Dies irae

Dies irae

May 1, 1945- Germany.On the eve of Berlin’s collapse, a group of men and women carried out a certain ritual. To them, suffering defeat in the war meant nothing. If anything, the countless lives lost in the battle served as a catalyst to their sacrificial ceremony. Whether or not their attempt bore fruit ― not a soul knows. Following the war, they faded from sight, mind, and eventually into the realm of myth.

61 years later ― Japan, 2006.
Ren Fujii, a young man attending high school in Suwahara City, finds his friendship with his old buddy Shirou Yusa shatter to pieces following a certain incident, ending in a vicious fight that sees Ren hospitalized for two months.
The season shifts from autumn to winter ― to the dawning weeks of December, with Christmas on the horizon. Having lost his best friend, Ren leaves the hospital with the intention to rebuild his new life without Shirou.
But even that plan soon falls apart. Irrationality that defies the realm of common sense begins to assault and devour the city. Abnormalities soon seek to destroy everything Ren holds dear before his eyes with overwhelming violence.
He must change, even if it means crossing the boundary between the ordinary and the extraordinary. His desires are hardly anything grand. All he wants is to return to those days of old. Back to those days filled with simple, everyday joy.
The battle with the Longinus Dreizehn Orden. A continuation of that war full of madness, carnage, and maledictions. What future awaits Ren at the end of his road…?

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  1. Can’t seem to download even one part since download ani . me is always taking long to respond while my internet is at it’s fastest and other sites are working

  2. I had to drop this one. Frankly it’s just way too dialogue heavy (WAY more so than it needs to be). A character will just ramble on and on about shit you don’t care about or don’t understand. This game REALLY needed a built in dictionary for all their weird ass fantasy terms.

    Also, most of the time the villains are just sitting around trying to have “intelligent conversations” were they will say the same thing 10 times but in synonymous fancy pants terms, and it just gets annoying. It’s like the writer sat there with a thesaurus and a monocle in his eye thinking he’s hot shit.

    The final nail in the coffin was how each character has like 5 different names/nicknames/street names, you keep having to scroll down the character list in VNDB to know who the fuck was just mentioned. Add to this how the names are usually German and hard to read, it gets even more fun.

    1. Well. The secret is reading and concentrating. Also, there’s no useless dialog, really. Truly. Seriously.
      If you like easy stuff, Shinza Bansho (Dies and VNs from the same franchise) ain’t for you

  3. Hi can someone help me with this I opened Fabula but there is no menu option to choose the route that you want to play. Is it supposed to be like this or no? I do not know much info about the acta est fabula game.

    1. Also when I went into a new game, I followed a walkthrough from the internet but some of the choices that are on the walkthrough are not in the game. Is this because it is a 18+ version? Someone please help!

  4. Does anyone have 100% save for Fabula? I managed to get fabula going, but I can’t seem to access Rea route 2. The choice for that doesn’t appear even though I have finished the other routes including Rea route 1, and started a new game.

  5. Could someone please upload just the .exe file? I bought the game from Steam, but I want to be Steam-independent without buying the game again on MangaGamer. AEF can run without Steam just fine, but the AA .exe from Steam needs Steam to run, so I would very much like the Steam-independent AA .exe file without spending time to DL the rest of the game.

  6. Hi, I wonder if anyone can verify this for me~

    On the Dies Irae kickstarter, an R18 patch was released. Is that patch compatible with this?

      1. I just tried it and it isn’t working immediately sadly. According to the Kickstarter, it’s not supposed to run unless you finished one of the routes. So unless someone gives their save, we still have to go through the Steam ver. of the game. Well, it’s better than nothing. Thank you for confirming, admin!~

      2. Sorry for all the posts! Just wanted to confirm that I got Fabula running by finding a 100% save file! For anyone reading this, here’s what I did to get the 18+ version running.

