The final game in the V series and arguably the most recognizable. VIPER-V16 breaks with tradition and provides only two stories, instead of three, but both are longer, more complicated, and contain many more options than the prior V series stories, resembling games more than visual novels for the first time. The widely popular Rise story describes the kidnapping and escape attempt of three waitresses, while the lesser known Imagine tells the story of a young technical college student’s attempts to attract the interests of three girls.

12 comments on “Viper-V16

  1. I tried to download this game but my anti-malware software (360 total security) said that this file has a trojan.

  2. I’ve tried to play game with mac and wineskin, but when I launch the start.bat, the game screen is totally black and I can only read the text…

  3. to all who wonder why they only can play the imagine route…. it is because this is just the imagine route version.

    just do a quick google search and you will be rewared with the rise part.


    good old games are still the best 😀

  4. i can only play imagine with the start.bat file but not rise and neither the sgs exe file or the v16 exe file work

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