Time Stripper Mako

Time Stripper Mako

You play the character Shinji Nakayama a high school student who has a bad reputation of cheating on his girlfriend, Michiyo Sakagami.

The story starts when your “habit” is eventually found out (again) by your girlfriend, of which you start to fight and end up breaking up. In the middle of your ‘sobbing’, a girl pops up out of nowhere in your room. It appears she’s from the future, with personal reasons that has to do with your present love-life situation. After that, the story is in your hands…

9 comments on “Time Stripper Mako

  1. Just for info, i have downloaded tons of games from here, and i always double check each file with different virus & malware scanners.

    This game was the first one to ever get several hits regarding Trojan Horses.

    Just be”mal”ware

  2. So I managed to download and install, but for some reason, the female dialogue is completely skipped, text and all. I mean, I would understand if voice didn’t work, but the females’ dialogues are comepletely skipped. Is there anything to fix this?

    1. For dialogues to work you need to change in game settings menu from Speech to Text. In Speech mode dialogues last on screen as long as related audio files, in this version of game audio files are empty so in Speech mode lines are skipped.

  3. When I try to run MOTV95T it says “Installation unsuccessful”. I tried to run ts_mako at the same time but it won’t work. Am I missing something or just not doing it correctly?

  4. 1.your getting that for two reasons the jap local files seem to have around a 1 in 5 chance of being detected as viruses their not -_- its just that it thinks its a generic trojan cause a trojan is a packet of info and thats what they are just not anything harmful so yeah no problem their also they show up as viruses because of 2. you need dos program runner to use anything 95 or older or it causes windows 7 errors that close or don’t allow the vn to run sorry but i still don’t know which program to use exactly to run 95 or older vn’s

  5. Admin, how do i install it or run game properly?
    I have problem running it, which they are:
    1. My Avira antivirus detected MOTV95T.EXE and TS_MAKO.exe as potential virus, is it really virus?
    2. I follow instruction at install, but the problem is i cannot run MOTV95T.EXE. Written “Windows cannot access the specified device, path, or file. You may not have the appropriate permission to access the item”. Even run as administrator will occur this written.
    I am using Win7 Ultimate. Plz help

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