A lone hero takes on the monster girl kingdom, But it isn’t his life that’s on the line..

Action platformer with 3 stages, and 15 monster girl enemies with animations and CGs.

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16 Responses to “Eroico”

  1. Haidar says:

    Game is best

  2. alexMERCER says:

    Thanks for the game.
    Can I get a save file for 100% progress.

  3. Vinicius says:


  4. E says:

    I like the game, and I’m okay with sex, but I don’t like cum. All the white stuff is a little disgusting. Can you tell the creator to change it to making out or something like that? I would like that very much.

  5. user says:

    Very good game, but it would be very nice when you add a “noob” mode with unlimited lifes for noobs like me who interest to see all enemies (and bad like me in this game).

  6. mike says:

    Make it apk please I wanna play this game

  7. Erogelover95 says:

    for some reason i cant downlaod the game ;_;

  8. Ryan says:

    As others have said, this game is pretty awesome. I never knew pixel-graphic animations could be so sexy. I personally enjoyed the gameplay, as well. It plays very smoothly and has simple platforming and combat, with a few mechanics that add a bit of fun and skill.

    Tips for new players:

    -Up+Attack fires a projectile; good for clearing a platform to land on

    -Pressing Down while on the ground uses your shield, blocking any incoming damage (in the direction of the shield)

    -Down+Attack while in the air will let you land on enemies without taking damage

    I used an Xbox One controller and highly recommend it (for this game and in general).

  9. youmustcontinue says:

    hey man great job in this you should make a longer one or a sequel. actually, youve inspired me to get back to making games hopefully we can link up share some ideas

  10. demninjaz says:

    I found this game on a different site, downloaded it, and I don’t regret it at all. CGs COULD use some work, but they’re still okay. The animations are really good (The creator, Kyrieru, is EXTREMELY good at making 32-bit pixel animations. For those of you who’ve never played on a Super Nintendo before…the Super Nintendo did 32-bit graphics. Think Mega Man X style graphics…that’s 32-bit.) Anyways, the game’s a bit difficult, but the creator’s reasoning for this is he wanted to make a PLATFORMER, not just a hentai game…he enjoys making platformers, and he throws H-content in as a secondary thing. (His other platformer, Kurovadis, is a very good example of his “come for the hentai, stay for the platforming” style.) The hentai is good, but so is the gameplay, which is unusual for H-games. But he manages to find the balance. If you like Metroidvania-style gameplay, or just want some monster girl goodness, or if you want both…DOWNLOAD THIS.

  11. TheDJSquiggles says:

    I’ve played the release build of Eroico. I’ve played the finished version of Eroico, version 8.1. I don’t know what version of the game this is, but I hope it’s an even earlier version of the game. Regardless, I loved them both and I would encourage any of you to play through this. Fun combat, sexy animations, and three levels of gameplay that keeps getting me to come back and replay it. I even tried paying for this game when it was finished, but the payment system WOULDN’T ACCEPT MY GODDAMN MONEY! Anyway, take it from me, a random guy on the internet, Eroico is a great game and you should play it. Have a nice day.

  12. magicfapper says:

    It reminds me Blitz angel spica, but instead of many male monsters trying to rape you, its the opposite, many female monsters want a piece of you, i think this game has a little of inspiration in the MQG game.

  13. SomeRandomGuy says:

    No tags to judge this off of. Just the description. Hm… I guess I’ll just have to take the plunge and find out for myself.

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