Sogna combined the best of both worlds in VIPER-M1: a modern, Windows-based interface and a set of three smaller games, reminiscent of the earlier V series titles. Super-heroine story My Mothers features cover girl Mika in her attempt to rescue a prospective boyfriend. Coming of age tale Green Boy follows Natane and her two older sisters as they welcome a strange young man into their home. The May Works focuses on a schoolgirl, Maki, as she flees from an alien invasion of her hometown.

8 Responses to “Viper-M1”

  1. JackSW says:

    I can not install. I mounted the image file and try to execute m1.exe but nothing happen. I’m using Win 10

  2. Maki & Mika are adorable says:

    Loved the animation and the nonsensical comedy of the 3 stories. Though it’s funny how characters suddenly grow huge tits in sex scenes when they’re so flat elsewhere.

  3. james says:

    you can use applocale to run the game. set it to japanese. if that doesn’t work try re-installing using windows xp compatibility (set compatibility on the installer .exe on the mounted disc)plus applocale

  4. Woraz says:

    Dou you have to set any compatibility mode under Windows 7 or how can you get it to run?
    I mounted it via Daemon Tools using SecuRom and Windows XP compatibility.
    I was able to install it but not to run it.

    Any help would be appreciated

  5. Fred says:

    Just fyi on running this game.

    1. Mount cd
    2. Run M1.exe from cd to install
    3. Run M1.exe from cd to play

  6. Devilsraging says:

    I can’t get the game to start, clicked M1.exe “error no disc”, clicked SGS.exe “no disc in japanese”. No other .exe to launch the game. Viper 16 requires a .bat file to compile and launch the game, so i think Viper M1 will need one too. Either someone needs to program a .bat or a crack to launch w/o CD or this game is not playable.

  7. Flamers says:

    just started to play this one, seems fun, I’m dl-ing the other of viper series atm but cant find 2 other v series here, could anyone suggest me a site or link for that?

  8. Icantplaythis :( says:

    How do I install this?
    It keeps giving me an error message when I try

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