Amayakase – Spoiling My Silver-Haired Girlfriend

Amayakase - Spoiling My Silver-Haired Girlfriend

You are a company employee who finds a beautiful girl sitting outside his home. She’s your niece, Anya. She tells you that her mother went on a trip overseas and that she was told to come and stay with you—it’s dangerous to live alone! In exchange for letting her live with you, she offers to help with the chores, prepare meals, and to give you a lap to lay your head on when you get home from work, just like a diligent newlywed wife would.

You become more calm thanks to her, but that’s when certain “thoughts” start racing through your mind. Eventually, you can’t resist your excitement any longer, and when you decide to take care of your “needs” in private, she walks in on you, and…

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16 comments on “Amayakase – Spoiling My Silver-Haired Girlfriend

  1. Generally a pretty cute game – no choices other than naming the protagonist. The bit at the end threw me off a little and I clicked through it, so missed the ending, but might go back to view it.

  2. i cant open the game. i click on it and a window with a big x and all japanese text pops up. is it only the exe and data.xp3 file or is there more im missing?

    1. I faced that problem. The solution is easy. Copy th egame folder to C: and make sure the folder name is small. just “amayakase” is enough as folders name.

  3. This month had a lot of spooky releases, gore, rape, netori, pedo i mean lolis, torture, skat, truly worth of this month, anyway i’m gonna jack off i love lolis

    1. Bro i love gore, why are you offending me. I hate when societ opresses me and plant ideas into my head that gore and loli is bad. Stop it pls, be free.

      1. Hey it’s kinda rare to encounter one of you in the wild so if you don’t mind me asking, why do you love gore? is it a morbid curiosity kinda thing or does it inherently appeal to you for reasons you can’t explain? Also, even if everyone is judgmental, we all got sick fetishes whether we acknowledge it or not so don’t worry and keep doing you

        1. Lol just kidding dude i just wanted to mess around. Im not judgemental either but dont really know how can somebody love gore.
          Thank you for your thoughts nice to see some positivity around, if you find the answer why someone likes it let me know 🙂

        2. I would say the feeling of liberation after extracting each piece of organ. It shares some similarity with scatology and watersport fetish, just much more bloody and extreme. Not that I truly know since the most I can get out of going to the toilet is the feeling of relief, not sexual stimulation.

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