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  1. for what this was supposed to be, it is very good.
    one of the best purely sex focused vns (omparable to imouto paradise and the likes).

  2. If they put more effort in the story, it could be much better. I like it, really loved the kinky play ja.
    I would love a fan disc to get the route for satduki, ena and yoriko.
    (Sorry bad grammar and sort of thinghs)

  3. Alice:”All right. Time to fap!”

    lol. This game was surprisingly good.
    The MC is for once not a spine-less idiot, the heroin is a cute airhead, interesting and funny side-characters and a simple but halfway decent plot.

    I expected a nukige I’d ff through in less than an hour … very positivly surprised.

  4. Well, this was an alright game. Believe it or not, I read VNs for the story, not the ecchi, so I don’t usually play VNs like this where the sex plays such a large role, but since this was by Front Wing I decided to make an exception.

    Just to be sure, but the “Sweet” and “Spicy” route are the only 2 there are, right? There’s no hidden route for clearing them both or anything?
    That said, I feel as though the additional characters were underutilized. Alice’s best friend and MC’s sister hardly played any role at all once the route was set.
    But oh well.

  5. Thanks a lot to the admin for this. I hope another you will find the time and resources to also upload the uncensored translated version (i.e without mosaic). Thanks again!

  6. Are you going to upload to UNCENSORED CG version of this one?
    From what i read, this one was a JAPANESE Version with English language, while the one on STEAM Version has a PATCH where the CG are uncensored.

  7. The game is all white and a few seconds later a error message pop up
    Someone know how to fix it?

  8. A Frontwing rep said on Reddit that the physical version of this game will NOT be censored. Does anyone know where to find that?

  9. This game is a masterpiece. It’s so good I can hardly believe it came out of Japan. And by that I mean it’s so expertly translated and crafted to avert some of the most annoying tropes you’d expect to see in a story like this. It’s funny, cute and sexy without being too vanilla because they go in-depth on the fetishy stuff rather than just throwing it at you. I just wish there were scenes with the other girls in it. And they really messed up on the mother’s voice because fuck-all if she doesn’t sound annoying. I had to mute her and she’s the type that would normally be my favorite cuz I love MILFs.

  10. This game has the other perspectives tag on vndb. So yeah, while it’s the male who’s the protagonist occasionally you’ll be seeing things from the heroines point of view.

    This game sometimes jumps to the perspectives of the characters other than the protagonist. But it doesn’t stay in that point of view long enough to consider that character as an another lead or let you make choices etc.

    This way you can see some events from their eyes, the events they encounter without protagonist being by their side, hear some of their thoughts etc…

  11. So wait, is it the male or the female that’s the protagonist? The tags say one but the description says the other.

  12. it’s a fun read, it’s a sweet vanilla story about an otaku ojou-sama and a guy who was raised in a cosplayer kind of family for anyone cautious about it. Love INO’s art.

  13. @Infernoosef Just in the world what part of this game suggest you it could be some dark Nukige that could have such things as rape or Netorare? No matter how you look at it or how you look at the story or the tags this is pretty obvious this is just a comedy-love +18 story so the chances for those tags are pretty close to 0.

    You don’t have to be so paranoid to doubt any and every novel. Just play the game trying to trust what you see here and even if somehow it actually has rape or netorare you can just stop and look for something else.

  14. Hi guys, i got a few question, does the heroine is virgin ? And alss i would like to know if she get rape, or got sexual scene with any other guy/girl than the MC ? Cause i can’t stand Vn wich got these, well for the “virgin” part i can pass but i prefer a “true” first love story and we don”t got any information on the webpage on VNDB. So for all who started and got the first sexual scene can you tell me, i would be gratefull thaks ^^

  15. Hu. I’m very surprised. Thought this game was just released in japanese, didn’t expected to see it in english any time soon and now i’m checking just to find it was released both in english and japanese at the same time.

    Front Wing is one of my favorites developers so if they are going to start to release games in english and japanese at the same time then i’ll definitly buy this game as soon as i save enough 🙂

  16. Is it the full game +18 version?? The H-scene has mosaics or not?? It’s just I prefer mosaics rather than not ’cause I think it’s prettier. Just my opinion

  17. He probably is going to post chuusotsu and supipara chapter 2 afterall he already has uploaded the first chapter

  18. Is the story good at all?

    Also Admin, I know you don’t normally upload all-ages games but Chuusotsu 1st graduation seems pretty good. Do you plan on uploading it? Thanks.

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