19 comments on “Magical MILFs

  1. I just want to thank the owner of erogedownload for maintaining such an amazing site. This was the first eroge site I came across 11 years ago and it is still active. Though I don’t have the time I used to have, I still come by from time to time. And truth to be told, 11 years ago this site didn’t have ads and even today they don’t have ads. I hope that the next decade, this site will still be alive

    1. You don’t need to comment this on every new title. Translators do games because they themselves want the content, as a norm. They’re not making money off this, so they’re not gonna do stuff they themselves aren’t interested in. If you want more trap eroge, I suggest learning to translate, code software, and then do some of it yourself. Only way more fan translations for that will show up is if fans of trap eroge actually translate it.

  2. YES!
    I found the CG set of this game a long time ago and love it.
    Fantastic that it got an English version now. 🙂

        1. It really is a damn shame we don’t see that particular fetish combination more often. The milf angle is what really gives it a lot of untapped potential… no pun intended ;P

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