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  1. Hi guys and admin, after I’ve finished all the endings in the game (except for Sakura’s route), the game does not start anymore. I think that it is suppose to give players a bonus content after finishing all endings. Please advice, Ty

  2. english prepatched is the english version of the game without need to put patch on it
    japanese is the original japanese iso of the game, that require a patch to be translated

  3. Is this game an ISO file or a folder? I just want to know because I will be playing this game on PPSSPP emulator. Also is this Non-H?

  4. it’s great.. hahaha it has many different route.. and can ended up with many different ending.. for example, you can ended up being ami’s servant, homo couple with kitamura, getting married with yuri-sensei, or working at NASA with kitamura & kanou sumire hahaha

  5. For some reason the sound doesn’t work, could anyone help me fix it? or at least tell me why it doesn’t work?

  6. Would this game be able to be played on the psp go since it would be downloaded or would it only work on the psp 1000? (sorry i’m new to playing VNs+eroges)

    1. im not sure but you need a cfw(custom firmware/jail broken psp) to play this one i guess, not sure with psp go though(it was like that in normal psp).
      if thats the case then its really easy, you can do it by yourself.

      simply search psp go cfw(with the version of your psp system, one that says 6.2 etc). follow the instruction on how to do it, but usually you simply place cfw inside your memory stick duo in the GAME folder after you downloaded it from the web and activate cfw. it starts up like the other psp game but after installing the cfw it simply goes back to your home screen like nothing happened. now all you need to do is to place this game(toradora portable) .iso to folder name ISO(or was it sth else?) and now you can see the game in your memory stick in your psp(if the cfw was installed right).

    1. no, this is pure romancing game but hey
      its damn good, now Ryuuji can finally romancing with Ami <3 lol

  7. um, I downloaded the -DA1Click: english prepatched game download- and I downloaded the -DA: english patch download- too

    Then, what to do next?

    Should I combine them?
    -If yes then how to do it?
    -If no alright then.

  8. Hi guys!.. I’m just new here and I want to play this game on my PSP so badly. Can someone help me? Or rather give me some steps so I could play. I already downloaded all files under “DA-free: English prepatched Game Download” and I don’t know what to do next. >.<
    Thank you in advance.. 😀

    1. Also downloaded the file under “DA-1click: English prepatched Game Download” but still can’t figure out what to do next.. Pls help me.

  9. Is this playable in android using a ppsspp emulator for android?

    After I DL the file~ gonna load directly the .iso for me to play the game?

  10. Hallo i am new in this kind of things i have a psp and want to play it in my psp. can anyone tell me how i put it on my psp. thanks before..

  11. when I try to load the .iso with ppsspp I just get a black screen, nothing loads, no sounds, or video. This is the pre-patched .iso any ideas anyone?

  12. hell yes!…thanks admin for the hardwork!..damn I don’t have psp but using psp emulator is good enough…encounter many problem but finally solve it on my own…jajaja

  13. im doing the 100 points route. at day 1/2 everytime im talking to minorin the screen on the psp goes pitch black? all in hearing is music

    1. hey dude i had the same problem as you and disabling the voice and autosave option in the option menu fixed the problem for me.

  14. Im playing using the ppsspp emulator and how do I turn on autoread??? Pressing all but nothing works. I turned it on by accident but can’t seem to find the button to trigger it.

  15. Anyone noticed the small tiger in the top corner of the screen during conversations? I’m still not sure why it’s there or why it “roars” at certain parts of the convo and “sleeps” at other parts of conversations too. Would appreciate if someone can explain.

  16. But wait I just realized this but I never installed a VN on a PsP. Does it need something like daemon tools or east asian language set up on it or something??

  17. OW DAMN! I can’t believe I would actually see this!
    I thought that they only translate pc visual novel.
    can’t believe I’m seeing this right now WOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

  18. anyone know how to unlock missing conversation ami(1/3)… i already got the key item(DVD) but i cant unlock the missing option T_T

  19. so, how can I get this to work on psp?
    I keep trying different ways of putting the 2 files into my psp, even trying only the other one and I just keep getting corrupted data.
    If somebody knows what I should do, please help.

  20. What must I do to play it on PSP. It doesn’t works if I simple copy the iso to G:\PSP\Game, so what must I do to play it?

    1. What do you mean? Prepatched means the english patch was already installed it means its in english text not jap
      and if you download the japanese it means its clean not still patched

    1. I was originally confused too, then I’ve realized that this like a supplement / fandisc for original manga/anime fans.

      Its not a standalone game per se, playing it this way is not enjoyable at all.

  21. This is pretty interesting… But does anyone know how to get the wooden sword (bokuto)? Rather, WHEN to get it? The internet only says to get it by succeeding in Taiga’s two-shot conversation, but that doesn’t occur in her 75 route! Apparently it occurs by returning to her apartment, but I haven’t found that either after playing it through multiple times, so can someone tell me when I return to the apartment and if there’s any prerequisites?

    1. I got the same case with Corpse Party and other PSP game. Some people in certain forum said to download Altec something (it’s at the top on one of the PPSSPP menu).

    1. What emulator do you use? You should use latest PPSSPP, game works more or less ok with it for me, the only problem I wasn’t able to solve is garbled/slowmo sound in dialogue minigames.

  22. Cute art, but most one of most tedious VN I’ve ever played – what’s up with this endless scavenger hunts, also to succeed you must pass dialogues on NEUTRAL (blue) apparently – had to lookup walkthrough to realize this.
    Without reading original VN most of plot does not make much chance and characters come as really silly/annoying. So guess will be dropping this one…

        1. Yeah, figured out this much.
          Judging from this game content, its yet another “slice of (school) life”, so won’t be wasting time on it, especially even knowing backplot does not make actual game mechanics any less tedious/annoying.

        2. The anime is different to the light novels in a few places, especially the ending. Read the books then decided if you wanna watch the anime/make yourself cry for the last 5 episodes

          1. Yes, most specifically it’s the most misunderstood ending ever, people calling the NTR bitch stealing the guy from her own best friend “the best love story ever” and such nonsense.

    1. I am going to jump in here before you get flamed.

      The pre-patched version means the game was already patched for you and is in English. Got it now?

  23. warning: translatio patch 1.0 is known to be unstable, especially in the backlog. SAVE OFTEN. emulator is supposed to be more stable than PSP, strangly enough

  24. cant find the iso to install the patch i even downloaded the emulator and i still cant play the game please help

    1. What seems to be the problem?Maybe i can help,i’m not a expert but i’m alittle bit familiar with the emulator

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