Corona Blossom Vol.2

Corona Blossom Vol.2

Breaking news! Space pirate-turned-maid Lily and her cohort Yunie have a nefarious plan to kidnap R-ne and sell her as raw materials! Can Keiji and our other heroes save the day, or is R-ne destined to be melted into scrap? And is there an even greater threat looming in the background?

18 Responses to “Corona Blossom Vol.2”

  1. the war says:

    Before download, can play for direct11?

  2. kaiser says:

    I download this all the file but I dont know how to set up and play it, please teach me what to do

    • Setheasy says:

      make sure its all in one folder. Make sure you have something like winrar. Right click the first part, choose Extract here. Make sure your locale is Japan. The folder it extracts to will have the .exe in it, ust that to play the game.

  3. hellmyhand says:

    My game keeps crashing with a message that says “Direct3DDevice::GetRenderTargetData()failed.”. I can play it fine for a few minutes, but it happens over and over again. Anyone know hot to fix this?

  4. Merliun says:

    Is this the ending or is there a third part? *currently downloading*

    • Ryunachin says:

      There will be a third part.
      H-scenes less animated than the first volume.
      An this vol is pretty short, but quite fun.

  5. kidlat020 says:

    finished vol 2. there’s a good twist at the end but I wont spoil the specifics.

    Also Yuni-tan best girl

  6. Ever17 says:

    I have to agree the first game at least is a real snooze. It is hours of nothing happening. I had high hopes given these guys made grisaia.

  7. Samo says:

    Looks amazing. Real shame it’s a kintetic novel.

  8. nicefunfungirl says:

    Is A Kiss For The Petals: A New Generation! coming anytime today?

    • lolcatz says:

      It depends on when admin can get a crack (if necessary)

      • nicefunfungirl says:

        It shouldn’t have to be nessecary I’d guess because it’s on Mangagamer, Not on steam, And on the Ren’Py engine, So I supposed it wasn’t needed.

        • Passerby A says:

          well if its not here then it doesn`t exist yet i mean someone… anyone out there who have it haven`t shared it yet its not like just because its there on MG the admin would magically have it

          so unless the Admin go out his way to buy the game to share it to all of us here then it won`t be here

    • TheTrueOne666 says:

      What about Maidens of Michael?

  9. jim lahey says:

    love it! thanks admin!

  10. Dongaloni says:

    This series has amazing art but in terms of story is some of the most boring garbo I’ve ever tried.

    Either way, thanks admin.

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