        1. Download the R18 patch from the Dies Irae Kickstarter (there’s one available to non-backers) and put it into the main installation folder

        *if you run the fabula exe, it won’t work

        2. Find the Amantes Amentes 100% save file from a website called sagaoz

        3. Place cgmode.dat, global.dat, and read.dat from the save folder you downloaded into the save folder located user/appdata/roaming/light/dies irae ~amantes amentes~/save

        *there will probably cgmode.dat, global.dat, and read.dat already in there, so take those and put it somewhere safe in case you want to revert it.

        The fabula exe should work now and you can experience the 18+ version without having going through the steam version first

        1. The save at sagoz didn’t work for me so I just fast forward a route with f7 skipping to next choice and go to the end. then I was able to open fabula; as a different alternative for others they can skip like that.

  7. Will the uncensored version be uploaded to this site, Admin? Just wondering, because if it’s not then I will gladly just download this. I’m going to wait a couple days and see if it gets uploaded, because it would suck to download all these one by one and have to restart all over again for the newer version.

  8. Admin, do you intend to post the dies irae mangagamer version here?

    I heard that you don’t need to clear a route when playing the paid mangagamer version to unlock the +18 version. You can directly play the +18 version right away from the start.

  9. can anyone tell me if this is uncensored patch? if not, got any clue where can i find the uncensored patch.. (is the patch even release yet?)

    1. yes plus the DLC but wait until September 1 when the H-patch comes out. though it is amazing without too though

    1. According to the VNDB, the date is 29.09.2017……..lmao, makes me grad I’ve read it a month ago.

      1. I stopped reading about the 4th chapter in the ‘static’ route before i saw that it was not parched.

  10. I can’t save this game, and whenever I restart the game, it starts over from the prologue ;; how do i fix it?

  11. Thanks for this, I’ve been itching to play this (for the story, actually).
    Dear admin, are you still uploading non-H games too? I hope so. I also request more of Ebihime’s games, please.

  12. would this game has “tokyo Babel” vibe?
    if i dont like tokyo babel, would i hate this as well?

    oh, btw
    the reason why i dont like tokyo babel is because i feel it is too ”
    chunibyou” .. sorry cant put it into words well

    1. Then you probably won’t like this either. However, I have greatly enjoyed this masterpiece, as it follows surprisingly few common story trends. If Tokyo Babel was a 9, then this is a 10.

  13. I have enough of a backlog that I can wait on the 18+ version, that said I’m sure there’s plenty of people who either don’t care or don’t want the h-scenes. For those people happy reading!

  14. The Dungeon of Lulu Farea was added to erogedownload if you didn’t know, it is a interesting small game with unique mechanics.

  15. it’s actually free on steam (except the dlcs). So I wonder what the point is in downloading it from here…

    1. I think the one on steam has only limited chapters of this game. Those “DLCs” might be the routes of the characters well im not sure as i haven’t seen the steam version but mostly these type of games are not free.

      1. The common route is free, to get any route you have to buy it as a dlc on steam, here you have all of them for free.

  16. if the 18+ ver comes out in 2 months from now will there only be a patch for it or do i have to download all over the parts again?

  17. I downloaded all the files but when I extracted it I only got .dat files and no way to install the game. Please help.

  18. I am having a problem with this. It won’t show the backgrounds and won’t let me choose anything besides the common route (Whenever a click another route, it just does the common one). Did I do something wrong?

  19. 16:9 is only good if it extends the picture, not chops part of it out.

    I’d rather not have 16:9 if I have to lose picture to get it. More picture is better than less.

    I’m guessing you’re one of those people who watch 4:3 content in “stretch” mode on your widescreen TV to get a wide screen picture?

  20. I didn’t follow the kickstarter but did it reach the goal so that we would get Interview with Kaziklu Bey later? (I really want to play Interview with Kaziklu Bey)

    1. if you are talking about a stretch goal for that the only one reached was the Visual novel would be released for PSvita, the 18+ one as download only.

      1. Yes, that’s what I was talking about. Fuck, it looked really good, I would gladly give up on the Vita ver if I could get it imo, it will probably only come out in digital only ver anyways

  21. Thanks, admin. I wanted to buy it on Steam but they made it impossible to play offline, even though they had promised there would be no DRM on the Kickstarter page. So fuck that.

