch for 「お姉ちゃんどうしよう。ぼく、触手生えちゃった」? in english its “my sisters like eachother, so i grew tentacles” or something like that. i listened to some soundbytes and went to the website and it looks like a great eroge(at least it looks like one) could u do some research on this for me?

  123. Anon says:

    I have a problem I need help with, the VN itself works fine except for a few things, those being the config/save/load menus, they all show up blank(just grey) any way I can fix this?

  124. Steven says:

    i give it 75%
    Nadeshiko route wasn’t that good
    but overall a good game
    i <3 Mikan

  125. Master Extracter says:

    to anyone who has installed the game and gets a black screen do the following.

    – Right click
    – select SETTINGS
    – select the SOUND SETTINGS tab
    – click the button that says VOICES (it might be hard to see so look hard)
    – click the CLOSE button and you should be in the clear.

    • warrof says:

      I just wanted to say that this game works perfectly on Windows XP Home Edition. Without doing anything too weird

  126. helps says:

    help it keeps taking me to burn it on to a disk y

  127. RandomGamer says:

    wow i didnt have asian letters installed and i did install this no probs

  128. Eh... says:

    Mmm… Nifty, English Patch…
    May have to replay this game to see the diff from machine translation.

  129. Random45 says:

    Wow, I really liked this one.

    Like someone said earlier, it has quite a lot of H-scenes in it, but oddly enough, despite that, it actually has a touching story that was actually pretty damn sad at parts of it. Risa’s path is a lot of fun, and I have no idea why anyone would choose Nadeshiko over her. I’ll admit that I didn’t do Nadeshiko’s path, but the story just made it seem like Risa was the canon choice to me, plus, the weird familyish thing between Risa, Yuuichi, Mikan, and Silvie is very heart-warming.

    So yeah, fun game. I like all the characters really, and it goes on for roughly 10-15 hours depending on how fast you are.

    Definitely one of the better types of these games I have played. Though I think my next choice will have a little less H-scenes in it, just because they get kind of distracting after a while.

    • KaneSalvatore says:

      i agree the familyish end for the risa route is nice (other then SPOILER Mikan and Silvie not wanting puppies SPOILER)

      but Nadeshiko Route is better .. since everyone other then the MC and maybe Risa are happier

  130. marunekochan says:

    Wow that fix was really random! but finally i can play it!!!! o3o shota character u said? mmm i hope there’s a route >.<!
    Awesome page admin!

  131. Danilo Antunes says:

    Nice game,Go Lolis!
    Thank admin.

  132. Guardiangamer says:

    I am trying to install the game but it says it requires yhe disc. Please help

  133. Aereon says:

    it’s not something wrong, i used mplayer and it opens every font on the system before starting the music so its related to the fonts used on the patch.

    Later =D

  134. xFlareon says:

    The fix to the black screen is simple; There’s something wrong with an audio driver or something: to get it past the black screen you need simply play any kind of sound (my favorite method is opening the volume mixer and clicking the bar to get windows to play the little beeping noise). After that, a screen with Ivory on it should appear and then the music should start and the game’s homescreen should appear. I can’t take credit for this fix, I saw it myself on a forum somewhere before i even downloaded the game.

    Thanks to the random person that posted this fix before i found it!


  135. ene13 says:

    holy crap that is SO RANDOM

    so i had the black screen the guy above me was talking about

    then i opened itunes

    and BAM! it works!

    thanks bruh!

  136. Aeon says:

    Brilliant story. A little heavy on the quantity of H-scenes for my taste, but it had me in tears. Definately worth putting up with the bugs. Make sure to save once you get past the movie, and I found disabling the BGM and SE helped with crash frequency. Just keep trying.

  137. crazyshit says:

    (i did not originaly post this)

    I am running Windows 7 Home 64-bit. (Soon to be Pro.)

    You don’t need to change compatibility settings or modify anything, at least I didn’t have too.

    All you have to do is click settings then sounds (You can leave BGM, voices, etc all checked) clicked the radio button that says “voices” on the right side next to the sliders once and then just click the close button and the game should start no problems! (havent tryed it yet)

  138. Flan says:

    I had the black screen for a while, but I think I found a fix.
    I was listening to music and decided to try the game again. I paused the song and opened the game and it worked. I got curious as to why it worked and closed all programs and opened the game again. Black screen again. The I opened my music program and then opened the game and it suddenly worked!

    So a potential fix is the have a music program or a video player open it the background, paused of course.

