“Let us live on this land so arid.”

KARAKARA. It is the sound of aridity. It is the sound of dry asphalt and sandy winds. It is the sound of relentless sunshine, as well as the sound of a withering race.

The “Age of Dusk.” It is a time of senescence for the human species, during which hybrids known as the “Others”—those who are human, yet not—exist in great numbers. On the windswept barrens of a land without moisture, a small gathering of people make their living in a world they no longer know. Down a stretch of highway and far from the heart of the town are two such people who run a small diner. To them, the circumstances that reshaped their world is of far less concern than the number of lunch boxes they can load into their delivery vehicle. After all, leaving customers hungry is not good for business, and business keeps them fed. Day after day, they occupy themselves with the endless work of their store. However, the comfortable monotony of their daily lives is turned on its head when they discover a large suitcase by the roadside on their way home from deliveries. Lying on the suitcase, unmoving, is a young girl with pink hair…

Though parched, they keep each other company, and while hollow, they fill each other’s voids.

So shall they live on this land so arid.

40 comments on “Karakara

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  2. I ‘ve dowload and install it
    but it’s not uncensored, mosaic appear in sex scene
    Is there a patch for uncensored version?

  3. Hi
    Everytime i try to download the page said that “KaraKaraUncensored.part1.rar was not found on this server.”
    Can anyone said me how can i download the game.
    I use Opera and chrome and my sisteme is windows 10

  4. it+was+really+nice+VN+with+low+weight+on+story+and+high+on+character+

  5. I+seem+to+be+having+a+problem,+the+game+won’t+render+anything.+When+I+start+it+up+it+launches+the+window,+I+can+hear+the+intro+sounds,+but+the+window+is+blank.+As+far+as+I+can+tell+the+game+seems+to+be+running+normally,+it’s+just+not+displaying+anything.+Anyone+else+have+this+problem?+Any+solutions?

    1. It would also appear that your comment system isn’t working right, those + signs are supposed to be spaces

  6. Now, this is the very definition of a moefag game. Creepy as fuck.

    Virgin Only heroes. Only one male. Perfect protagonist with no flaws. Everybody in love with said protagonist.
    Holy damn, it’s scary what it takes to keep those Hikikomoris from killing themselves over there.

    Decent dialogue, though, I’ll give it that. Rare in visual novels.

  7. Sekai project loves mosaics, and what’s up with this pseudo Loli with big titties?

    Anyway, thanks again Admin.

  8. damn im so dissapointed that its so short.
    they could have done so much with it. Lucia i will miss you…

  9. Man this was disappointing. Lucia’s a good character, but then Aisia comes and finally Lucia gets with the protag only to have the rest of the entire story ignore that and revolve around this retard they picked up on the side of the road. There was a lot of potential with this setting, and they wasted it on Aisia. What a waste of a game.

    1. Yeah, seriously, Lucia is the saving grace of this game for me. She has such a strong presence and was wasted in this too short of a game. And now she’ll be forgotten like the rest of the characters of irrelevant VN’s. Sad, I fell in love with her voice too. But well, the music was decent. I have nothing to say about Aisia though, I think she just took the brunt of the lazy writing this VN has.

  10. 80% of this game is cutting to the sky. I’ve never had a visual novel throw so many plot points at me that ultimately mean nothing. Music was cool, though.

  11. Very short game all and all with a underdeveloped plot.
    Good points are the character were cute and artsy.

  12. Hi there. Can you please please translate “Ochiru Hitozuma” by black lilith? I would so appreciate it.

    1. He doesnt translate games, all he does is host the files on the website, meaning these games are translated by others, he just cracks them.

    1. because they don’t delete links like all the others? They are shit true but that’s one solid reason and the filehost still works when they don’t add virus popups like they have many times before.
      I’m not helping their case am I?

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