  22. HA HA FIRST. And thanks! If this thing has unlockable choices then is there a lot of them throughout? Are the routes a set order?

    1. 1. No you’re not FIRST, sit down son.
      2. Google the walkthrough, it is highly recommended you go
      Kasumi –> Kei –> Marie –> Rea

        1. That is rather simple-minded. In a game that is about 70h long, the H-scenes make up about…0.1% of all the events. It will be at least 2 more months before a 18+ patch is released.

          If you are not reading this masterpiece just because of such a petty reason, then you are probably unfit for it anyway….

          1. If it truly is a masterpiece that people have waited years to play, wouldn’t it be worth waiting a couple more months to play its complete and intended form ?

          2. The hentai content was only added to pander to japanese otaku, so technically the steam version is likely the “complete and intended form.” as far as the author is concerned.

          3. actually this was originally released for 18+ it wasn’t until 5 years later it was released without adult content because it was moved to a handhold system. So the sex was made for the story and fits the game not pander.

          4. You don’t get what the real meaning of pandering is I see. It matters not if the H was part of the game already, if the scenes were created merely to force the game into Japan’s 18+ market then it IS pandering. Many companies have done it in the past, enough times that we can spot predictable patterns where the H content is obviously unnecesary and out of place. Prominent examples are titles like Fate/Stay Night and Kanon, where the writers flat out admitted they wrote H-scenes almost against their will merely to meet the expectations of the japanese market. This is often the reason why almost all popular titles end up with an All-Ages release after their 18+ release.

          5. sir or madam please do not assume things, I know what pandering is quite well and I have read visual novels that have said pandering and others where they are part of the plot. have a good day.

          6. TLDR; regardless if its pandering or not…
            I think, it is still a person’s right to choose the ‘original’ version.

            I choose to play this game as it was first released to the Japanese market.
            And if the H-scenes is indeed ‘not needed’… Then I still want to experience the game and judge it for MYSELF if it indeed ‘not needed’ in its full form…


          7. Haha..Not worthy?! Its a good thing we got obnoxious bezzerwizzers to tell us how to enjoy games at erogedownload. Wouldnt want some stupid hentai to wait until the game is complete in its original form would we! May I ask when you played both original versions to compare, oh exhalted one?

          8. I assume the patch can be applied once the game is finished and just by loading a save file I can access the h-scenes right? Cause if the patch forces me to replay the game from scratch it may not be worth starting right away.

          9. This is a rather simple-minded response. H content isn’t the only thing affected by these steam versions. Violent scenes are toned down, certain lines or explicit jokes are cut out. Much like the Grisaia all ages versions. It’s better to wait for the completed product as it was originally intended.

          10. ViktorStagnetti explained everything. It is not really the lack of H-scenes that stop me (or others) from playing, but the fact that the game was censured beyond that afecting the dialogues, characters and scenes losing its original form.

            Playing the game like this may be nice and i may be able to enjoy the story and the game but it will be surely better the intended +18 version, since i’m not planing to play the game twice it is better for me to wait.

          11. It wasn’t. The gore is there in 100% form in this version. They said so, and I can assure you after playing this version

          12. yeah. this version ad many other All-Ages versions on Steam only have the H-content removed and leave all M rated stuff like violence, blood, and language alone, since it isn’t AO-rated content like the H-Scenes,

          13. Well, I inow the first Grisaia VN on steam had some of the routes edited somewhat, in Amane’s case it was quite heavily edited from the orignal due to some of the content it had, which happens way before any of the h-stuff starts in her route. Its in the part when she was talking about the past which takes up most of her route.

          14. Maybe he’s someone who enjoys porn with his plot and is patient enough to wait for it. Don’t be such a smarmy cunt.

          15. Yeah I’m definitely not playing through a 70 hour game twice just to see the H-scenes in context, and out of context, what’s even the point?

            Two months is nothing. Hell, with the gaming backlog I’m looking at, I’ll be lucky if I even get to it in six.