  139. dek says:

    the black screen disappeared for some reason and i was able to play. but a ween later the black screen appeared again >:(

  140. Gnasher Zero says:

    a lot of people seem to have the same problem i do

    In which weve downloaded game and english patch but still have just a black screen plzzzz someone help us :/

  141. Arthur Alonzo says:

    you know what nevermind i got the game to work and i just finished it ….it made me cry i love this game….Admin u have the best website lol

  142. Arthur Alonzo says:

    Oh Wow I Got It Instal but now im getting nothing but a black screen….lol i dont know y i cant get this one game out of the 10 i have to work lol now i feel like a noob….can you guys give me like a step by step play on how you did it?

  143. Arthur Alonzo says:

    Admin Help Me please…. I Downloaded all the files and the patch….so what should i do after i extract?

  144. Arthur Alonzo says:

    how do i use the english patch ….when i try to install the game it says The DVD Cant Be Found, Please Insert The Corect Disc Into Your DVD Drive, Then Click Next….y would it tell me that?

  145. Magithegood says:

    I just finished this game I think it pretty good. The story was sad to me : :. Only thing is if u can’t stand loli don’t play this cause 1/2 the characters are loli character oh, and there one shota character…

  146. awkwardusername says:

    ok. doesn’t seem to work on my windows 7 pro system.

    i have applocale, and i used it to run “Setup.exe” on a virtual drive.

    then, managed to guess what the big button does, in which, install it to something like “C:YivoryYwanko, with Y as the Japanese Yen sign.

    then, ran the patch, and when i opened the game thru wanko.exe, a screen shows with the familiar and functional menubar, settings and such, which brings me to the following annoyance.

    the screen itself doesn;t show anything. All black. nothing, at all. tried to install and run without patch, same results.\\ running applocale on the patch and installer, bummer.

    any suggestions??

  147. Ignite says:

    No Silvie’s route??? MAN….Such a turn off..Well i guess i will try to get her CGs. Thanks for the game btw

  148. otakun says:

    how do i install the english patch with the game?

  149. king98765 says:

    i like the part where mikan escape and return after a long time…i almost cry

  150. Cady says:

    Is this all ages or 18+? And is it good? I’m just looking for opinions here.

    • shaun1788 says:

      I thought that it had a very good story and it does have 18+ parts in it…alot of them but they are censored unfortunaly, I think that overall that the story is good and the sex is okay.

  151. noob1 says:


  152. StormShaun says:

    I would of liked to see a Mikan only path since she is soo cute and also could of been a diffirent ending, but the story is great and the ending is okay to my standerds, it should of made more paths (like Clannad) but I didnt mind. Mabey the same company could make another one exept their are single people paths and you can actually have a relationship with the dog…like actually love them, but thats my thoughts though.

    Also why did they make them more dog then human, since they live for about twenty years or so…it make it more sad.

    Also very sad ending and also when are saw Mikan as an adult, I was like “I should of dated her instead!”, I wish their was a better ending for Mikan.

    but thanks for the awesome uplode, it was a great time.

  153. Anonymous says:

    I loved this game! This is my second 100% completion Visual Novel (the first being an older one called “One ~Kagayaku Kisetsu e~”) the story was awesome, and I love the story, character development (especially for Risa-chan’s route) and just the feel of the game itself. However there were a few parts of the game I didn’t like very much.

    *spoiler alert*
    Although I know that they’re not actually humans, not to mention the fact it’s a fictional game that has a bunch of cat/dog people, but it feels like their love for their masters is kind of artificial. I mean, the only one who actually wanted a real relationship with their master was Kaie, and the rest of them just decided to have sex with their masters, even if they weren’t in heat. And when Yuuichi started to take the pills, it felt more like they were there to sate his lust, rather then the other way around, which is what the pills were for in the first place.

    Overall, this was a pretty awesome game, and is easily one of my favorite stories of all time, but it could have used some work when it started to descend into constant sex near the second half.

    • mistersister says:

      I think the meaningless sex is to solidify the fact that they are indeed not human; to real dogs and cats, sex means nothing. They don’t get attached to any other animal they have sex with, making Kaie a strange exception. The constant h-scenes at the end were annoying though 😛

      I would be interested in a sequel if they introduce bird type anthropoids, seeing as how birds DO get attached to whoever they mate with, and many birds mate for life.

  154. mistersister says:

    For some reason, the voices stopped playing. I was reading it and everything worked normally, and then during a scene with Risa, the voices suddenly stopped playing. I loaded a save from earlier and even started a new game, but all the voices stopped altogether. I’m thinking I accidentally hit a button that made it mute the voices, but I can’t find anything that would suggest I muted it in the settings… help?

