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Use common sense to trigger the route of the girl you want (collect her points while avoiding the other girls)

    1. Don’t collect any Second Literature Club Band points.  The game will end in the middle of the tour.
    2. Choose “Take his hand” in decision #10.  You will get a humorous ending involving someone getting a sex change.
    3. Fail to collect 4 or more points for a girl OR have the same amount of points for a girl (4+) AND equal [ROUTE] points.
    4. Choose “I don’t think we can” in the last decision of Sarina’s route.
  • To get the TRUE END:
    1. View Sarina’s end, Chie’s end, and Kirari’s normal end.
    2. Play through again, making choices to trigger Kirari’s route. Make sure you collect:
      • All 6 Second Literature Club Band points
      • All 6 Kirari points
# Choices Next Choice Flag Points
1 Alright, I promised. I’ll do it. 2 Kirari [+1]

Sarina [+1]

Chie [+1]

Second Literature Club Band [+1]

Sorry, I just don’t feel like doing it. 2
2 I’m afraid to say anything wrong, so I’ll keep quiet. 3
The silence is too heavy. I have to say something. 3 Sarina [+2]
3 I practice alone in my room. 4 Second Literature Club Band [+1]
I do nothing and enjoy my day off 4
4 Okay, let’s go. 5 Chie [+2]
Well, not today. 5
5 Well, it sure is strange being taught by you. 6
No, I truly appreciate it. 6 Kirari [+2]
6 Ask Kirari to buy Okonomiyaki. 7 Kirari [+1]

Kirari [ROUTE FLAG] [+1]

Ask Kashiwara to do the shape game. 7 Sarina [+1]

Sarina [ROUTE FLAG] [+1]
Ask Chie-nee to do the target shooting 7 Chie [+1]

Chie [ROUTE FLAG] [+1]

7 I did what I could… I guess. 8
Sure, I practiced so much that it impacted my everyday life. 8 Second Literature Club Band [+1]
8 Being in a band is so easy. 9 Second Literature Club Band [+1]
It scares me even more. 9
9 A student needs to be successful in studying. 10 Chie [+1]

Chie [ROUTE FLAG] [+1]

You’ve got to have love in your life. 10 Kirari [+1]

Kirari [ROUTE FLAG] [+1]

Life is about health and longevity. 10 Sarina [+1]

Sarina [ROUTE FLAG] [+1]
10 I can’t do that. 11
Take his hand.
BAD END [CG Collection]
11 There’s no way I’d do that. Route judgment Second Literature Club Band [+2]
No real man would pass up a woman like this. Route judgment H-scene [CG Collection]
Route judgment

  • The route you get depends on the points accumulated for each girl (requires 4 or more).  The girl with the most points determines the route. If multiple girls are tied for the highest amount of points, the route flags are considered.  If those are tied you get the normal (BAD) end.
  • Remember to gather some Second Literature Club Band points early on unless you’re going for a bad end.
Kirari Route
ki I give up and go home. Kirari [-1]
I just have to find her no matter what. Kirari [+1]
Chie’s Route
ch1 I liked how she looked, but … ch2
I like your looks rather than hers… ch2
ch2 Tonight is not the only chance. We should stop for tonight. [CG Collection]
It’s a shame for a man to stop like this. We should continue. [CG Collection]
Sarina’s Route
sa1 Get in between the audience and her to block the view. sa2
Expose something more impressive to deviate their eyes. sa2
sa2 I don’t think we can. BAD END
Bring it on, we’ll perform here.

29 comments on “Kira Kira – ending guide

  1. Is there no special cg it I choose not to perform at the last choice of kashiwara’s route or I just downloaded the game wrong?

  2. Kirari’s normal ending is a little confusing but it was great regardless, of course I hope the true ending will have a different result. Can’t wait to start on the sequel.

  3. Hey, someone help me!, i can’t get the true ending, i did everything! 6 kirari’s points 6 club’s points!, but no true ending!


    If i already did all 3 normal endings, how do I do Kirari’s normal ending again?!?!?


  5. Well how many chapters in kirari’s route I’m on the fourth but is that right

    Btw ; finished chie and sarina route without bad ending for the first time ;D

    1. Since you need to play Kirari’s route twice to get the normal and true endings then i suggest to save playing her routes for last. I recommend Sarina > Chiee > Kirari > Kirari (True Ending)

  6. Does the Kirari normal ending end with a concert in the happy cycles band? I just want to make sure I got the right ending.

  7. Ok, I’m kind of confused… I want to ask a question about something but it contains spoilers…In the interest of leaving spoilers here is there someone I can talk to through email or something who has played the game completely already and can help me out?

    Arigato Gosaimas!

  8. Question, do i need to complete Kirari’s route before I can play Sarina’s route? Or not? I appreciate a reply!! 🙂

  9. i love this game’s BGM. do you think i can DL or rip them out? especially the BGM at calm moments. it makes me feel so relaxed that i fall asleep without me noticing =p

  10. This was written under “BAD END” part – i.e. – if you want to see bad end then you shouldn’t collect them.

    1. umm do i need to collect it or not if not why you put “Remember to gather some Second Literature Club Band points early on unless you’re going for a bad end” on the road jugdement???

  11. What do you mean by “Don’t collect any Second Literature Club Band points.”? Do I have to collect them or not? Sorry I don’t get to understand things quickly. 🙂

  12. That is why I’ll do Kirari’s route first, then the other two so it doesn’t feel like doing the same route twice! lol

  13. You must first go on her Normal Route. THEN after that – in case you have finished Chie’s and Kashiwara’s – play Kirari’s route again and you will automatically go to the True End route.

  14. i’m just wondering, if I do kirari’s route last, will it trigger the true route? or will i have to go through again? 8D

    thanks for the guide btw

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