          16. Yeah, I am waiting for the 18+ version myself, I’d rather play the game as its intended. The first versions of this game were 18+ so it was intended to have the hentai content from the start, it wasn’t added later or anything of the sort. Not to mention all ages vn’s on steam often have stuff censored or cut from it. The first Grisaia vn comes to mind, where amane’s route was apparently quite changed compared to the orignal. The h-stuff was fine in the 18+ patch but what changed, was when she was talking about her past, some of the events during that part are diffrent in the steam all ages version. Sometimes in big ways from what i’ve heard.

            Its even more important to play the game in its intended form if this VN is as great as everyone seems to say it is.

          17. @Leonhart

            So you want to enjoy the censored and cropped version? The CGs are cropped, but did you even noticed that?

          18. Of course I noticed the CGs are like 10% off the edges cropped. But that’s the price you have to play for 16:9, instead of the square screen 4:3. And for full HD screens, I can say it looks very ‘up-to-date’.

            And make no mistake, the gore is there in it’s 100% glory, they made sure to do so with this version, even if the bad taste 18+ stuff is not.

          19. Not really, more like it completely ruins the atmosphere. The porn was there in the first place only for sales. That is why, even the JP version of ~Amantes Amentes~ had it’s porn removed after sales were not a problem

          20. Sounds like typical american things, Blood and gore is A-OK even very viseral/detailed blood and gore is A-OK but show a tit, or something and OH NO we can’t show that. The USA really has its priorities on what to censor all screwed up IMO.

          21. Same with most video games, gore and blood is edgy but as soon as they put sexuality the purists will go crazy. Adults having sex is very common, maybe that doesn’t apply to some people commenting here though.

          22. Thats typical americans, Blood and excessive gore is A-OK but once a tit gets shown? OH NOE gotta stop and censor that asap! Happened in 7 days to die they put in a zombie stripper that has her tits there, and there was a big stink about it, The devs pretty much ignored em though (good for them). But the main person was complaining because her nephew or son plays it and hes like 14 or so. Its like.. Ok, you let a underage kid play a game with excessive blood and gore, and your fine with it, but second ONE zombiegirl shows a tit, you freak out?. The game is Rated M for a reason.

            USA people tend to have some of the most fubared morals I’ve seen when it comes to nudity. Japan does it right imo, they censor excessive gore in stuff, not as bad as other places, but they leave nudity alone since its the human body.

            They do need to revoke that law thou to censor gentalia in their porn movies though.

          23. So, because someone wants the full version instead of the cut version, they’re simple-minded? Good to know. I’m sure your backhanded comment was in no way related to the fact that you’re stuck up, condescending and clearly have too high an opinion of yourself.

          24. “unfit”? To play a freaking game? And not just any game but an all-ages that was not originally released in this manner in the first place the Japanese received? What are you 16? Stupid ass comment.

          25. The very fact it’s a 70hr game and you’ll probably only ever read it once makes even more since to wait for the complete version tbh.

        2. y dont yall enjoy all ages games? r u fucking racis or somethng? omg dis is why i hate u people

          1. sis, what the hell you talkin bout? Be racist on a game? Come on! You do ur thang and we who want the non butchered version will wait for that.

    1. Yes, this is the Steam’s version, the one with H-scenes comes in two months from now (if there’s no delays) … But even without H-scenes, this is a really amazing VN 😀

      1. It was amazing, but well some scene doesn’t really makes senses in the all age version… they give you hints about what they did but in the end just skip some part.

    2. on vndb the tags say that it has very low sexual content so i’m assuming that its kind of just thrown in there just or the sake of having one like most other VN’s with the same tag. Nothing much to look forward to really

    3. I guess?
      “Scenes of explicit violence that were altered in the original Japanese version of ~Amantes amentes~ will be fully uncensored. Such CGs will appear as the creators originally intended them.”

    4. I dont see why would wait for the 18+ patch to be honest, There are only 3 H-scenes scenes missing and they aren’t that important anyway.

      1. Because I still have to finish reading Majikoi S and Mandatory Happiness. And by that time the 18+ patch should come out.

        After the whole ordeal with If my heart had wings I don’t trust non uncensored steam releases.

      2. Stupid comment. Why do you give a damn about others like myself waiting in the first place? Get over yourself.

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