    • mistersister says:

      Correction: The voices play, but are so incredibly quiet that I have to put my ear next to the speaker to hear them, even at a high volume. The voice volume is at max, though… and even when I turn the “BGM” volume to minimum (off?) it doesn’t actually stop, just gets a little less loud… should I just try to do a repair of the install or what?

  155. Greyfus says:

    I don’t know why, but every time I try and run this game, I get nothing but a black game screen. I installed the game, then installed the english patch, and all I get when I run the game is the game screen, the buttons at the top, and black.

    • Lamia says:

      This is a common bug for Windows 7 & Vista, to work around it, click Settings, go to the Sound settings tab, and in the Volume box, press the Voices button. This will play a sound sample from the game. Now close the Settings window and the game should run just fine. The downside is you’ll have to do this every time you start the game.

  156. myac says:

    I keep getting a “???? mg_gra.mbl ??????.” error. I found a walkthrough and went with Risa’s path. Been holding CTRL to skip the scenes. XP SP3, everything runs fairly well but the parts I assume are Risa-specific aren’t showing any BG and I keep getting that error.

    • myac says:

      Nevermind, it’s probably because I was CTRL-skipping. I’ll try it on the next run through actually just clicking, so maybe it won’t mess up.

  157. anonymouse says:

    Hum, this game works with no Japanese locale. Strange.

  158. gamer69 says:

    part 2 link is broken

  159. Inukoro says:

    Megaupload link plz. fileserve is blocked on my place so i can’t download it.

  160. Inukoro says:

    link is dead. plz reupload it. i still haven’t download the 2nd part.

  161. Zaros says:

    is this censored

  162. naran says:

    the links have been removed

  163. ms. Eroge says:

    im using windows 7 too.

  164. ms. Eroge says:

    hi. excuse me. what should i do after downloading the 2 parts? will i extract it both in one folder? what do i need to do? please help me. this is my first time. thanks.

  165. Mirro_Soud says:

    Omg I love this game! I feel like no other VN will be able to compete on the same level.. hard to explain but other VN draws you into their own world so much that you fall in love with that style ONLY. This game is more about life values – which I thoroughly enjoyed n_n
    I love the artwork! its so cute and the voice was BEAUTIFULLY done – made me want to learn this sexy language. The people who made this game are geniuses – not plot wise but I wouldnt expect others to understand.
    people may argue that its plotless. to some extent, it is boring compared to other ‘great’ VNs
    the protag relates to me alot and is quite philosophical for such a ero game. Id say people who first start playing VN should choose this one.
    well thats my bias 😛

  166. Felis says:

    Thanks for uploading, it works great!

    The only thing is the black screen at first startup, which is easily fixed by routing to

    Settings > Sound Settings

    In the “Volume” box, hit the “Voice” button. You’ll hear a short speaking part, hit “Close” and the game will start!

  167. Help! says:

    Can u help me in my problem because when i finish download it there some sayings in winzip that is say “Error Message”
    Please help me

  168. The Rater says:

    Edit: For some reason it didnt save my text, i put

    Story:B The characters are likeable and cute, though you can only try to get in a relationship with 2 of them. Never really learn a lot about a large set of the cast even after getting 100%

  169. The Rater says:


    The story is very well presented and the player is immersed into the world where anthropoid animals exist. The characters are very likeable and cute. The art is very cute as well. The voice actors really fit their parts and make the dogs sound very cute. The ero scenes are cute as well… Okay basically this game is really CUTE. Kotarou is probably the sexiest character in the game and shes still cute, so the ero scenes are geared towards cuteness factor.

  170. Kain says:

    thanks for the games, your website is great.
    i hope you can add more eroges here in the future.

  171. whut says:

    it said i need the cd wat am i ganna do? i use the um window xp

  172. FallenAngel says:

    Man…The Ending Mikan only grow up? But i enjoy it.

  173. Nyte says:

    good game, really worth the time.

  174. -Honami- says:

    Excuse me, I’m new to this site and want to ask how exactly you can install these eroge on the pc? Just download and then?
    Sry if this question was stupid, but I’m also not found any answer in the FQA?

  175. Ichiro says:

    Lots of noobs posting questions on this one, anyways thanks for the download, you guys are awesome. For the noobs out there, download the software they have on the site downloads and read the instructions on how to use them, then mess with the program a little and if you still can figure out how to do it, then you should post a question in the comments not before, remember this isn’t a forum.

