Onigokko – Deluxe Edition

Onigokko - Deluxe Edition

Once upon a time, demons and humans lived together in peace.
However, as they spent more and more time together, conflicts began to arise between the two races. ……
Finally, a battle broke out between the two races……
The battle ended in the defeat of the demon tribe. ……
One day, a strange disease of unknown cause began to spread among the demon tribe.
The demon tribe that contracted this disease became unable to give birth.
Some of the demon tribes thought this would be an opportunity to coexist with humans again, so they started a “festival” for the boys who became of age.

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4 comments on “Onigokko – Deluxe Edition

  1. The screenshots show it in English, and there’s no translation patch, but my game is in Japanese. I’m playing in Japanese locale as administrator. Am I doing something wrong here?

    1. Follow-up Comment:
      I am an idiot. You change languages in the settings. I swear I looked, but it turns out I’m actually blind in addition to retarded.

  2. Is this bugged ?
    I maxed out all friendship level and completed all mini games from easy to hard(gold stars), yet I can only access Midori and village chief h scenes!
    Can someone here please help? 🙁

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