The Last Girl

The Last Girl

The doom has come, you have to face the dark sides of humanity to survive.

Finding materials and foods, is the key to win this game, besides that, you can also build up the defense and recruit new partners to make it easier to win this game.

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15 comments on “The Last Girl

  1. A short review for the sake of the world
    *spoilers alert*

    Bad… just bad…
    You are a female living in a run-down earth and have to survive for 9 days to leave the planet to live on another better planet. You have choose your choices properly so you don’t get killed. Literally, its either get raped or killed.

    You have your own base, and you have to go out everyday to find food to survive while maintaining your mental health. if any of these are too low… game over (no CG btw). You can also collect materials to build defense in your base or trade them for a weapon (u nvr use it until the last battle OMG)

    That’s basically it. Now to rate it in terms of eroge.

    Voice : 1/10
    There is only 2 sounds : girl screams and evil laughing… like i think that’s all besides groaning as well…

    Story : 2/10
    Cliche…Nothing else to do but survive

    Gameplay : 7/10
    Why so high? Because it’s damn “easy and quick”. If you rush through it, you can literally get all the CGs and win the game in less than an hour…heck maybe half an hour

    Character/CG art : 7/10
    This is the only thing is give it credit for, like every other bad eroges with good art XD. But I have no idea why the MC looks like a princess knight from some hentai/anime (literally has a sword at her hip but never uses it) There’s about 20 CGs i think (deleted the game btw)Have fun…unfappable 🙁

    Bad Ratings : 10/10
    If you have nothing else to do like me, waste one hour of your life to play this game. And maybe you can get hard…maybe

    Tips :
    1. Get your your allies, you have 2 : A girl(Jessica) and a guy(Damon). They can increase help in finding food.

    2. Get a weapon, only one, you will need it for winning the game (unless you don’t care)

    3. There’s a bug where if you help the wrong guy in the prison but heck with it. Get the CG.

    4. Preferably, get laid and get food. Then get laid in the church and repent. Rinse and repeat, fastest way to get food

    5. Build only one defense, as fast as possible. Remember, you dont need a weapon until the end of the game

  2. hiwhatsup

    The problem is FINDING those sites, and even then I take everything with an entire mine of salt. I don’t think here is also the best place to ask others for where they download, for politeness sake. Though that said, Koihime might become the the only game that I would willingly import to play, if need be.

    Also, at the admin, is something up with the reply button on the pages? It now always takes me to another part of the page and doesn’t let me (and it seems, others) actually reply to comments. There are workarounds that we’re using, sure, but this was still rather odd.

  3. @Lazruth

    There’s plenty of other trustworthy sites if you look around…
    this site is pretty slow actually. Slow, but reliable. This site almost always has all the good stuff, and even obscure releases can find their way here. I like playing RPGMaker stuff too sometimes, so I also look for that on F95.

    The admin only releases COMPLETED translations. Shin Koihime Musou is at roughly 94% right now.

    Maitetsu isn’t 100% complete yet. The translation is 100% complete, the release isn’t. There was an update two days ago on an engine issue for the game on fuwanovel. They’re probably just fixing bugs and editing.

  4. Well I’m waiting for Maitetsu.
    Sekai Project has it 100% translated.
    On the vndb its says the release date is this year, but I don’t see any schedule on sekai project site.

  5. @RANDOM2 Gods I hope he does, I’ve been waiting forever for that game, and this is really the only site I trust.

  6. @Admin could you please get Shin Koihime † Musou ~Otome Ryouran ☆ Sangokushi Engi~ THere is an english patch for it as well.

  7. Yes, well … it was without intention of offense, it is more, I respect Admin, I am following him and this page for years.

  8. Admin try to release every possible game with an english translation, he’s not forcing anyone to download them, you try what you want, you pass what you don’t want. As simple as that, have respect to the All-Powerful-God-of-Eroge Admin.

  9. stop even posting machine translation and put the damn RPG maker games into a separate category

  10. This isn’t a translation at all. It was made by a Chinese amateur group and included an English release.

  11. I appreciate the efforts and stuff, but… Personally I think this one is awful. At least, translation or grammar-wise it is either machine translated or just… awful. The title menu doesn’t seem to be translated either?

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