  176. renko says:

    Im running Win xp and i have the game installed the only problem is that when i try and install the patch it says
    ” The setup files are corrupted. please obtain a new copy of the porgram” ive tryed installing it in a differnt place, idk what the hell it looks for.

  177. VNL says:

    Fix for BSoD (Black Screen of Death when first starting game)

    This is for Windows users!

    I am running Windows 7 Home 64-bit. (Soon to be Pro.)

    You don’t need to change compatibility settings or modify anything, at least I didn’t have too.

    All you have to do is click settings then sounds (You can leave BGM, voices, etc all checked) clicked the radio button that says “voices” on the right side next to the sliders once and then just click the close button and the game should start no problems!

  178. biribiri says:

    lol, questions being answered.

  179. ahhhhh says:

    alright… i tried the DAEMON thing and i can’t get it to work it still says i need a CD someone please explain in detail please! lol i’v tried everything!

  180. Hahaha89449 says:

    Thanks a lot awesome game and translation. Is it even possible to de-censor this game? Don’t get me wrong I love this game, but it would be cool. Thanks again for the wonderful translation.

  181. ONI-CHAN says:

    Thanks for the upload.

  182. ciccio566 says:

    solved the problem, apparently the game problems with Vista but if you start with a video. AVI is forced to start

  183. ciccio566 says:

    I have a problem, installed the patch and the game but when I run it I have only a black window without patch someone can help me?

  184. fatestalker says:

    AH!!~ I just want to say that this game is the best, especially the story.
    Thank you~
    Arigatou gozaimasu~

  185. marunee says:

    BTW…i’m using windows 7 too o3o

  186. marunee says:

    OTL, i can’t hear the voices, (well i dun think that kills me) but all i see is a bunch of symbols insted of the story T^T, please help me?

  187. Eyne says:

    Everyone that I know who has played this game says it’s messed up. I’ll be the judge of that.

    Either way thanks, I’ve been looking for this for a while.

  188. NyaNyaNeko-Chan says:

    So this is my first time downloading and Eroge. I have some questions regarding installation. First off I’m running a custom dell PC, on Windows XP. How will I get the english patch installed? Are there instructions someone can link to me?

  189. rio425ee says:

    hello im running fedora 13(which has software built in to mount things) but im not sure what to do after i unrar both isos it there a reason for there being 2 separate files(like a 2 disc installation) or am supposed to combine them somehow? any halp would be appreciated =]

    • fikrikurogane says:

      if you use fedora i think it is better you find the software from fedora package manager to mounting the image files.

  190. yuki says:

    hmm why care about censor i just like the story

  191. admin says:

    This is fan translation of japanese game. All japanese games need to be censored – that’s how japanese law works.

  192. Shakarr says:

    Ehhh it’s censored 🙁

  193. doodles says:

    i’m running this game on windows 7 & xp. and for some reason when I ran the game, I got a black screen.

    I figured out how to fix it so just wanted to share.

    go to settings –> sound settings –> voice (under BGM)

    there should be some voices (duh) that you hear and then. press close.

    then it should play.

  194. Same problem as Helpless! says:

    Hey carmoldu what’s the daemon tools?
    and how do i do that zip thing D:?!?!?

  195. carmoldu says:

    Helpless I got the same problem as you but I found out that with daemon tools you can use the zip file called wanko as an image.

  196. Helpless Killer says:

    I’m using windows 7 and it asks for the cd but there is no cd image there.

  197. Austin says:

    How exactly do I play this game?

  198. Johna says:

    I’m running into a problem that it just becomes a bunch of incomprehensible nonsense that is written, both in the installation and in the actual game :S is this because i have windows 7 per chance? please do answer if you know a way to solve this ^.^

  199. graham says:

    Thanks. I was thinking of changing the file extension to .exe, but I’m not sure what good it’d do, but now I’m pretty much good with trying anything.

  200. admin says:

    I never tried to run this game on wine, since i use separate PCs for work (ubuntu) and gaming (windows), but it works fine under windows.

    • chaos_kun says:

      um. . .can I play this on win XP 32 bit ?
      cuz I look on other web this game must play in at least 64 bit. . ..

  201. graham says:

    I had a little problem.
    I’m trying this game out on Linux (more or less, Ubuntu actually) and when I try and run it (in a Windows emulator), the translation patch requires a CD, even though I’ve got the game downloaded already.
    Can you help me, or do I just need to get Windows?


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