Corona Blossom Vol.3

Corona Blossom Vol.3

In the midst of a furious battle, the launch countdown begins. Time is running out for Keiji and his friends. Will the quest to help R-ne return home be successful? Find out in the thrilling and heartwarming conclusion to the Corona Blossom trilogy!

22 Responses to “Corona Blossom Vol.3”

  1. NoBreathLeft says:

    how to fix internal error 0x006?

  2. wtf says:

    Getting a can’t load krkrsteam.dll error even though it’s in the folder. Any ideas?

  3. SomeRandomGuy says:

    This was a really enjoyable series. I hope the people who made it continue to make good VNs down the road.

  4. Thanats_64 says:

    Until what vol. will this game be? or is this the last one?

  5. Usagi says:

    Is this full game or only 3rd part?

  6. baba says:


  7. mana says:

    just a question, is this uncensored as in uncensored w/o mosaics, or uncensored w/ mosaics just like the first corona?

  8. wyldstrykr says:

    is this the last part? ty for upload!!!!

  9. klais says:

    Can someone post only the 18+patch?

  10. SoulTV says:

    YESSSSSSSS! Thank You Very Much 🙂

  11. charlbeef says:

    thank you ivan!

    from, vn animal charlbeef lol!

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