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  1. I like the game, and I’m okay with sex, but I don’t like cum. All the white stuff is a little disgusting. Can you tell the creator to change it to making out or something like that? I would like that very much.

  2. Very good game, but it would be very nice when you add a “noob” mode with unlimited lifes for noobs like me who interest to see all enemies (and bad like me in this game).

  3. As others have said, this game is pretty awesome. I never knew pixel-graphic animations could be so sexy. I personally enjoyed the gameplay, as well. It plays very smoothly and has simple platforming and combat, with a few mechanics that add a bit of fun and skill.

    Tips for new players:

    -Up+Attack fires a projectile; good for clearing a platform to land on

    -Pressing Down while on the ground uses your shield, blocking any incoming damage (in the direction of the shield)

    -Down+Attack while in the air will let you land on enemies without taking damage

    I used an Xbox One controller and highly recommend it (for this game and in general).

  4. hey man great job in this you should make a longer one or a sequel. actually, youve inspired me to get back to making games hopefully we can link up share some ideas

  5. I found this game on a different site, downloaded it, and I don’t regret it at all. CGs COULD use some work, but they’re still okay. The animations are really good (The creator, Kyrieru, is EXTREMELY good at making 32-bit pixel animations. For those of you who’ve never played on a Super Nintendo before…the Super Nintendo did 32-bit graphics. Think Mega Man X style graphics…that’s 32-bit.) Anyways, the game’s a bit difficult, but the creator’s reasoning for this is he wanted to make a PLATFORMER, not just a hentai game…he enjoys making platformers, and he throws H-content in as a secondary thing. (His other platformer, Kurovadis, is a very good example of his “come for the hentai, stay for the platforming” style.) The hentai is good, but so is the gameplay, which is unusual for H-games. But he manages to find the balance. If you like Metroidvania-style gameplay, or just want some monster girl goodness, or if you want both…DOWNLOAD THIS.

  6. I’ve played the release build of Eroico. I’ve played the finished version of Eroico, version 8.1. I don’t know what version of the game this is, but I hope it’s an even earlier version of the game. Regardless, I loved them both and I would encourage any of you to play through this. Fun combat, sexy animations, and three levels of gameplay that keeps getting me to come back and replay it. I even tried paying for this game when it was finished, but the payment system WOULDN’T ACCEPT MY GODDAMN MONEY! Anyway, take it from me, a random guy on the internet, Eroico is a great game and you should play it. Have a nice day.

  7. It reminds me Blitz angel spica, but instead of many male monsters trying to rape you, its the opposite, many female monsters want a piece of you, i think this game has a little of inspiration in the MQG game.

  8. No tags to judge this off of. Just the description. Hm… I guess I’ll just have to take the plunge and find out for myself.

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