Magical Eyes – Red is for Anguish

Magical Eyes - Red is for Anguish

In the middle of the night on a certain day of April 201X, the left arm of the owner of a general store is chopped off in the backyard of his own store.

Even though he claims that the perpetrator is a ‘doll’ that was kept in the store, his words carry little weight due to the lack of other witnesses.

The doll and the detached arm are gone from the scene of crime.

“Just as a light too bright may burn out one’s retinas, too much of any good thing can be toxic to humans.
Even should it have the invisible form of one’s emotions.”

This is a mystery story about bizarre incidents unfolding around the town, intermingled with a complicated mixture of human intentions.

4 comments on “Magical Eyes – Red is for Anguish

    1. light novel contains 10% pic + 90% text
      manga contains 80% pic + 20% text
      while visual novel balanced with 40% pic + 60% text + bonus voice if available
      i love VN bcause we can deeply involved in story, either feel, emotion, depth, etc. due to its balanced content
      for me, no sexual content is plus point of VN.
      considering some best VN ever didnt have that.
      like ever17,little buster, clannad, symphonic rain, muv-luv,steins gate.
      no need to mention, kinetic novel (truly linear plot) like Narcissu and Planetarian also in the list.

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