KiraKira Curtain Call

KiraKira Curtain Call

Kira Kira Curtain Call is the fan-disk for Overdrive’s second title, Kira Kira.
This game is set in Oubi Academy; several years after the original took place. Part one is a new tale of youth about all new characters who pour their hearts into music. Part two brings back characters from the original game and serves as a grand finale to the Kira Kira world.

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    1. Game does not require a walkthrough. The story is linear and the choices you make do not matter except for dialogue variations. Clear the first story, then choose new game and select the second (now unlocked) story.

  1. seems like the links are dead could we get a re upload
    if some one throws down a torrent ill be sure to seed it up nicely

  2. Not a big fan of this mini sequel. Bit too convoluted in the second part and felt the new characters overall didn’t really complement the characters of the original. Still I guess it was a fan disk, but I felt myself skim reading a lot and waiting for the original members to show up. Perhaps (for me) it was because it followed the true ending which I (personally) felt was the weakest of the good endings. Anyway just some thoughts…

  3. Does anyone have a walkthrough for this ??
    people kept saying there was only one ending but i looked at the cg gallery and im missing a load.

  4. So… It said “To be continued” in the end and I thought that the guys from the first Kira Kira would appear to…
    Have I made wrong choices or the game really ends with that “Look me, I’m going to become sun” ?

  5. Kira Kira – Curtain Call… huge dissapointment. I mean… thee game isn’t bad, but I end up with a huge feeling of “that’s it?” when finishing, mostly because you really cannot compair it to the first one. I really wished for more, but, again, the game isn’t bad….

    1. I’ve finished all of the original and this. But, why do OVERDRIVE have to end every single of them with dissatisfying closure?

      And there’s no Yuko route /facepalm

  6. Just finished Kirakira and Curtain Call. It was pretty good, but I can’t say it left a huge impression on me. Probably one of the better one’s out there, but I personally don’t think it’s the best. I think it’s hilarious, and there are some tear jerkers, but iono. Can’t quite put my finger on it.

  7. ‘Part two brings back characters from the original game and serves as a grand finale to the Kira Kira world.’
    What is this part 2? I tried over and over many times this game, but I can’t get Part 2 or what ever it is called .. 🙁

    1. Not know if you have to finish the first part in a specefic way but when you clear the part 1, press start then you will have 2 choice: stage 1 or stage 2. Done!

  8. just FYI
    the soundtracks are exist,i had all of them,just try to search them at google
    just search d2b at vgmdb for the list,and i guarantee you could find all of it

  9. If you guys are having a problem with the voice for the characters…just go to “Sound Settings”..check all the box for the characters (or you can optionally pick which character you want to hear) and maximize (or adjust) “Voice Volume”, “BGM Volume” & “SE Volume”…


  10. major spoilers i am confused didn’t kirari die in a fire? in the first one and her returning wasn’t that just him hallucinating?

    1. Like some other visual novels, if you see all the endings in Kira*Kira, you’ll be able to play again and make your way to the “True Ending” of the game.

      Curtain Call’s story follows the True Ending’s timeline, where things turned out differently.

  11. just downloaded it and when i .zip it and everythingit wont open it say
    Zwe,e,1/2ftf@fcfx[system.arc: ipl._bp],I”Y,u,U,2,n


  12. Just finished the second part after about a year after DLing the original, and I gotta say overall this has gotta be my absolutely most favorite VN. Like others, this game inspires me to play music (re-inspired, I am an long-time musician with writers block, but I suddenly need to play now!). Thanks for this wonderful upload and wonderful site, admin.

  13. I need help, I have downloaded all 3 files from Filesonic, what do i have to do now? I have WINrar and Daemon tools, if that helps in the explanation, this is my 1st time downloading a 3 part download, ty in advance

      1. I have another problem, when i “extract here” halfway through it Winrar says :
        ” You need to have the following volume to continue extraction: Downloads/KiraKiraCurtainCall.part2.rar”

        What do I do now?

          1. I’ll try once again, I deleted the 3 files and redownloaded them, now i put all 3 of them in 1 folder i’ll create, “extract here” to all 3 folders, and it should work right?

  14. does anyone know where i can DL the soundtrack to this game? i really loved the songs in this game.

  15. sorry to interrupt, but I have a huge problem:
    I can’t save my progress, it’s gone every time I start the game!!!
    What can I do?

    1. Vista/Windows 7 has some fascist rules about programs updating/creating files in privileged directory ( ex. “Program files” ) – put the game somewere else ( ex. “C:/KiraKiraCC” ). If this won’t help then try to run the game as administrator ( right click on shortcus and select “run as administrator” ).

      1. I tried that, but it still isn’t working!
        I have to unpack it every time with winrar, otherwise a little window’ll open and say “error”.
        and because of this unpacking thing, my save data is lost every time, i start the game..T__T
        This thing with the admin rights: how does it work, i’m not getting it, sorry!
        But thank you very much for your help!!^^

  16. maybe its silly but when is finished kira kira i wanted to play guitar now im learning litle by litle 🙂

  17. I’m having issues with the voices not playing. I got an error while extracting the game directory so I’m assuming that’s it — the error was with part 2, so I’m redownloading it. I wouldn’t mind the lack of voices normally, but a little error pops up every time someone with a voice should be speaking and I’m unsure about wether or not portraits are appearing: Is there supposed to be one of the sempai at the beginning?

  18. I am unable to run the crack program, already requested help once but none came :/ so I’m trying once more. If I do try to run it it comes up with some severily incomprehensible nonsense :S REQUESTING HELP 🙁

  19. hotfile is blockd by my router so i tried going through the proxy on the site but when i download the file it gets completed at 0 bytes any ideals wat i can do?

  20. I personally am unable to run the crack program o_o it just makes some error with some… incomprehensible words :S request help 😀

    1. No, this is .rar archive – mangagamers releases their games as download-only versions, there are no CDs to rip .iso from.

  21. Sorry a have a little problem, game and crack worki verry thanks for uploading, but sound, voices not working. I don’t know whym i have a Windows 7 32 bit, mayby its crack fault? Please help

    1. I’m not using windows 7, so i can’t help you with your problem, but during post-release buzz when people were discussing game at forums no one complained about sound problems in Windows 7 – it’s probably problem with your PC.

    1. You don’t need serial code – download cracked .exe and game won’t ask you for any code.

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